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  1. Great job! And can I ask you where I can get another mod of your Magnolia dating?
  2. meshes\kziitd\gags\2.1\ There are three folders in it. Two of them are in "clothcleave" and the other is in "mask".
  3. That's great. The ladies of skyrim can finally test their jaw endurance I just want to wait for zap9 to go public. Before that, if I make another face device, I'll let you see it here and decide if you're interested. If you are not interested, in order not to waste, after zap9 has been published, turn them into zap9's "DLC" for players to choose. At least my personal goal is to make skyrim the only game where you can find any facial feitsh props you know.
  4. Hey, boss! You don't need to ask me what you want to do with it. These are the conversion and modification of some resources from DAZ or XPS. If you think it's OK, then OK.
  5. Before you wait for zap9 to be officially released, you can use these to relieve boredom.
  6. It looks like the hairstyle made by skyrim's modder was brought to Fo4 I'm sure a man named ninirim showed these hairstyles on his skyrim character. Based on his basic things are charged. I think you can only contact the publisher of the picture to find out.
  7. If it can have LE version, then my plan for furniture animation can be put on the table. In the past, I've been wondering whether it's better to use furniture as an animation object or just to let players find the right place by themselves. What kind of furniture animation I want to do can be predicted from the content of my blog. It can be used in original furniture, and I also want to provide some new things. I've played enough pillory in skyrim, which is almost the only "useful" furniture. So please let the version of LE appear.
  8. If you want to look tighter and fit the pose perfectly, the best way is to directly change the body itself. When you wear an object, it is equivalent to replacing the body model instead of animation. This effect is that no matter what the character does, the "posture" will not change. Even AAF animation will have a "new look.". The only requirement is that it can only be naked and can't match any clothes. This is only a simple and effective way to meet the visual needs. As a handcuff, it certainly does not have to be naked to wear. Other things, it depends on what you want to do. For example, I want to take off women and tie them with ropes or tape.
  9. After the first trailer of Uncharted4 was released, Neil druckmann once publicly stated that the work would be the darkest in the series, and its subtitle A thief's end seemed to conform to this statement. At the end of the game, Drake and his family have a happy ending. I believe that someone stopped Neil druckmann's original intention.
  10. TLOU2 to give players more feeling than TLOU ✔ TLOU2 is a wonderful continuation of TLOU ✘
  11. The original bdsmaid requires toolset because the function of several attached gag devices to let characters open their mouths is a script from toolset. This conversion does not include gag devices that can see the opening of the lips or the inside of the mouth, but only some "Mask" devices that can't see the mouth. So if you're not interested in these gag devices of original bdsmaid , you don't need toolset's mouth opening script as a garment other than gag devices . Maybe there's also a textures from the toolset package? I'm not sure. However, this transformation does not declare that the toolset package is required, so I don't think there is a missing textures
  12. Indarello updated his patch Have you decided to put it back in the list again?
  13. The ENB setting of the Film Workshop should distinguish day, night and indoor in terms of gamma adjustment. So raising the gamma at night should not affect the day.
  14. Catwoman (1990s DLC) from Batman: Arkham Knight https://www.deviantart.com/sticklove/art/Catwoman-1990s-DLC-569040405 You can get the models and maps extracted from the original game, and the skinned bones The blender software with the XPS plug-in installed can be converted to skyrim or fallout 4 clothing. This is also the work of the vast majority of patreon for people who do not want to learn software.
  15. What is makexml exe? Let players customize the visualization tools of XML? Where? Can this stop players from bothering others to solve their own AAF errors caused by XML problems? Thank you~ ---------------------------- OK, it's in the optional attachment of nexus's AAF download
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