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  1. I put after, but this .esp file is a kind of dummy that enable the script of XPMSE to adjust for SoS-full, so the load order matters little.
  2. I don't personally look at SE version published on LL closely, but I suppose it is easy to convert this mod without issue (so, the issue is not probably related to the conversion process itself, I suppose). >The newer version Swe-Divx recently published the updated version above, though the save data is not compatible and I'm not sure to which extent the added features are completely on function by looking into the mod closely.
  3. FM has been compatible with this mod almost from the beginning (since 1.2.0+). You don't need any patch now.
  4. This mod does not have such a kind of function (You'll probably have to combine it with SL Privacy). They certainly do, but problem is that the combination of randomly assigned traits often results in not so coherent 'sexual behavior personality' of individual generic NPCs so that they don't commit anything in action in many cases.
  5. Hello, it's really good to see Osex gets attention again. Do you have any plan also to include the optional support for Aroused Redux for Flower girls or Sensual needs for Flower girls too? Since Osex itself is more in line with FG rather than Sexlab, Aroused for FG would be more convenient to combine.
  6. Just give 'excluded' trait to your player character from MCM.
  7. I'm not a mod author (and not good at all at checking the script lines). If you have children with Fertility mode 3.0.1, SLSO can probably send its own orgasm event at least to Fertility mode successfully (as long as the 'X came inside Y' message syncs with the actual orgasm event). So, I suspect your player only (not all of the actors in your Skyrim) has some visual (overlay or slot) problem rather than the script incompatibility. [Added]: To give an example, the male body mesh of Modular Clothing System comprises of three slots (and three corresponding body parts and s
  8. In my circumstances, Cumshot 2.2 seems to have no problem with SLSO (both LE and SE). At least I has had been never experienced the compatibility problem between SLSO and Cumshot since the latter's 1.7.2. [Added]: I've double-checked that Cumshot (and similarly natively supported Fertility mode 3.0.1 even without Sexlab patch) can detect the (separate) SLSO orgasm event in my Skyrim LE and SE with different saves (though not so different mod lists). If SLSO changed the detection event recently, it is likely that Fertility mode's native support would also has been
  9. The latest build of Cumshot is compatible with SLSO ([added]: with CumshotSL.esp included in its installer package) so that you shouldn't need any additional patch to make the two mod compatible each other (Just checked again with my male PC and solo masturbation animation in the game). [added]: Excerpt of the change log of Cumshot 1.7.2 SE
  10. A note for those who have some problem with latest combination of SKSE64 2.0.19 and Racemenu SE 0.4.14: Do your Skyrim SE let .skse file generated as it was before with the latest SKSE64? Then, the issue has probably come from the latest SKSE64 itself, but its incompatibility with the virtual file system as well as the profiled files of Mod Organizer 2.3.1. Updating MO to 2.3.2 via Update button of MO (note: the package on Nexus had still been that of 2.3.1, i.e. with issues) will hopefully solve your problem as well as mine.
  11. Fertility mode had been fully compatible with this mod for long (since 1.2.0: check its change log).
  12. Sorry for late response. I suppose what you wrote above (and I quote here) is all you have to do. It will switch the master dependency of the mod file from USLEEP to USSEP and formIDs of these files are almost identical, so just to rename will work. You can check the error in SSEEdit after (4).
  13. First, You have to run SSEedit with -IKnowWhatImDoing -AllowMasterFilesEdit for its ver 4 (ver 3 did not require these additional command lines). Then, you have to copy and rename Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp to Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp (as a separate mod). 99+% of the data of the .esp file of USSEP.is identical with that of USLEEP, so you can use this renamed .esp file as a kind of provisional 'dummy' USSEP file to enable conversion & editing with relative ease. [Optional?] Load your favorite LE mod's .esp file together with this renamed USS
  14. Nemesis works flawlessly with the most (AFAIK all) of Sexlab add-ons of Human to Human animations, though it's currently incompatible with Creature animation features that still requires FNIS creature pack.
  15. Incest option certainly seems to work (try Lukan and Camilla), but not all the alleged family cases. Some family relationships in Skyrim, according to CK, are really messed up. To give an example, Serana and Harkon are indeed not relatives in CK (neither is Valerica). In other words, they played a roleplay of child-parent only as scripted by the vanilla DG quest line. Neither are Storn Crag-Strider and and Frea of Skaal are not real father-daughter in CK.
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