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  1. Unify the value of XYZ in "origin" in the "coordinates" of all components to 0
  2. I can only comment on what I know. It is possible to make AAF versions of cucumbers and vibrators. Just automatically equip the "clothes" of cucumber and vibrator in XML during animation playback. In addition, I originally did the animation of these two things according to the concept of "six stages of each item". If someone makes them into AAF stage animation and sets the keyword "masturbation", it will bring a new quality of life to Fo4 women and NPC.
  3. As far as I know, the 2K skin on the head needs to match each other in addition to the resolution of the three DDS. Any makeup, eyebrows and other factors displayed on the character's head also need resources to match 2K, otherwise there will be a brown face.
  4. I can confirm that it's your preset problem. After you select the neck in looksmenu and press "t", you will see five skin types, the youngest is the second, and what you say is yellow is one outside it. When you choose the second, your neck will be the same color as your body.
  5. Interesting Actually, the 2K face I provide is just_ D file, I don't know how it makes those who use 2K face turn brown face, because there is no replacement_ N and_ S file. Maybe I should package the content provided by riotpunch and release it again.
  6. 1. 95% has been completed and 5% is left. You have to wait if you don't want to, and so do I. 2. EgoBallistic is a name. He still has many projects of his own, so it won't be soon 3. No link
  7. Players and NPCs should use the same body mesh. If your players are all right, but NPCs have errors. Explain that you have mod so that they no longer use the same body mesh.
  8. XXXToolSet那个是在skyrim的时候做的,不叫FG,我记得叫uunp。
  9. Should DD's armbinder deform the character's arm and look like amputation? I've seen similar screenshots, but this person's arm obviously doesn't.
  10. very nice. Yesterday, I was still chatting with people about Fo4 why companion mod is always so scarce now your work appeared.
  11. wow,cool~ This is the character action you want JB.hkx
  12. It is very likely that DD items are not properly removed after wearing. At present, only DD items are matched with this script. You can find help in the DD topic. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/73925-devious-devices/
  13. This pose mod has no direct connection with hookers of the Commonwealth. The purpose of this kind of mod is to take screenshots and tell stories by yourself. It would certainly be better if someone linked it to the hookers of the Commonwealth system, because when I made this animation, I really didn't think of Minuteman, railroad and brotherhood.
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