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About This File

Overview Description:

  • This patchwork 'mod' is in fact a very hasty/ dirty work of adaptating the feet/ boots meshes of Femfeet Redesigned by Leito 86 into SoS - Light.
  • In other words, this package is alternate way of solving the notorious incompatibility between UVMap of SoS - Light and some boots/ shoes.
  • Originally developed for an option of my other patchwork 'mod', SMSOSL - Hoddie (Sundracon - SoSL - Hoddie HDT), but it is also fully compatible with the original SoS - Light.
  • You need the original SoS - Light for the functionality, since this package only include the feet mesh as well as some other textures.
  • Since new feet meshes requires new feet textures as well as the matching body texture, so selections of the compatible textures are unfortunately rather limited. I prepared 4 variants of the compatible feet/ body skin textures and included in the package (Default SoS - Light - Hairy/ Smooth, reworked versions of Sundracon (almost the same), and the color tweaked (rather close to the vanilla) CMO: Complete Male Overhaul skin by Mok Chaoticran.
  • 2 variants of texture compressions: Default (4K compressed/ 2k uncompressed max.) or Performance (2K compressed max.). Choose one of these package in accordance with your PC's performance.


Requirement and How to install:

  • This pack needs th original SoS - light as its requirement.
  • Download EITHER FFR - SOSL - Default or FFR - SOSL - Performance Fomod Installer Package as well as other requirement file(s).
  • Install SoS - Light (1.04) first, and then, overwrite its feet mesh and matching textures with those from this package.
  • Update mid-save is absolutely with no problem (since this package only includes alternative meshes and textures for the male body and some boots/ shoes).
  • To uninstall this package itself must be safe as long as you retain the original SoS - Light and its .esp plug-in file.


Recommended Load Order:

  • SoS - Light
  • [optional] the male body mesh/ normal map from SMSOSL
  • meshes and textures from this package.
  • (- XPMSE)


What I did for this package was just to combine the resources already published and generously given its permission for re-use. So, you are also free to improve the assets further (if you feel it worth-while).


Credits should be given to:

What's New in Version 1.0


  • 1.0: Initial release

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