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About This File

About This File



This mod should replace DD's static armbinder with a flexible one that follows arm/hand movement.


Devious Devices - Integration V4.0 or V3.3b - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/371-devious-devices-integration/

(and all the requirements that go with it)

1) Extract "FLEXIBLE_ARMBINDER__DDI 4.0.7z" or "FLEXIBLE_ARMBINDER__DDI 3.3b.7z" into your skyrim data folder
2) Run the FNIS GENERATION TOOL "GenerateFNISforUsers.exe". For more info, look here http://skyrim.nexusm...com/mods/11811.





Running bodyslide with CBBE bodytype can break this mod:



It's probably also worth noting that the CBBE install of DD includes bodyslide files for the armbinders, so if you build them in bodyslide after installing this you will break this mod.

And if you're using MO, that means loading this after the bodyslide output.


There are four NIFs that make the armbinder flexible.  If you run into issues, make sure these NIFs are replaced by the versions in this mod.


meshes\devious\devices\armbinder01_0.nif   (regular armbinder)

meshes\devious\devices\armbinder01_1.nif   (regular armbinder)

Meshes\devious\expansion\ArmbEbonite_0.nif   (ebonite armbinder)

Meshes\devious\expansion\ArmbEbonite_1.nif   (ebonite armbinder)


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