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  1. Interestingly, cyberpunk 2077 is a player trying to turn the first person into the third person. If you really want to experience the "immersive" feeling. You can only operate the free camera to find the right position. Fo4's first person camera position should be false, which means it's not true because it's following the head bones to make running jitters. I don't know if it's possible for the free camera to follow the position of the most head bone in the third person.
  2. At the moment it only works on your character. I have absolutely no idea of scripts, but when I have time Ill see if adding the effect to an NPC is easy or I need to beg someone else.. 😁 I don't see how saving could affect the heels as their scripts only fire upon being equipped by Nora. I just tried Piper and was able to save the game. The second point is why I have to give up trying to modify DD mode and introduce a simple clothing mode after getting the great help from elsidia for several days in a row: as long as you expand DD according to the inven
  3. I don't think nif file will affect the tri deformation of the mouth in MFG system. Check the possible impact of other mods.
  4. Fg1.8? I've also met the problem that piper's hand becomes so after BS batch creation, which is the weight problem of bones. Give Meshes\Clothes\Piper\Gloves.nif the right weight and solve it. 手套
  5. thank you! I naively thought that the high-heeled shoe system could directly deform the special slider of the body, just like pregnancy. To match independent shoe parts. I found that my idea is not bad, it almost solved the problem of Fo4 body and foot are one.
  6. For adult content Skyrim is a virtuous circle of mod plate. In contrast, Fo4 is very malignant. There are many opinions to explain them, but the result is that one side is still booming, and the other side is not active, or even leaves. Producing animation is a long and bitter process Take a few days, maybe just to look satisfied with the 10 second cycle. It would be better for the author to answer the question about efficiency by himself.
  7. Can you explain the difference between “_TD_BoundHandsFollowPackage” and “_TD_BoundHandsPackage” in package? My understanding is that one works for the player and the other works for people other than the player, right? Which brings the disbanded followers and settlers back to their original place? Is the["Go Home" Sandbox Location] in "_TD_BoundHandsFollowPackage"influencing?
  8. What is your version of CK? Mine is 1.8.10 The version of Fo4 is 1.10.163 Then it tells me: MASTERFILE: File Fallout4.esm is a higher version than this EXE can load. --------------- Upgrading CK to 1.10 solved the problem.
  9. Thank you for your tips. I was defeated by skyrim's CK a few years ago. Today I have to try Fo4.
  10. First of all, you need to understand that the shape of the body is determined by the slider. The essence of the slider is the deformation data of the polygon. You can understand the deformation data of the polygon as the distance value of the same point at different positions, so it has nothing to do with NIF, because the polygon vertex of nif has reached the position it should be. What you need is to tell these points how far they move to the next station, that is, another shape. These distances are then counted as "sliders.". If I remember correctly, OS has a function. If the numbe
  11. If you want to generate the body according to the personal aesthetic, it is necessary to install FG. The body material in the picture is common to CBBE and FG. For me, if it's all over, it's only a matter of time before we get another CBBE version. Besides, as FG and CBBE are at a disadvantage in the competition, it's not a bad thing for me to fight for some "monopoly" for FG.
  12. In addition to making video, in the game, its meaning is to control the character's expression at any time in SL animation?
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    Straitjacket has no pants It's something else to wear There are all kinds of versions of those pants.
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