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About This File

Overview Description:

  • This patchwork 'mod' is in fact a very hasty/ dirty work of combining 'Sundracon' body mesh (based on its SoS adaptation by Boo) and the 'uncut' schlong from Bad Dog's Hoodie Schlongs: Khajiit, Argonians, Human/Elf, thus making it functioned as 'SoS - Light' Texture.
  • Due to its original body shape (adapted from Better Males - Sundracon body), its body shape must be very close to the vanilla male (What I don't like in SoS/ Better Males - FS is its stout legs even in the low weight/ check the pictures for comparison).
  • Uncut schlong attached to the body: You can choose either P3 (schlong's glans is almost covered with the foreskin) or P4 (glans is almost revealed from the foreskin), now in course of FoMod installer.
  • As for the textures, the diffuse/ .s/ .sk map is in principle compatible with the original ones, i. e. SoS - Light. You can use some other compatible re-textures (skin diffuse/ specular/ sub-surface maps) of SoS - Light together with the body meshes from this package.
  • Unfortunately, this mod (?)'s remesh (malebody_0 (1).nif) requires its special normal map of the body (malebody_1_msn.dds) as well as the hand, included in the installer package.
  • Texture (Normal Map) Resolution: [Default]: 2K uncompressed maximum/ [Performance] R5G6B5 2K maximum.
  • [optional] HDT aware: compatible with .xml from Naturalistic HDT Jiggle and Collisions XML Set v 3.4+ (by Bazinga) for the most basic genital collision (hdtm.xml) as well as that from SoS Body HDT 1.0 (by Tweens) for some breasts, belly and butt physics (hdtPhysicsExtensionsMaleBody.xml). While the latter is now incorporated in ths package, the former (Bazinga's hdtm.xml for SoS smurf average) is not included in the package, so you have to download it by yourself.
  • Mesh fixes of some boots for SoS - Light, adapted from SkyBroom's Vanilla Footwear For Better Males Fix for SoS - Light are also included in this package as bonus. They are also compatible with the original SoS - Light.
  • [Optional]: Now the femfeet meshes, adapted from Femfeet Redesigned by Leito86, as well as matching diffuse (skin) textures, compatible with this package are also available at: FFR - SOSL: Femfeet Redesigned - SOS - Light.


Requirement and How to install:

  • This package needs original SoS - light (meshes/ textures, .esp file, and its schlong animation files) and XPMSE as its requirement as well. Since the male body meshes of this package has some additional bones for body jigglings, the default SoS skeleton is clealy not enough (i.e. CTD) and their supported skeleton like XPMSE is required.
  • Download EITHER SMSOSL - Default or SMSOSL - Performance Fomod Installer Package as well as requirement files.
  • Install SoS - Light (1.04) first, and then, overwrite its body mesh/ body normal map with those from this pack.
  • Download and install other optional files like HDT Physic Extensions and .xml file from Bazinga's Naturalistic HDT Jiggle and Collisions XML Set v 3.4+ (by Bazinga) as well as XPMSE as well.
  • To update in mid-save is absolutely no problem (since this package only includes alternative meshes and textures for the male body).
  • To uninstall this package itself must be safe as long as you retain the original SoS - Light and its .esp file.


Recommended Load Order:

  • SoS - Light
  • [optional] your favorite re-texture for SoS - Light
  • meshes/ textures from this package
  • [optional] If you prefer the beautiful feet, FFR - SOSL (warning: skin texture compatibility).
  • (XPMSE)


What I did for this package was just to combine the resources already published and generously given its permission for re-use. So, you are also free to improve the assets further (if you feel it worth-while).


Credits should be given to:


I really thank you for your patience of running your eyes through in spite of my clumsy English.

What's New in Version 1.21


  • 1.0: Initial Release
  • 1.0a: added uncompressed normal map files pack for P3/ P4 respectively.
  • 1.1: fixed: a deformation of the body mesh over the left shoulder bone (I thank seahorse for reporting/ helping in identifying the glitch).
  • 1.1 : added: alternative normal map of the body, closer to the original normal map of Better Males - Sundracon body.
  • 1.1: also published the fixed (see above) male body mesh for SoS - Full as a modder resource (very little tested). While the diffuse/ .s/ .sk maps (textures) of the body are compatible with SoS - Full's male body mesh, the normal map of the body as well as the feet are based on Sundracon male body mesh. Install SoS - Full first, then overwrite its body mesh/ normal maps with this resource package, as the install procedure of SMSOSL goes.
  • 1.11: re-packed into Fomod installer format. Added collision enabled hand mesh, and hdtPhysicsExtensionsMaleBody.xml from SoS Body HDT 1.0 (by Tweens) as well. Also reworked alternative normal map, now called "classical" in FoMod installer and almost identical to the original Sundracon (too little difference between the default and the alternate in v 1.1).
  • 1.2: finally solved some last remaining weight paint discrepancy between Sundracon original and Boo's Sundracon SoS body. Readme & Credit .txt is also now to be installed correctly in course of FoMod installation.
  • 1.21: changed the format of default (uncompressed) normal map from ARGB to 8.8.8 RGB (since no alpha channel. Thx Seahorse for this suggestion), reducing the disk space as well as VRAM use. Added collision-only version (not body jiggling) as an option.