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  1. Let me clarify the purpose of your post. 1. want to add a new device to Fo4 2. want to add a new character animation in Fo4 to match this device So why do you want to edit mesh, which is the mesh of human body? How can I achieve these two goals 1 create a new device mesh, which you have done. 2, 3dsmax open the mesh of the device and import the rig animation file into the scene 3. Pose for characters in rig animation files to match the device in the scene, If your device is large and the characters in the rig animation file are small, you should shrink the de
  2. Strong is a smart super mutant First, he learned to make things that only humans use. Second, he saw that Piper would like it. Third, he knows how not to disturb people. Fourth, he invited me to join when I found out.
  3. I don't quite understand why you insist on exporting bones from the original file. I also don't understand what you mean by primitive bones. The rig animation file in the link already has all the bones of Fo4 characters and the same bone naming. Or you can understand that you want to add any new animation in Fo4. You have only one way to go. Install 3dsmax2016 and havok content tools_ 2014-1-1_ 20150216_ 64Bit。 Use the rig file in the connection to make animation and export the HKX file to realize in the game. Any other form is not feasible, or it has no data significance f
  4. WOW! You are back. This is really the best thing for 2021 right now While you're away, I've done nearly 100 gags and 50 designs of ropes, tapes and leather to bind the body. Now I'm doing idle animation and motion animation for some special devices. I think I'll come to you soon to get some script help
  5. Hey, do you have bodyslide installed? Do you have fusion girl installed? They represent the most commonly used body and bone in the two mod categories of routine and adult. CBBE and fusion girl. But you don't have to pay attention to the differences between them, because what you want is bone data, and now it's necessary to fusion girl' Zex bones. OS can export them to FBX and pose them in 3dsmax. Or, you can go directly to or https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/51462 These are files for animation
  6. I never expect that the NIF plug-in of 3dsmax can reduce my work. I only output obj. The obj of Fo4 has a size limit, so an overly complex model will make mistakes in OS opening. As for how to turn obj into the content that can be seen in the Fo4 game, I will use OS to give it materials and some basic settings, and then export them to NIF. Although the main purpose of OS is to make clothes, there is no problem in making world models. Then use nifskope to "completely" paste data from other implemented examples to this NIF. If you can simply replace a table or a bed in game with your work,
  7. Considering the size of the file package, I didn't include all the files every time. In fact, with the upgrade of the hand and neck, which are the only separate parts of the body, there should be no big changes in the future. I can directly cancel all the previous versions and only provide a new version containing all the files.
  8. Interesting I never noticed that the content in the ESP attached to FG actually replaced the map path behind the head. I'll process it again and update it later.
  9. Fo4's material settings have no clue to me. Skyrim simply uses alpha to achieve translucency. It doesn't work at this time. It seems that translucency has dot like display errors. I'm not going to continue testing because of headache
  10. It took me a little time. I had no idea about the material of Fo4. It was easy to achieve translucency transition according to alpha in skyrim, but it didn't work in Fo4. I got this effect after setting various parameters without any clue, and I stopped. So did anyone come forward and write the script?
  11. Can't Fo4 implement facials? So how about this? Similar to the mesh I made for skyirim we now have the achievement of ego. We can change facial expression with equipment at any time. In fact, I am finishing a work now. Seeing this theme, I think I can also provide the same kind of mesh for Fo4. Now the question is whether anyone can implement the script that will automatically wear after the end of AAF animation. And can be set after the time to remove
  12. To be sure, this is definitely not the content I have updated, because no matter how imperfect it is, there will never be such an obvious line again. You may need to check the mapping path of the mod call you mentioned
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