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{CK2} Ala's Cheat Menu for Luxuria Fantasia 4.2.2

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About This File

Ala's Cheat Menu


Yes this is a cheat mod, however, as long as you do not install the optional AddOnTraits file then this can be used to just seed your games with fantasy races and removed afterwards,

mid-game, for those who do not actually want to cheat, and do not use Random/Shattered World game options.


Instructions to use

In the intrigue menu are new options.

The Classic Menu is everything from before version 3.0.0

The ASCM Menu is either pieces of Slvrbuu Cheat Menu or added by me post 3.0.0


All options except the diplomacy options require the ASCM Intrigue On to be pressed and stay open,

though it can be safely closed to keep the cheats you used. Just open again next time you want access to the cheat options.

The ASCM Diplomacy On button needs to be used to see the diplomacy options(right clicking on a character portrait) and,

same as above will hide those options after pressing the Off buttons. This is to prevent clutter in the various menus. 



Automatic Race Seeding






The newest option in ACM, you can now have the game randomly seed your game with a dozen different race traits, most come with a culture.

The way it will work is this; if you play a random/shattered world you will use the seeding options LF provides in the dropdown menu before game start.

If you play a default world, this option no longer exists in LF, so after day 5 of your game an event menu will pop up, offering you a few options for seeding your game.

Full Random will turn every human nation into a LF (or DWR) race, all but angels and demons come with a culture.

Partial Random will seed 40% of the human nations into an LF (or DWR) race and culture.

There is no option for a regional seeding.





Classic ACM Menus






Race Traits

 To make the race traits available to give, you need to press the Show LF Race Traits button to be able to see the various race trait options in the diplomacy menu (right click on any character).

When you are done using it for a bit, just click the Hide LF Race Traits button in the intrigue menu again to hide the options.


Nation Traits

After pressing the Show LF Race Traits button described above a new button called Show LF Nation Traits pops up in the intrigue menu.

Once pressed another set of race trait options shows up in the diplomacy menu, allowing you to choose the race traits for an entire nation at one time.

Same as above, pressing this button again will make them disappear from the diplomacy menu to keep clutter down.


Culture Menu

Once you press the Show Culture button in the intrigue menu you can choose any leader via the diplomacy menu and change them and their vassals culture.

If used on a sub-ruler(a duke serving a king for example) only his vassals culture will be changed, his liege lord will retain their original culture.


Religion Menu

Once you press the Show Religions button in the intrigue menu you can choose any leader via the diplomacy menu and change them and their vassals religion.

If used on anybody who is required to have a specific religion(Caliph, Pope, Papal Guard) their religion will be unchanged but their vassals will change.


Core Traits

Gives the ability to add some of the core traits in the diplomacy menu same as the Race Traits after using the Show LF Core Traits button in the intrigue menu.

The Futa/Masculine/Feminine traits were moved to this menu. With this menu you can add the three active whore traits, Dom/Sub/Switch traits, Breeder, 

Insatiable, Bombshell, and the LF version of Immortal.


Artifact Menu

The Artifact Menu allows you to give yourself any artifact from the Crown Jewel, Crafted Weapons, Crafted Armor, and some of the Chinese artifact lists.

You need Jade Dragon dlc for the Chinese Artifacts and I believe you need Monks and Mystics dlc for the rest.

Custom Artifacts so far are:

Money Belt - Boost your Global Tax Modifier

Silk Panties - only women, gives sexual attraction

Ring of Power - Boosts Attributes and (hopefully) adds troop morale effect from Ark of Covenant, Spear of Destiny, etc. 

More Items may be added to this menu later.


Vanilla NPC Menu

The Vanilla NPC Menu is mostly meant to be used with the Race Traits options. You can choose several new options, such as;

New NPCs will be your dynasty, no dynasty, or a new dynasty usually named after a random local place (ex: de Leon) You can change that in-game like normal though.

New NPCs are chosen from being Overpowered w/ your T4 education of choice, Random traits w/ your T4 education choice, or entirely random.  


Age Menu

The Age Menu, like the Race Traits , needs to be turned on in the intrigue menu. This allows several options for age tweaking on any targeted character.

The first option will turn any target to the age of 16, regardless of current age. Childhood traits will be removed, and no traits will be added.

The second option will allow you to manually add or subtract by 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 years. Includes an option to kill targets by old age,

adding 200 years and removing immortal traits(vanilla and LF versions).

Killing someone this way has the game mark the target as death by old age without you being held responsible.

The target usually dies within a few game days but can take up to a month depending on health and the randomness of the game.

The third option is mostly meant to be used on newborns, adding 16 years and providing the target with traits and attributes. Options included are overpowered stats ACM style,

random traits and attributes in diplomacy, martial, stewardship, intrigue, and learning focuses, or let luck choose for you from these presets.

Keep in mind the game does remember the age of the targets, so if you take a 18 year old and subtract 20 years even though it will say they are age 0 they are actually -2.

If you then add 16 years they would become age 14 instead of 16. ( 18 - 20 + 16 = 14 )






ASCM Content






Most everything in here for now is just a redone version of Slvrbuu Cheat Menu, though most future content will be added to this part of ACM.

There is so much content in this part of the mod this description will hardly tell everything. 


- Ability to Usurp any title (right click on the title itself or on the person to take all their titles)

- create a claim on any title(place your chancellor on the land you wish to claim and open council menu in the Intrigue Menu)

- Custom Traits and Modifiers for you, your advisors, commanders, and vassals(anybody you want, really-includes education options)

- Gain a Favor from anybody for later use

- make someone an indentured servant(not a slave, just wont refuse your commands/offers)

- force any unlanded adult to join your court (kids stay with their parents, seems like they follow the mother mostly)

- (experimental) Marry any gender not already married or make them a consort (everything does depend on your religion)

- divorce your spouse without a fuss


- break an npcs betrothal


- remove an npcs consort

- Steal artifacts from npcs

- imprison anybody (within your diplomatic range? I cant remember now)

- Kill anybody (pretty sure this one is in diplomatic range too)

- Force impregnate anybody with your child or force an npc to impregnate their spouse to extend their dynasty (works for futas too)

- create a new holding in any province, even if there is no empty slot (place your spiritual adviser into that province and open Counties Menu in the Intrigue Menu)

- convert an existing holding to the type you want (right click on the holding picture)

- Simple convert to feudalism option in the Intrigue Menu

- Turn your count into a Duke, Your Duke into a King or your King into an Emperor(Title is Titular for now, only works on you)

- Add buffs to your provinces or to your vassals lands.

- clean all your provinces of nasty buffs like thieves guild, etc.

- heal any character of bad traits, diseases, etc.

- Raise a commoner to a new noble house, or just adopt them into your dynasty, or even your spouses dynasty

- Make an alliance with other rulers without them getting a chance to say no(5 years? maybe 10)

-create troops or ships that are considered special(wont disband without you telling them too)

- add money, prestige, or piety to your character(option disappears from your intrigue menu after you use the first time, or fall below a certain number)

- add social points or force rank up in your society


- Intrigue decision to complete/add stages or complete upgrades to your realms Wonder

- ambition that adds moral authority, cancel ambition to remove effect. 


- if using House Irae then you can choose to become a child of Kekvit Irae and join her house(dynasty) and gain her bloodline
- probably more things I am forgetting, plus things I intend to add later







To install unzip the file provided and place the ACM folder and ACM.mod file into your mod folder



Should be compatible with anything that is compatible with Luxuria Fantasia.

No idea about large overhaul mods like Elder Kings and such.

I will NOT be making versions for these types of mods.


Required/Recommended Mods

If says supported with ACM options then if you use this mod you will have extra options in my menus

If not in this list I don't use, have never used, or just haven't tried yet


Luxuria Fantasia - Required (duh! it's in the title.....?)

House Irae - Recommended for Dark Elf Content (supported with ACM options)

Tentacled Dreams - Recommended if tentacles are your thing (supported with ACM options)

Tale of Nine Tales - Recommended if you are into Kitsune (no special ACM options)

Elemental Desires - Recommended for Elf content (no special ACM options )

Elven Expansion - Recommended for Elf content (no special ACM options )

Ala's Orc Horde - - Recommended for Orc content (no special ACM options )

Cheri Portraits - Recommended to match the LF portraits Cheri made and lockeslylcrit now uses in LF

Loading Screens - Recommended if you want some LF styled loading screens (ignore the DWF tag, works fine)

Smaller Offmap Buttons - Recommended if using multiple mods adding Offmap Empires

Bigger Interface - Recommended to help against trait spam

Ala's Body Mod - Recommended if you want body traits





  • Slvrbuu for his cheat menu in the Steam Workshop, the inspiration to make cheat mods, and permission to use his mod in mine as long as credit was given.

                 - A large chunk of the new ASCM Menu options are directly from his mod and renamed, or modified versions of his original ideas.


  • Dewguru for not only creating Dark World but then allowing us to mod it.


  • lockeslylcrit for keeping Dark World moving forward with DWF which later became Luxuria Fantasia

What's New in Version 4.2.2


  • Version 4.2.2 Released - New Game is required if updating from 4.1.2 or below, otherwise new users and updating from 4.2.0 does not require a new game

Fixed - Setting the race as drow no longer gives a static portrait


  • Version 4.2.1 Released - New Game is required if updating from 4.1.2 or below, otherwise new users and updating from 4.2.0 does not require a new game

Fixed - Many decisions that got broken when separating the traits from the rest of the ACM


  • Version 4.2.0 Released - New Game is required if updating from any previous version, new users do not need a new game to use

Added - All Cheat Traits were removed into its own zip, so that the player can choose not to have them in-game and therefore be able to add/remove ACM mid-game anytime

Added - Automatic Seeding Options now can seed nomads (courtesy of blorb on discord)

Added - If using House Irae Mod then an extra pop up will ask you about seeding them or not instead of just doing it when it sees you have HI installed

Changed - Right now Dusk and Dawn Dragons are getting normal Half-Dragon portraits, until LF adds new ones

Fixed - Many small issues with seeding both manually and automatically, lots of scripting cleaned up


Other Files from Alaratt

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