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 Sexual Harassment

v1.20.3 (for AAF)


Nora wakes up in a world that is unrecognizable from the one she left. Not only is the Commonwealth in complete ruins, the everyday toils of living in the harsh wasteland with raider gangs, mutants, and no functioning central government has transformed the human society for the worse. People now live in a crude, masochistic society where the strong prey on the weak, with little to no consequences. Due to a lack of a functioning criminal justice system, it is a common sight for men with no moral compass to be making sexual advances on women, knowing they can get away with it. Bystanders, who are usually too busy and stressed out with their own problems, often turn a blind eye, giving excuses that at least they are not being kidnapped by the Institute, or being eaten alive by feral ghouls. 


At the end of the day, there is nothing more important than survival for most people in the Commonwealth, and they are willing to concede many things, including decency and justice, in order to hold onto that. Over time, this attitude has resulted in a shift in people's opinion: it is now considered unthinkable and unacceptable to use deadly force to prevent an action that does not threaten one's life, such as sexual harassment and assault. The expectation has become that women should give in and just take it, so as to preserve the little peace that they have and remain focused on the more important problem of surviving in the deadly wasteland. There are much more worse things in the Commonwealth than sharing some bit of pleasure with men who often put in the work to protect the society, or so the sentiment goes.


Nora finds herself in this perverted reality where some invisible forces are seemingly constantly trying to find ways to bring her down and turn her into a sex object. Will Nora have what it takes to rise above these challenges and succeed in establishing herself as a strong woman of dignity that should be respected and feared? Or will she succumb to these forces and get sucked into an inescapable hole where her sole purpose in society will become nothing more than being an object of gratification for hungry lustful men?




This mod will transform your Commonwealth to a masochistic society where NPCs approach, harass, and demand sex from players! It adds various scenarios where non-hostile NPCs approach the player to start a dialogue. The dialogue is usually about sex, of course, in one form or another. Depending on the player's state at the time (whether intoxicated, or aroused, etc. from Sex Attributes) the dialogue changes. In the beginning of the game, the dialogues will be rather tame, since the player is sort of an unknown identity. However, once the player starts to show any sign of being weak or easily preyed upon, the dialogues will start to become more aggressive and forceful.


The overall theme of this mod includes: submission, exploitation, manipulation, coercion, deception, loss of control, brainwashing, and humiliation. It's centered around a female player, although a male player will still work but with reduced functionalities, and NPCs calling the player in female terms. NPC harassers were designed to be men. But they can also be women, per included MCM setting (dialogue will still assume male NPC, however).


This mod features several different "types of approaches". Currently, they are the following:

  • Shock collar approach. NPCs will approach the player if the player is wearing a shock collar from Real Handcuffs. The NPC will seek to dominate the player by shocking them until submission, and try to make the player their personal sex toy.
  • Devious Device approach. NPCs will approach the player if the player is wearing Devious Devices, or Real Handcuffs/collars. Some will offer help. Some will offer help for a price. Others will try to take advantage of the defenseless player by force.
  • Sex approach. NPCs will approach the player if the player is naked, or has a sex reputation for being a slut. They will demand sex from the player.
  • Flirt approach. NPCs will approach the player to flirt. Eventually, they ask for sex.
  • Fan approach. NPCs will approach the player to offer a sweet drink they made for the player., as a form of thanks for all the player has done. Some may offer a massage instead.
  • Hypnosis approach. NPCs will approach the player to offer a hypno therapy session for caps. They claim the hypno therapy will rejuvenate them mentally.
  • Blackmail approach. NPCs will approach the player and try to blackmail with incriminating pictures of the player. They will demand the player strip naked, put on devious devices, and have sex with them.


Sex Attributes Integration

The player's choices and how the NPC reacts to the player is largely based on the player's sex attributes. Here's a brief overview of how each attribute affects the player and the reacting NPC.

  • Willpower. This stat allows the player to resist aggressive NPCs and repel their advances. During an approach, if the player has enough willpower, they will be able to select resist options. The willpower will be deducted afterwards. However, if the player does not have enough willpower, they will not be able to resist, and will need to turn to less reliable measures. 
  • Spirit. This stat indicates how suggestible and easily manipulated the player is. If the player has low spirit, some NPCs may try to manipulate the player to get into the player's pants. For hypno approach, lower spirit causes the player to become more susceptible to hypnosis at a faster rate, while higher spirit has the opposite effect. Low spirit will also make it easier for the NPC to persuade the player, while higher spirit means opposite.
  • Dom/sub Orientation. This stat influences how easily or not easily the player can repel NPC advances. Being dominant decreases the willpower cost for resist options, while increasing the success chances for other options that do not cost willpower. On the other hand, being submissive increases the willpower cost for resist options, while decreasing the success chances for other free options.
  • Sex Addiction. Being a slut makes it difficult for the player to refuse sex, requiring willpower just to refuse. When the NPC starts getting aggressive, being a slut will also negatively impact the player's options. It will increase willpower costs for resist options while decreasing success chances for free options.
  • Arousal. Functions similarly to Sex Addiction. High arousal (being desperate for sex) will have similar effects to being a slut.
  • Sex Reputation. Having a bad reputation will increase the likelihood of bad events triggering. If the player has a reputation for being a Prostitue or Slut, the NPC is more likely to be aggressive/demanding
  • Intoxication Level. If the player is too drunk, NPCs are more likely to try to take advantage of the player and do more devious things. Being drunk will also make it easier for the NPC to persuade the player. Also, being drunk adds penalty to your reflexes, making it more difficult to resist NPCs who get physical.



Certain SPECIAL stats also have their implications:

  • Strength. This stat helps when things get physical. Some NPCs will try to take the player by force physically. Players with higher strength will require less willpower to resist physical advances, while lower strength will require more willpower.
  • Charisma. When all other options fail, the player may try to use their charm as a last resort. Higher charisma increases the chance for pleads to succed while lower charisma does the opposite.
  • Intelligence. This stat provides the player with protection from NPCs who may try to trick the player. If the player is too stupid, the player may fall victim to NPCs who pretend to help the player, but is really only trying to get into the player's pants.
  • Agility. This stat increases the chance that the player will successfully struggle out of situations where the NPC gets physical.
  • Luck. This stat affects a wide spectrum of chances. Higher luck increases the chance that good scenarios will happen (i.e. an NPC who agrees to unlock all devious devices from player for free) while decreasing the chance that bad scenarios will happen (i.e. an NPC who secretly spikes the player's drink). Lower luck has the opposite effect.


NPC Morality

Not all NPCs are created equal. Some will be genuinely decent (officially referred to as "decent"). Others will be outright evil (officially "evil). Then there are some who are somewhere in the middle ("questionable"). NPCs will act according to their randomly set morality. There is no way to know an NPC's true morality. The only option is to try to remember their history of actions and make an educated guess. And hopefully, you may be able to build a "circle of trust" of NPCs that you can fully depend on. Be careful, though; evil NPCs will sometimes do good things, to try to get the player to trust them, only to strike when the player is unsuspecting!

Morality is assigned randomly and once an NPC has one assigned, they will keep it for the remainder of the save. It will only be assigned a new one upon creating a new game. This means every time you create a game, it's a whole new landscape!


NPC Confidence

Like Morality, each NPC will be assigned a random confidence level. This will dictate what that NPC is capable of. For example, if the NPC is not confident enough, no matter how evil they are, the nonconfident NPC will never approach the player to aggressively harass her. 


NPC Impression Of Player

How the player responds to various NPC approaches affects how the NPCs start to view the player. If the player repeatedly gives in, or fails to resist, or doesnt stand up for herself, NPCs will start to perceive the player as a pushover, emboldening them and causing even NPCs that would've otherwise not had enough confidence to start being more bold. On the other hand, if the player repeatedly intimidates NPCs, or successfully resists them and often stands up for herself, NPCs will perceive the player as tough/hard to get and even the usually confident ones may have hesitation in approaching the player.


Shock Collar Approaches

NPCs will approach the player if the player is wearing a shock collar from Real Handcuffs. If the mod is not installed, this approach will not happen. The NPC will try to gain compliance and obedience from the player by repeatedly shocking. The NPC's ultimate objective is to make the player his personal sex toy. Note that only NPCs with evil morality will do this. The player will not be able to gain freedom until they find a way to remove the collar. Rumor has it that there is a resourcful mechanic called Johnny Hacker at the Diamond City Dugout Inn who can remove shock collars for a price.


Optional Tattoo After Rape Integration

If you have Tattoo After Rape installed, the NPC "master" will sometimes put tattoos on the player for punishment if the player disobeys.


Devious Devices or KFT Approaches

NPCs will approach the player if the player is wearing a devious device, or handcuffs from Real Handcuffs, or Kziitd Fetish Toolset (KFT). If none of the mods are installed, this approach will not happen. Some NPCs will offer help for free - how kind! Some will offer help for caps, or sex. Some of the more evil ones will try to take the player by force! Generally, the chance for the NPC to force rape is lower if the player looks less "slutty", i.e. is not naked, doesn't have too many restrictive devices on, isn't wearing any slutty tattoos, etc. On the other hand, if the player looks outright "slutty", i.e. is naked, is tied up in devious devices, has slutty tattos, and/or has a reputation for being a slut/prostitute, then the chance for forced rape is greatly increased.



When NPCs approach player for wearing devious devices, the player will initially have 2 options:


Ask for help: Kindly ask the NPC to help you out of the devices you are wearing. If the NPC is an evil one, they will ignore you and try to rape you instead. If the NPC is not outright evil, then they will either help you for free, or help you for caps, or help you in exchange for sex. If the player agrees with the sex option, that will count as rape, for Sex Attributes purposes, unless the player is submissive.

Dont ask for help: Tell the NPC that you don't need their help. If the player is an evil one, they don't care and will try to rape you. If the NPC wasn't interested in raping you, they will walk away.


When the NPC tries to take the player by force, the player will be able to Resist, Plead, or Submit:

Plead: Try to appeal to the harasser's humanity and convince him to let you go! You may just get lucky with a harasser who's half decent, who will let you go without trouble. This has a very low chance to succeed. If unsuccessful, the harasser will then start to molest the player

Resist: This option is only available if you have at least 5 willpower, and costs 5 willpower to select. If you don't have the willpower for it, it will be replaced with just another "submit" option. This has a baseline success chance of 50% (changeable in MCM). If successful, harasser will leave. If unsuccessful, the harasser start to molest the player. If the player is submissive, they will have a harder time asserting themselves, so this option will cost more willpower. The player's intoxication level, arousal, and whether or not they are a slut will all increase the willpower cost for this option.

Submit: If plead, resist, and intimidate all seem like risky options, then submitting may be the only option. Submissive players will get aroused by this option. Choosing this outcome will slightly increase the player's submissive orientation.


Devious Device/KFT Vulnerability System

There are two thresholds for player's vulnerability from wearing too many devices: "vulnerable" and "helpless". Each type of device increases the player's vulnerability "score" differently. For instance, wrist cuffs increases vulnerability "score" by 5, while boots only increases it by 1. "Vulnerable" threshold is at 5, and "helpless" at 10, by default. That means if the player is wearing wrist cuffs, they will be considered at least "vulnerable"

Crossing each threshold increases the likelihood of the NPC attempting to rape the player.


Optional Tattoo After Rape Integration

If you have Tattoo After Rape installed, and the player has tattoos from it that are visible (player is naked), then the NPC will be more likely to try to rape the player.


Sex Approaches

NPCs will approach and demand sex from players if they believe the player is a whore. This can happen under the following conditions:

  • the player is caught naked, or
  • the player has slut or prostitute Sexual Reputation



When NPCs approach player for sex, the player will initially be given 4 options (3 in some cases): Plead, Resist, Intimidate, Submit. Player's dialogue options expanded:


Plead: Try to appeal to the harasser's humanity and convince him to let you go! You may just get lucky with a harasser who's half decent, who will let you go without trouble. This has a success chance equal to your charisma, which is quite low. If unsuccessful, the harasser will then start to molest the player.

Resist: This option is only available if you have at least 5 willpower, and costs 5 willpower to select. If you don't have the willpower for it, it will be replaced with just another "plead" option. This has a baseline success chance of 50%. If successful, harasser will leave. If unsuccessful, the harasser will then start to molest the player.

Intimidate: Dominant (and neutral) players may consider this option instead. The success chance is based on the player's dominance level, plus self-esteem. A self-esteem of 100 will give +25% chance to succeed, while self-esteem of 0 will give -25% chance to succeed. Submissive players can also choose this option, but since they have a much lower chance to succeed, it may not be worth it. If successful, harasser will leave the player. If unsuccessful, harasser will proceed to molest the player. Regardless of the outcome, choosing this option will slightly increase the player's dominant orientation

Submit: If plead, resist, and intimidate all seem like risky options, then submitting may be the only option. Submissive players will get aroused by this action. Choosing this outcome will slightly increase the player's submissive orientation.


The chances mentioned above are all configurable in MCM. Note that intimidation and NPC persuasion chances are baked into Sex Attributes, so to change that, you need to go to Sex Attributes MCM page.


If the player has a low spirit, the NPC may try to manipulate the player into agreeing. Players may try to resist with willpower, but if they do not have enough willpower, will become manipulated and agree to the NPC.

If the player has low intelligence and a reputation for being a prostitute/slut, the NPC may try to pretend that they are a doctor, and try to get the player naked for "diagnosis". Eventually, they will bind the player up and try to have sex.


Flirt Approaches

An NPC will approach the player and flirt. Eventually, they'll ask if the player is interested in sex. The player can refuse, or agree to have consensual sex. If the player is too aroused, refusing will cost willpower. If the player is too aroused and doesnt have the willpower, they will have no other option but to agree!



When the NPC approaches the player, the player will have 3 dialogue choices: Intimidate, Refuse, Agree. Player's dialogue options expanded:

Intimidate: Ask for sex??? Who does the NPC think he/she is? Intimidate the NPC. If successful, the NPC will walk away. If unsuccessful, the NPC may try to persuade the player.
Refuse: Refuse the sex. The NPC may walk away, or try to persuade the player. This is a difficult persuasion for the NPC, so most of the time this will fail. But if the player is highly suggestible (low spirit), or drunk, the NPC will have a higher chance to succeed in persuading the player to having a good time!

Agree: Doesn't hurt to de-stress every now and then and make love! You agree and have consensual sex. But wait! After agreeing to sex, you may find some NPCs takings things... a bit farther than you agreed to. They will try to put the player in devious devices! You will have the option to 1) do nothing, or 2) ask the NPC to stop (plead), or 3) break things off... forget about making things awkward! If you do nothing, it's all up to the NPC whether he wants to stop there and continue with consensual sex, or do more... devious things. If you ask to stop, the NPC may listen to you and stop, or they may not. Pleading doesn't cost any willpower, but has a low chance to succeed. The chance to succeed is derived from a combination of player's D/s orientation, arousal, whether or not player is a slut, and alcohol level. If you resist, you will succeed always, but this costs willpower, as by now you're already turned on and wanting sex.


This can continue, until the NPC stops, or you successfully plead and continue with "normal" consensual sex, or you resist and call off the sex, or the NPC eventually takes things all the day and binds the player's hands. In the worst possible outcome, where the NPC binds the player's hands, they're not interested in consensual sex anymore, and just want to rape you. Be mindful that the cost to resist increases the longer this continues, as the player is getting more and more aroused. So you'll have to decide whether you want to not take any chances and resist early at the slightest sign of things going off course, or take your chances and trust that the NPC is not a bad guy.

Fan Approaches
Your player has become famous! As a result, some NPCs may want to give players some treat. A fan/admirer will approach player and offer a special drink! Not all NPCs are evil, I suppose.

Some NPCs will offer a massage instead.



You are given 2 choices: Refuse, Accept. Player's dialogue options expanded:

Accept: Accept the NPCs kind gesture and drink the special drink he made for you. It will give you a temporary buff!
Refuse: Refuse the NPCs drink offer. But sometimes, the NPC will try to persuade the player to take it. This is a medium difficulty persuasion. If NPC persuasion is successful, the player will only be given options to take it. If not, the player can refuse again, or take it this time. Should you take the drink? You'd have to ask yourself how much you trust drinks from a stranger.


You can dynamically increase fan approach chance based on players level. Higher level will lead to higher chance for fans to approach. You're famous! (you can disable this and use a flat chance of course) 


Hypnotist Approaches
Post apocalypse Commonwealth is a strange place, and some people have turned to practicing hypnotherapy to ease people's minds, and make some caps. Some NPCs will approach the player and try to sell a hypno therapy session for just 10 caps. They claim that the therapy will make you feel better and heal some of trauma. This hypnotherapy will be more effective the lower the player's spirit is and be less effective the higher the spirit. So this might actually be a decent option for players who fell early and need help getting out of their slump. 




The player can either Accept or Refuse. Player's dialogue options expanded:

Accept: Accept the NPCs service. Pay 10 caps and get hypnotized. Follow the hypnotist's instructions, and let him/her take control over your mind. Should you though? Can you trust the hypnotist? Being put in hypnosis will increase the player's Hypnosis Level
Refuse: Refuse the NPCs hypno therapy service. But sometimes, the NPC will try to persuade the player to take the bargain. This is a medium difficulty persuasion. If NPC persuasion is successful, the player will only be given options to take it. If not, the player can refuse again, or take it this time. 


Midway thru the session, the player may decide to snap out of trance, if they dont like the direction that it's heading. But since the player is already tranced at this point, this action will require willpower. If player does not have enough willpower, then they will have no choice but to be in trance and follow along. 


Hypnosis Level

Hypnosis level increases the effectiveness of hypnosis sessions, but also strengthens the conditioning level, making it more difficult (higher willpower cost) for player to snap out of trance. 


Value ranges from 0 - 100 and there are 3 Hypnosis levels: 

  • (0  - 29) None: hypnosis isnt very effective, and you can relatively easily wake from trance
  • (30 - 59) Vulnerable to Hypnosis: hypnosis is starting to get very effective, and it requires some more effort to snap out of trance
  • (60+    ) Slave to Hypnosis: hypnosis is very effective, and it's extremely hard to snap out of trance, since by this point you've been hypnotically conditioned & brainwashed. 

Players will receive a perk that indicates their level. Hypnosis level will gradually decay over time (configurable in MCM). Hypnosis level in and of itself doesn't do anything; no stats change. Just increases the effect of future hypnosis, and makes it harder to resist it.


Blackmail Approaches
If there are any scandalous materials out there regarding the player, an NPC may use that to try to blackmail the player and make demands. Some demands may be light, like just asking to see the player naked. Some may be more hardcore, like asking the player to tie themselves up with devious devices and/or Real Handcuffs, and then sex afterwards (configurable in MCM).

This approach will only trigger if there are any scandalous materials that can be used for blackmail. There are 3 different types of scandalous pictures:

  • Nude pics: pictures of player being naked
  • Sex pics: pictures of player having sex with humans and non-feral ghouls
  • Abomination sex pics: pictures of player having sex with anything that's not human or ghouls (i.e. feral, super mutant, animals, etc)

Whenever the player has sex, or is caught being naked and there's an evil NPC nearby, there's a chance that one of them took some pics without the player knowing (you will not see or get notification for this). The chance that this happens per sex act or being naked is configurable in MCM. This also means that if the player never had sex, you'll never get a blackmail approach with sex pics (since no one has any of it).




The player will have 3 options: Intimidate, Comply, or Refuse. Player's dialogue options expanded:

Intimidate: Works similarly to intimidate option for sex approaches. If successful, the NPC will get scared and hand over the scandalous material. If unsuccessful, the NPC will get angry, and make harsher demands.
Comply: Agree to do what the blackmailer asks to do. Once this option is chosen, the blackmailer will begin to make demands, like get naked, or put on devious devices. At each step, the player will have the option to further comply, or refuse. If the player complies all the way to the end and meets all the demands, the NPC may hand over the scandalous material.
Refuse: Tell the blackmailer to piss off. The blackmailer will then distribute the scandalous material all over the Commonwealth. It takes couple of days (configurable in MCM) for the materials to be distributed, and the amount of distributed materials is also configurable in MCM. Once they are distributed, it will increase player's Sexual Reputation.


Sexual Reputation Setting:

You can choose to set it so that when the blackmailer distributes the photos, the sexual reputation increases once. Or, you can have it so that while the photos are in circulation, the reputation will not go down, until the photos are taken out of circulation, either by chance (destroyed, lost, etc), or player finding them when looting corpses or containers. When the player finds their own photos, they will suffer a slight damage to their self esteem, out of shame. 


Each copy of scandalous pics in circulation increases sexual reputation, and different types of pics increases it differently:

  • Nude pics: each copy increases the value by 0.5. And is capped at 30. That means if the only type of pics out there are nude pics, even if there are 100 copies out, your reputation will be no greater than 30 (unless some other mod is increasing your reputation).
  • Sex pics: each copy increases the value by 2. Capped at 70. Similarly, your reputation can only be as high as 70, if only pics you have out are nude and sex pics.
  • Abomination sex pics: each copy increases the value by 8. No cap.





Here is a list of side features offered by the mod that are integrated into one or more of the approaches

  • Fraud doctor - some NPCs will pretend to be doctors and ask the player to disrobe. Players with lower intelligence (SPECIAL) will be more susceptible to falling for this. This currently only happens for players that have Sex Reputation of "prostitute" or "slut"
  • Bimbo serum - in scenarios where the player may become incapacitated (during Fan or Hypno approach), evil NPCs may inject a Bimbo serum into the player. The serum causes the player's breasts and butt to swell bigger, while also making it more difficult for the player to resist sex.
  • Chastity belt prevents anal/vaginal sex - if the player is wearing a chastity belt (from Devious Devices), the sex animation that gets played will not be for vaginal/anal sex. Only applicable for sex triggered by this mod
  • Inadvertent hypno trigger word during flirt - the NPC may unintentionally say a trigger word while flirting with the player. If the player already became susceptible to hypnosis, they will fall under trance and mindlessly follow along with the NPC.


AAF and all its requirements, including animations, themes

Sex Attributes 2.5.6 or higher




MCM - if you want to be able to change settings

Skimpy Armor Keyword Resource - NPCs will react differently based on how skimpy the player is dressed. Otherwise player is always assumed to be either fully naked, or fully clothed.

Bound In Public - NPCs may tie player to a furniture in public

F4Z RO D-OH - For dialogue lip syncing and ability to skip dialogues.

Kziitd Fetish Toolset - for bondage restraints integration

Devious Devices and all its requirements - for devious devices integration (If you're using DD, you need Roggvir's DD Items Manager).

Roggvir's DD Items Manager - if you want to use Devious Devices

Real Handcuffs - for handcuffs integration

Tattoo After Rape - for NPCs to react to player having slave tattoos



Combat Strip Lite - Introduces chances for enemies to strip your player naked in combat!


Like you would any other mod, NMM (or equivalent) or manual.


Since this mod doesn't modify player's stats, you should be safe uninstalling it normally.
The values that it tracks (such as player's hypnosis level) are global variables and does not change the player's stats in any way.


This mod is as open source as it can get. That means you can take source code from this mod and adapt it into your mod. Copy implementation word for word, or just take ideas from it and add your own twist, it doesn't matter! Feel free to use every piece of feature or code in this mod for yourself. If you want, you can even build off of this mod as a starting point and add your own features! If you do though, just call it something else though, to avoid confusion between your mod and this mod.



@kziitd for creating animations specifically for this mod

@dagobaking for sharing AAF source code for how to play animations in script



I'm standing naked in the middle of Diamond City and nothing is happening.

You might have to wait a little. To improve performance, this mod only scans every once in a while to see if player is nude and there are eligible NPCs around. Also, after an NPC approach, there is a cooldown that prevents more approaches to give players time to figure out her life (and leave the area). The cooldown is configurable in MCM.


Can this be used for male players?

Yes. But at this time, the dialogue is targeting female players. So it will work, but you will have to get used to being called "girl" or "lady". Also, currently all harassers are male, of ghoul or human race. I may expand that, or I may not. Depends on how much time I have.


Can female NPCs be approachers?

Yes and sort of. A female NPC can be approachers and there's an MCM option to toggle that. However, due to the sheer size of dialogues, female NPC dialogues haven't been added yet. So as long as you're OK with female NPC's referring to their "cock" (maybe in the Commonwealth people call dildos "cocks"?), the mod should function normally.


Can you add more player as dominant content, like players harassing NPCs?

No, this mod is intentionally focused on player as victim of harassment. Player's dominant trait (Sex Attributes) merely serves as a defense against NPC harassment.


I don't see any dialogues! My player and NPC just stare at each other

You need to enable dialogue subtitles from the game's setting menu. 


The dialogue is too long, and it won't let me skip it

Install F4Z RO D-OH, which will let you skip dialogues.


Help! My harasser keeps following me!

The harasser will keep following you until you respond to him. He will not be ignored! If you keep ignoring and walking away from him, he may just decide to skip the dialogue and rape you on the spot. So, do yourself a favor and have a chat :smile:


How do I block an NPC from being an approacher? MCM setting doesnt cover it, and I have a custom follower who won't stop annoying me!

There may be cases where some particular NPCs aren't covered by the wide net of MCM settings. In such case, you can block one particular NPC, one at a time via console commands.
Open console and left click on the NPC. Then type in the following and press enter:
setav fpsh_noteligible 1

or If you have the NPC's reference ID:
referenceID.setav fpsh_noteligible 1

After that, that NPC will never approach you for anything. Note that doing this will not abort any approaches currently in progress by that NPC. There's an MCM debug option to abort all current approaches.


Can I assign a specific morality to an NPC?

Open console and left click on the NPC. Then type in the following and press enter:

setav fpsh_morality 1

(1 for evil, 2 for questionable, 3 for decent).
or If you have the NPC's reference ID:
referenceID.setav fpsh_morality 1


Can I assign a specific confidence level to an NPC?

Open console and left click on the NPC. Then type in the following and press enter:

setav fpsh_confidence 50

(range between 1 - 100. 1: least confident. 100: most confident). or If you have the NPC's reference ID:
referenceID.setav fpsh_confidence 50


Can you add a feature to have the harasser follow you to a more private area before starting sex?

Unfortunately, no. The dialogues branch off in so many different ways that introducing a "follow me" mechanic to each individual outcome would be a nightmare, and probably very bug prone. You can actually move (just press back) while in a dialogue. Once the NPCs talk to you, they will keep following you, so you can kind of use that to go to a more private place and resume the dialogue. Not the best, but it will still work. But don't take too long, as your harasser might get impatient and just decide to rape you.


The NPC says we're going to have sex, but nothing happens and I can't move my character!

Your AAF and all its dependencies were not installed correctly. This happens if the mod calls AAF to start an animation, but AAF is broken and can't start the animation, leaving you in the state where you can't move. Try reinstalling AAF and closely following the instructions that are available throughout this site. And ask support questions regarding AAF installation there.


How does armor index/slot work? I have armor that's slot 33, but the MCM slider only allows 0 - 28.

The game for some reason has 2 systems for armor index/slot. One is between 0 - 29, while the other is 30 - 59. Refer to this page (Biped slot documentation) for how to convert from one to another, and which item index number your intended armor uses.

For instance, body armor would be armor index 3, chest armor would be index 11, Left arm armor index 12, Right arm armor index 13, Left leg armor index 14, Right leg armor index 15, and helmet would be index 0.

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What's New in Version 1.20.3



  • Fixed an issue where sometimes KFT devices may not be equipped properly.



  • Fixed a bug where KFT devices may sometimes not be unequipped properly.



  • Fixed a bug where approaches may not resume after a special diamond city quest (from hypnosis) is aborted.



  • Added support for Kziitd Fetish Toolset bondage devices. Will work very similarly to current Devious Devices: you may get them applied by NPCs, or have them remove the devices for you, or affect the "vulnerability score"
    • Added an MCM setting (under "Misc") where you can tell mod whether to use Devious Devices or KFT.
    • If only one of them are installed, the mod will pick the one that is installed, regardless of the setting.
    • Even if "Prefer KFT" is enabled, the mod may still apply devious devices, for cases where it requires a device found in devious devices, but not KFT, e.g. chastity belt.


Previous Changelog



  • Fixed a bug where hypno diamond city event can sometimes make the player stuck (movement disabled). Reset approach debug option should also properly unstuck player from hypno diamond city event.



  • Fixed a bug where molest attacks or approaches can happen during the short delay where the game is waiting for an AAF animation to start.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes flirt dialogue can get skipped incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where hypno diamond city event can sometimes get stuck because the NPC dialogue doesn't show up properly; there are now couple of timeouts that will either auto abort the quest (if no eligible NPC found), or skip dialogue to start AAF animation (if NPC was found but dialogue didn't properly start).



  • Molest attacker scenario now takes into consideration player's vulnerability score (from wearing DD)
  • Molest attacker scenario now takes priority over all other approaches. It will roll first before other approaches roll 
  • Fixed a bug where molest attacker scenario can sometimes disrupt subsequent approaches from happening



  • New: Molest attacks. When the player is in a "compromised state", molest attacks can now trigger if the player is alone (no NPC in line of sight). 
    • Compromised state is any of the following: 
      • Player is drunk or hammered. 
      • Player is mind broken (from orgasm)
      • Player is in low health (less than 10% health)
      • Player is naked
    • Having multiple compromised state increases the chance of attacks. Other things can also increase chance, like being a bimbo, or having bad sex reputation or NPC impression.
    • Has no dialogue and NPC goes straight to groping player. Can only happen if there is at least one NPC nearby that is evil (morality) with at least 60 "effective" confidence
    • Being in power armor prevents this from happening
  • Added moan sound effect when player's arousal increases from hypno's uncontrollable arousal perk 
  • Changed: Flirt and sex approaches now have additional dialogue when the approacher is a hypno master and player has "powerless to hypno" perk. Will usually trigger when the player tries to refuse sex.
  • Changed: Resist cost penalty from bimbo serum increases for each bimbo level (1 lvl ~ 3 lvl -> 10 willpower ~ 30 willpower). Better get rid of that bimbo effect before it's too late!
  • Changed: For Prostitute dialogue, player won't be able to refuse the NPC's counteroffer (for lower caps) if they previously couldn't resist (e.g. due to being too aroused) 
  • Changed: Sex approach won't always trigger when player is naked - to give chance for other approaches/scenarios to happen, like molest attack
  • Fixed notification spam whenever player was stripped from mod 
  • Fixed bug for some post sex events not triggering correctly



  • Added several new "end game" outcomes for hypno approach. "End game" refers to when the player completes all the personality training and receives all the perks (3). In addition to the existing gang bang "party" outcome, there are 4 additional outcomes that are randomly chosen:
    • "Graduation" scenario. Just once
    • "Diamond city hypno slave". Player is forced to do something the next time they visit DC
    • "Flirt trigger". The next time the player is flirted with by an NPC, the player will be forced to say and ask for something degrading
    • "Good whore for 4 days". Player is forced to behave like a good whore for 4 days, feeling the need to dress provocatively (SAKR rating of 60 or higher). If the player doesnt, then will slowly lose self esteem. If SAKR is not installed, player is always assumed to be dressed slutty.
  • Fixed prostitution approach incorrectly showing "negative" dialogue option
  • Optimization: When diamond city public servant quest is active (Collar master special quest), approaches will start right away after sex, to reduce down time for next approaches



  • Fixed weird transition when player is being sent to Bound In Public quest
  • Cleaned up harmless error in logcs that was logging away if SAKR wasnt installed
  • If player is in power armor, NPCs will not slap the player's butt
  • Fixed various issues that could happen because player was incorrectly being assigned morality (such as player taking blackmail picture of themselves)
  • Added an MCM option to always use slot system for naked check, even if SAKR is installed



  • Bound in Public integration. If mod is installed, the player may get sent to it under certain circumstances. Chance can be customized in MCM under "Misc" section
    • Disobeying collar master's instructions. In addition to the existing punishment, the master may send the player off after sex
    • "Bad ending" for fan approach. If the NPC is evil and has a grudge against the player, may send the player off after sex
    • "Band ending" for hypno approach. If the NPC is evil and has a grudge, may send player
    • 3rd party mod info: the above 3 do not happen if the player is locked with FPSH_DisableTeleport (0106EC3C) keyword
  • Johnny Hacker will now refuse to unlock collars that are set with sakr_kwd_mFlagUnequipProtectedItem (10026BD) keyword from Skimpy Armor Keyword Resource
  • Player strip logic now respects AAF protected keyword setting, in addition to armors with SAKR protected keyword
  • AAF animations marked with "Hidden" tag should not be picked for sex animation



  • NEW: Skimpy Armor Keyword Resource (SAKR) integration
    • If SAKR is not installed, mod will fall back to legacy slot based system for detecting if the player is naked or clothed. But it will always be binary: player is either fully naked, or fully clothed, and no inbetween. "Skimpy rating" that the mod utilizes in various places will default to 0 (fully clothed)
  • NEW: If the player is naked, or has prostitute or worse reputation, or is wearing clothes with a skimpy rating of 60 or higher (requires SAKR), NPCs will approach the player and start a prostitute dialogue
    • If the player agrees to prostitution, they will need to agree on the price with the "John". This is sort of a mini-game, as the player's "market value" depends on 3 factors: sex reputation, NPC's impression of the player, and player's current skimpy rating.
    • To get the most money, the player needs to ask for a price that is close to what the NPC thinks the player is worth.
    • If the player asks for too much, the NPC gets upset and will counter for a far lower amount. 
    • If the player asks for too little, then they're leaving caps on the table.
  • ADDED: Various comments regarding the player's skimpy rating
    • If the player is wearing clothing that reveals too much of the breast, the NPCs will comment about the player's tits
    • If the player is wearing clothing that reveals too much of the butt, the NPCs will comment about the player's ass
    • If the palyer is wearing clothing thats overall too revealing, the NPCs will also comment on that
  • CHANGED: NPCs are more likely to slap the player if the player is wearing skimpy clothes. And they are much more likely (up to 3 times) to slap if the player is wearing clothes that reveal the butt too much.
  • CHANGED: Flirt approaches are more likely to happen if the player is wearing skimpy clothes.
  • CHANGED: The aggressive dialogue ("my cock needs your attention", etc) for sex approach now only happens under 2 circumstances: 1) player is wearing shock collar from Real Handcuffs, or 2) player is fully naked with a slut reputation. If neither of these are true, then player will get either the "fake doctor" scenario, or the new prostitution scenario.
  • CHANGED: Removed the "no one seems to care that you are naked" notification. Instead, added an MCM button under "naked check" section, which you can use to quickly debug if the naked armor slot setting is correctly marking the player as naked or clothed.



  • Fixed naked check not working correctly for armor pieces that cover more than one slots
  • Fixed misleading description in MCM for naked check explanation



  • CHANGED: Naked check. Now you can specify 2 slots that cover the player's "chest", and 2 slots that cover the "groin". For the player to be considered "clothed", both chest and groin must be covered. Devious Devices dont count as covering the body part.
  • CHANGED: Intimidated NPCs will start to approach (and butt slap) the player again, after few days (number of days depending on their confidence leve). Previously, they would get scared of the player and never re-approach them ever.
  • FIXED: Player's facial expression not resetting after a molestation
  • FIXED: Chastity belt and plug removal not working correctly when being removed prior to sex.



  • ADDED: New dialogue for flirt approach when the player is drunk. If the player is drunk or hammered, theres a chance that the NPC may try to gang bang the incoherent player
  • ADDED: Bimbo serum min & max duration setting. Former forces the bimbo serum to stay on the player for X number of days, while the latter removes the effect after Y number of days, regardless of condition for removing being met.
  • ADDED: Having bondage fetish perk (req Sex Attributes v2.7.0) increases the resist cost during flirt approach when the NPC suggests using restraints. The perk also increases the chance that the NPC suggests using restraints.
  • CHANGED: Being sexually conservative (req Sex Attributes v2.7.0) prevents the player from being persuaded to have sex. But if the player is a slut & drunk, the chance of persuasion is increased than usual.
  • CHANGED: Being drunk or hammered greatly increases resist cost, up from 5 to 30. Being drunk is now meant to make the player extremely vulnerable from predatory NPCs.
  • CHANGED: From this version onward, the mod will not include silent voice files. In order to get lip syncing and skippable dialogues, it's recommended to download F4z Ro D-oh
  • FIXED: Bug where chastity belt was being removed unintentionally



  • FIXED: Players should be protection from new approaches for certain real life seconds after sex. Can be customized under "General" MCM tab



  • CHANGED: After player gets raped after drinking spiked drink, or after a gangbang session, the player will be slow to get up. Will lay on the ground for about 6 seconds before slowly getting up on her own.
  • CHANGED: Slaps should no longer happen immediately after AAF sex animation ends (10sec cooldown time)



  • CHANGED: Updated new animation (introduced in 1.16.4) to a quicker one that slaps the player quicker. Meant to make slaps less disruptive when player is being slapped on the move.



  • NEW: Butt slap animation for NPC and player! 
  • NEW: Player "passed out" idles that play in between gang bang scenes, instead of the one where shes sitting down.



  • ADDED: MCM option to indicate whether body armor (index 3, or slot 33) counts as covering player's body. Theres a lot of mods out there that only adds shoes for body armor slot, so this setting is meant to work for those armor. WHen set to OFF, then body armor also will not be stripped during molestation. This is meant to address player wearing high heels getting animation alignment issues when their heels get stripped off.
  • FIXED: NPCs should no longer momentarily walk away from the player while waiting for AAF animation to play



  • FIXED: Butt slap event wont trigger anymore during molest animation
  • FIXED: Player incorrectly getting other dialogue options when giving in to hypnosis during flirt approach



  • NEW: Passing by comments
    • When passing by NPCs, they may make a short comment on the player. There's over 50 new lines.
    • Comments start out relatively tame. But get harsher has the player gets worse reputation and/or impression level
    • Decent NPCs never say anything. Questionable NPCs say things that sound like advice but are still offensive, like "you probably shouldn't fuck so many people". Evil NPCs don't beat around the bush.
    • Only NPCs with "effective confidence level" of 30 say comments.
  • CHANGED: Flirt dialogue. It's a bit less "in your face"
    • Sometimes NPC still proposes to use Devious device. Normal or dominant players dont have problem refusing, but submissive players will require willpower to turn down being tied up.
    • If the NPC decides to be an asshole, it can lead to molestation scenario, if the player is defiant.
  • CHANGED: When successfully intimidating an NPC after confronting them for slapping you, instead of an option to demand caps, you'll now have an option to kick them instead. The force of the kick depends on the play'ers SPECIAL Strength stat, so stronger players may have more fun with this one.
  • ADDED: Added a placeholder for Ass Slap event. It's just one of the vanilla game's animation, so it's not perfect and just a placeholder for now
  • ADDED: Ass Slap event can now happen from just walking past an NPC (before, you needed to bump into them)
  • ADDED: An option for flirt even to end with a "present" from the NPC (Chastity device and plugs)



- NEW: Molest scenario animation! When approachers decide to get physical and start molesting the player (possible outcome of DD & Sex approaches), instead of a text based flow, it will have an animation.

- FIXED: NPCs wont slap you anymore when you are in combat

- FIXED: NPCs in captive faction will not approach you or slap you


- FIXED: Bug impression level would sometimes reset due to incorrect calculation


- FIXED: Bug where one of the endings for pleading to collar master about DC assignment wouldnt correctly trigger sex at the end



- CHANGED: Integrated Sex Attribute's latest change to arousal (incorporating Brink of Orgasm state). Requires v. 2.5.4 or later

- CHANGED: Flirt approachs will now only unlock collars, gags, and wrist cuffs at the end of sex. If the player was wearing other DDs, those will not be removed anymore

- FIXED: Fixed a bug where gang bangs would not work at all

- FIXED: Fixed a bug where hypno resist cost was being calculated incorrectly

- FIXED: Fixed a bug where player's resist cost penalty from submissiveness was being calculated incorrectly

- FIXED: Fixed a bug where sometimes the NPC would put chastity belts back on the player, even if they were supposed to remove all DDs. (But added an MCM option to do exactly that, if you liked being stuck in a chastity belt for a long time)



- NEW: NPC Confidence. Each eligible NPC will be assigned a random confidence rating between 1 to 100. 
- NEW: NPC Impression of player (ranging from -50 to 50). 7 States, represented with a Perk:
- NEW: Ass slap event. When walking by an eligible NPC with evil or questionable morality, they might slap your player in the ass! 
(See this post for more details: )
- ADDED: Some additional dialogue choices for some approaches
- CHANGED: Successfully intimidated NPCs will no longer approach the player for blackmail or sex approach, and wont slap the player's ass either. But if the player's impression dips to "pushover" or below, they'll start doing it again
- CHANGED: Players are less likely to be persuaded by NPCs who previously assaulted them before. Affected by player's intelligence (SPECIAL). Dumber players are more likely to be persuaded again.



-ADDED: NPC will sometimes strip the chastity belt off of player before having sex. After sex though, they will put it right back on. Chance configurable in MCM

-ADDED NPCs (if they fail to strip the chastity belt, or it's disabled), will respect the prescence of the belt and play animations that dont involve vaginal/anal sex.

-CHANGED: NPC will stay put instead of briefly walking away while AAF animation is loading
-CHANGED: NPC will no longer say things along the lines of "let's play a game" prior to molestation 
-FIXED: Diamond city assingment dialogue incorrectly being shown during devious approach
-FIXED: Teleport approacher if stuck sometimes not teleporting correctly
-FIXED: Some default values that were wiped out during the 1.13.0 refactor



-FIXED: The mod will try to equip chastity belts last, to ensure that vaginal/anal plugs can also get properly applied during the same roll

-FIXED: Fixed bug where certain message box for blackmail scenarios werent being displayed

-FIXED: Fixed bug where hypnosis during flirt approach wasnt getting willpower cost calculated correctly



- NEW: View willpower cost and cost breakdown for dialogues that allow player to resist: (Resist) prefix in the dialogue choice. This will allow players to see how much it'll cost to pick the resist option, see which attributes are contributing to the increased resist cost, and weigh whether or not it's worth it.

-FIXED: NPCs with ActorLocked AAF Keyword should no longer approach the player. If the player has the keyword no approaches should happen. This should make it so that captives in Commonwealth Captives mod doesnt approach the player.

-NOTE: Some major code refactoring in this version. May cause instability in some instance, or more stability in others.



- ADDED: Collar masters have gotten smarter! They got tired of you leaving them in the corner of the map and completely ignoring them. So some (configurable in MCM) have figured out how to develop long range transmitters. After some time of being AWOL, they will start shocking you from anywhere, more frequently the longer you're gone, until you go visit them.

- ADDED: Collar master will sometimes give you a new assignment - to do devious things in Diamond City. This is only available after the "long range" is unlocked (above). 

- ADDED: MCM option to blacklist a certain biped armor slot (from 0 to 28) that the mod will ignore from stripping.

- CHANGED: Bimbo serum now goes on standy mode during player sleep/wait. In other words, the counter only goes down while the player is active & not waiting/sleeping. (No more sleeping for days straight to easily lose it!)

- CHANGED: You no longer get trauma from wilfully submitting (Submit option. Still lose some self-esteem though). So this option is a bit more useful in scenarios where you dont have full confidence that you'll have enough willpower to resist.

- FIXED: Fixed an issue where RealHandcuffs did not properly initialize if the player didn't have DeviousDevices mod installed. 


-FIXED: Collar repeat quest sometimes not starting due to NPC actor value being cleared
-FIXED: A blackmail dialogue that was showing the wrong prompt.



-ADDED: New feature for NPC to wait for player to be alone before approaching to harass. This can be disabled in MCM to restore legacy behavior where NPCs approach right away. When enabled, NPCs will wait up to 20ish seconds for the player to be alone (no other human NPCs nearby within LOS, excepting current companions). If 20sec passes and player is still not alone, the NPC gets impatiant and approaches anyway. If the approacher notification setting is turned on, you should see a "Someone is watching you" notification to mark the start of 20 seconds. This is to give player ample warning and time to find a remote place if they dont want to be forced to have sex in the middle of a large crowd.

-FIXED: Fixed an issue where sometimes the defiant response was not available for the collar master dialogue.

-FIXED: Fixed an issue where the RH collar was still being counted as a DD collar for vulnerability score (DD approach)



-Small tweak to ensure that a new collar "master" isn't reassigned during situations where the player's collar is removed briefly by the game, e.g. in LooksMenu.



- NEW: Shock collar approach. When the player is wearing a shock collar from RealHandcuffs, NPCs (only ones with evil morality) will approach the player and try to dominate them.
-- It works like most other approaches, except the NPC will shock the player in order to gain compliance. (The NPC actually doesnt have the trigger in their inventory, since I felt if the NPCs were settlers it would be too easy for the player to simply take it)
-- The NPC will seek to make the player his personal sex toy. It's more like a "lite slavery" and the player is free to roam around. The NPC just makes some demands that the player needs to meet. I'll let the NPC in game explain his demands in detail.
-- While the NPC is a "master", he won't approach the player for anything else (other approaches like fan/hypno). I just felt it would be too un-immersive for the NPC to call himself master and then turn around and offer the player a drink, calling himself a fan.
-- You can kill the NPC "master", but if you are still wearing the collar, the mod will shortly assign a new one. So in essence, you're never free until you can get the collar off.
- CHANGED: Normal NPCs via Devious approach no longer know how to remove shock collars - it's too sophisticated. Shock collars also wont be counted against player's vulnerability, meaning Devious approaches wont happen due to player wearing shock collars.
- ADDED: A new NPC in Diamond city dug out inn who knows how to remove shock collars, for a price. Shock collars with 4 digit access codes will be more expensive to remove than ones with 3 digits. You can change the cost in MCM
- ADDED: After a bad spiked drink fan approach or hypno approach, theres a chance that the NPC will lock a shock collar on the player with random access code set. Chance can be changed in MCM.
- ADDED: MCM enabled feature to teleport approachers to player, if the approacher has a hard time navigating to the player. This is to help stuck NPCs that usually happen in settlements.
- CHANGED: Almost doubled the NPC search area for gangbang. This should result in gangbangs being able to find more NPCs to participate in.
- ADDED: MCM hotkey to quickly enable/disable mod. When using this hotkey to disable, will also abort any current approaches.


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