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MESADFO: Male Elven Skins Are Different from Others - for SoS - Full/ SoS - Light 0.2b

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About This File

Warning in Advance: This small mod does not provide any texture (original) files itself , only tweaked .esp files.
In other words, it means that:

  1. Needless to say, this mod requires the original SoS (either full or light) package as its requirement to function correctly.
  2. You also need to find the matching set of textures of smooth male body/ hands texture for elves somewhere by yourself.
  3. So, this description (and the 'mod' itself as well) presupposes the basic knowledge of manual install.


The original version of this small tweak come from the request/ find thread posted by GimmeBACON, titled as 'Smooth Elves'.


These modified .esp file(s) enable male Altmer (High Elf)/ Bosmer (Wood Elf) / Dunmer (Dark Elf) to use different body / hand textures (diffuse/ normal map) from other races like Nords, Imperials.... and Orcs.


- The Latest build of SoS - Schlongs of Skyrim (Full v 3.00.004 or Light v 1.04)
- Its requirement (SKSE etc.).




How to Install:
1. Install the ordinary SoS - Full / SoS - Light at first (Be sure to back up the original .esp file (s)!)
2. Overwrite the original .esp (s) with modified .esp (s) from this package.
3. Prepare your favorite 'smooth' textures of body/ hands diffuse/ normal maps, namely:
- malebody_1.dds
- malebody_1_msn.dds
- malehands_1.dds
- malehands_1_msn.dds


4. Put the 'smooth' textures (prepared in 3) into the new sub-folder, called 'elf', located in the following path: textures\actors\character\male(\elf)


5. [Full only] Prepare your favorite 'smooth' texture(s) of the genital
- malegenitals_1.dds (actually, the default three types of the schlong share the same diffuse map (skin texture))
(- hum.dds for optional leito schlong add-on)


6. [Full Only] Put the texture(s) (prepared in 5) in the following subfolder, called 'elf', in the following paths respectively:
- textures\actors\character\SoS\Smurf Average\Elf
- textures\actors\character\SoS\VectorPlexus Regular\Elf
- (as for Leito Schlong Add-on)textures\actors\character\SoS\Leito\Elf
* VectorPlexus Muscular uses Regular's diffuse, so you don't have to install the texture for Muscular add-on separately.
** Be sure not activate SoS - Leito Addon.esp unless you use it (I put it in the [optional]folder).


No texture comes with this pack itself, so you have to find and install the required textures by yourself.
Without the additional textures installed, elves in the game will not be shown up correctly (like blue-skinned ghosts?)


It's OK to install/uninstall in the middle of the game AS LONG AS you revert back to the original .esp file(s).
Otherwise, I don't recommend to uninstall the .esp file (s) (and especially, SoS Full in general).





And, GimmeBACON for the basic concept of the mod.
What I did is just a very hasty and simple edit.

What's New in Version 0.2b


  • 0.1: Initial release of the alpha state on request/ find thread of GimmeBACON
  • 0.2: added texture swap of schlong (s) by race
  • 0.2a: Just a rename/ re-package for anyone those who are also interested in
  • 0.2b: Really no update/ just a re-uploaded due to the server trouble on LL.

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