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This mod is now abandoned. Feel free to do what you will with it.


This mod is a continuation of leechlord's opensource project  SexCrime 0.3 based on QLee's edit 0.3c


What's new?


 - Line of Sight and Hearing 


     Guard's and NPC's will now detect your ehm.. activities, based on whether they can see you or hear you. Line of sight is obvious, if they can take a good look at you - they will detect you. Hearing is integrated with the SexCrime framework so that it checks on every crime scan. You can set the frequency of the scan in the MCM menu, I recommend leaving it on 1 scan per second. Reducing it might affect performance and it will generally make it more likely you get detected by hearing. Basically on every crime scan, within the area of 75 feet, for every possible witness within this area, there is a very small chance of ~0.05% - ~0.2% of hearing detection on every scan. This is further modified by their distance, if they are on the outer edge of detection radius possibility will be the lowest and ever increasing as they get closer to you. While these numbers seem insignificant, I have found in my tests that for example ~0.1 - ~0.4% detection chance would result with getting caught more often then id like to. This is because


     1. Scan runs every second 

     2. Scan stacks if there are multiple guard's and npc's it basically multiplies the probability of detection for every npc


Normal NPC's have  ~0.05% - ~0.1% chance of hearing detection per scan(per second) modified by the distance.

Guard NPC's have  ~0.1% - ~0.2% chance of hearing detection per scan(per second) modified by the distance.



- More realistic detection reactions


  1. If you get detected by a Guard, they will instantly try to arrest you/get you to pay the fine regardless of the type of crime and bounty.


  2. If you get detected by a regular NPC, they will react based on the type of Sexual Crime you commited as defined by the SexCrime framework in the MCM menu.

  For heinous and serious crimes, NPC will alert the guards instantly. Exception is if you are in a public building and behind closed doors or some obstacle that blocks Line of Sight. Serious  crimes are not reported by the regular NPC's if you are behind closed doors/out of sight they wont report you even if they hear something. They will report heinous crime, tho, if they hear it.


NPC's that witness a heinous crime will react as if they themselves were assaulted and additional bounty for the assault will be applied.

NPC's that witness a serious crime will react as if you were trespassing and additional bounty will be applied.

NPC's that witness a minor crime will just quietly report you, guards wont bother you unless your bounty is already very high or the NPC is a Guard.


Guards will always try to arrest you if they catch you doing something you shouldn't in a public area.


 I have not found any other way to properly alert the guards then to use built in assault/trespass alarms, let me know if you know any other way.


- Animations will instantly automatically stop when someone forcefully engages you into a dialogue(guards/couriers/whatever)


Idea is to give a more solid incentive to actually hide or to close your doors before you do it. You can have sex in the public buildings/ inns/ guild houses. Just close the doors and don't do anything too nasty ;) 




SexLab Framework 1.62

SexLab Aroused Redux

SkyUI 5.1



Interior Doors added to Taverns and Inns

Radiant Prostitution


SexCrime Redux v0.4 RU version - thanks to ManuelMoreno



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