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  1. I just started a new game today, so I threw in Bleak Falls Barrow Revisited. It was huge. I wouldn't say I was fully lost, but it was pretty easy to turn a corner and be like "Where the fuck am I?" Took me a full hour to wander through it and clear it. I didn't notice any bugs or have any issues with the quest while I was there.
  2. The version of EmbersXD I am using came with an EmbersHD.esp (The esp NOT marked as an esl), and using the patch for Capital Windhelm Embers HD Patch, I do not get a warning for missing masters. If your version of EmbersXD has a EmbersXD.esp (which is either the esl version or the esp marked as an esl) then you have the wrong version of EmberXD that the list recommends. I cannot speak beyond that, nor am I saying Capital Windhelms patches being an ESP-FE is a problem.
  3. Unless I installed the wrong one, the list uses the HD pack, not the XD pack. Grab the other patch for Embers on that page Yeah, the esp version is HD. The XD verion is an esl, which the list says not to use.
  4. I would just mark Hajvar down as a bug. It isn't like he is seen a lot or for any kind of long term periods. In my games, he is usually fully armored anyway. Honestly I am a bit concerned about the new NPC Overhaul. Reports are saying that because it makes the characters bald, then adds wigs, that any replacer (Bjiin/ShieldSisters) have double hair, due to their replacers coming with hair then the overhaul adds a wig. Has any of your testing seen double hairs yet?
  5. Feminine Pickup Animation works for me 100% of the time. I have had no issues with it.
  6. That's a great video. Accurate too, lol. Anyway, here are some screenshots for you, never had my Skyrim look this good before!
  7. Ok, I think I have it figured out. Going to take an hour to run xLODGen again but both the guide you provided and the STEP guides I googled both say the LOD32 option for Optimized Unseen should be like 500+ Looking through the setting from last time I ran it, I apparently got all the instructions right except that, and left it to on. Apparently that is what causes the water levels on the map to get screwed up, since the world map (and World Map Mods) use LOD32 to generate the map we see in-game. Setting it to 600 like I should have done and your guide instructed to do in the fir
  8. @Aylis That ini is a little different than the one on the main page. line 31 in the new one is Billboard6=LODGen_flat_lod.nif instead of Billboard6=Internal and there is an extra setting in the new one not included in the old one DoubleSidedTextureMask=mountain,mtn Not sure if either of these changes will affect my issues, but I will rerun DynDOLOD and see what happens. Already ran TexGen with no changes. Seriously though, your making me feel bad. You should be in bed resting, so your healthy enough for me to bug another day! 😂
  9. So I ran xLODGen, and I have to admit it's beautiful. I took some screenshots for comparison. These two are with xLODGen This one is without xLODGen Unfortunately, it really seems to have fucked up my map even more. Large chunks of Land/Water are in large triangles. Going to do some tests with new game to see if it might be an issue. EDIT: this is a new game with map mod included and new game without
  10. In game it looks fine, it just seems to be the map view that hurts to look at. And it is only present using DynDOLOD, the map mod I use doesn't affect it being there. I went and found one of those black X's in game, that's how I know it is Enhanced Vanilla Trees SE. Maybe it wont look so bad if I stop using the darker tree version. Don't worry too much about it though, if others aren't having the problem then it's probably my fault somehow. For now I just decided to live with it, rather than start over again.
  11. @Aylis Yeah, looks like it should be fairly easy to follow, though I haven't tried it yet. Not sure if that's something I should be doing after starting my game.
  12. Actually I cannot do that. The option is unchecked and greyed out for me. Trying a few things from the sticky on the mod page to see if they help, just takes so long to generate LOD for all my mods, figured it couldn't hurt to ask why I'm waiting. Hope you feel better soon!
  13. I am having an issue with Enhanced Vanilla Trees mod, specifically when I am running DynDOLOD. On my map, they show up almost like black Xs. I got rid of it once somehow, but I cannot figure out what I did and it's back again. Has anybody seen this issue before and know how to prevent it. I been looking through the pdfs for DynDOLOD, but there are sooo many pages.
  14. There are a couple ways to fix that. One is to run it in NEMISIS instead of FNIS. Another is to run it in either FNIS or NEMESIS and then reinstall TK Dodge. There is also an MCM that you can check the weight modifier, if using a cheat carry weight in some way. I had the same problem, but after reading through its nexus page, those were some of the fixes listed. Might be another fix I cannot remember too. That is a pretty cool mod to have when you cannot figure out an issue with facegen files, but remember the authors own warning; "this prevents the bug from showing, but isn't a
  15. In MO2, you can see the esp/esm/esl in the right pane. The Mod Index will say FE:#### for esl flagged esp. It will also tell you when you hover over an esl flagged esp in the tooltip
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