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About This File

Attention, changed requirements:
From v0.8 on you need PapyrusUtil for this mod to work!

Another small update:  With @Lupine00's help I managed to rewrite a part of the script which means that if you want to add support for additional animations then you don't have to recompile the script every single time.

If you want to add animations but don't know how, please check the last few posts in this thread or just ask me. But beware, it's not exactly trivial. But thanks to this update it's a little less daunting than before.

Support for the two Komotor animations I had included in the previous versions is discontinued btw. These were very outdated anyway.

I'm not 100% sure that everything gets equipped and works like in v0.8 though, so I'd appreciate some feedback on that.


Small Update:  I added a small script fix to the download section that should stop the mod from spamming meaningless messages to the Papyrus log. Which didn't break it but with this fix it might run smoother. Load it after the main mod so it can overwrite the script files.

Thanks a lot to @Lupine00 for this. You might want to check out his/her blog if you didn't already, there are more fixes and mods there that look interesting.


I'm still done with Skyrim modding though so I can't help you with porting this to SSE or adding support to other animations... Actually one guy contacted me with that last request a while ago and I described to him how this mod works. Never heard from him again so I guess it's a little too technical and daunting for most people. Still, if you feel like giving it a try and need help, just ask me.


Also I should probably mention this higher up, it's buried down there in the instructions (copypasta):

I included a few edits and corrections to meshes and FNIS list files from Leito's SLAL pack (the double dildos don't get equipped at the right place otherwise).

Meaning this mod doesn't just add collisions (as if that wasn't enough already), it also fixes Leito's double dildo anims.



Mod Description


After days or rather weeks of cluelessly straying around in a dark and brain-foggy place called Papyrus scripting I finally present to you the sex toy collision script I promised.


Immersion. :P
I can't immerse myself in a scene where girls ingame have fun with their toys when there aren't any collisions with said toys.
That's just sad and therefore I wrote a script and made collision boxes and stuff so these dildos and other animobjects actually open the pussies when entering them.
This took me a long long time btw because I suck at Papyrus scripting and there are a bazillion things that can go wrong and for most of them you won't get proper feedback from the compiler or the Papyrus engine. Yeah, that's the brain-foggy place I mentioned. I love adding "Debug.Notification" to every other line of borked code. ^^
But I finished it somehow and here's the result.


This mod covers nine solo animations with vaginal penetration:
Leito: Female Toy Vaginal, Female Dildo Vaginal
nazonootoko: Dildo Cowgirl, Dildo Riding, Dildo Back Riding, Dildo Open Legs Riding, Soulgem Laying, Soulgem Showing
Nibbles: Chair Dildo


... and five pair animations:
Nibbles: Bondage Post DildoStick
Leito: Lesbian Double Dildo 1 and Lesbian Double Dildo 2
Komotor: Machinery Table (stages 1 and 2) and Lesb Dildos Show (stages 2 and 5)


There are animations with animobjects that I'm unable to include though, for example Estrus.


same as for my Naturalistic HDT Set (HDT PE, XPMSE, body with HDT vag ... SOS isn't needed though)


and in addition to that:
Sexlab (obviously)
PapyrusUtil (hard requirement from v0.8 on)


soft requirements (this mod adds collisions to whichever animations you have installed)
SLAL Animations by Leito86 (v1.6)
SLAL pack for HAnimations by Aequus & nazonootoko (14/06/2017)
SLAL animations by SirNibbles (>= v4.1)


choose one version, with or without support for:
Komotor's Animations for SLAL (v0.8a)


a mod for switching between animations - Sexlab Tools is great for this.


And don't forget to check if these mods have their own dependencies.


NSAP users:
If for some reason you are still using NSAP instead of SLAL then this mod will also work, but with an extra step:
In that case you have to delete the following subfolders from the mod archive or else some of Leito's animations result in T-poses (thanks to shardoom for pointing this out):




The archive is already ready to load. There is neither a FOMod installer nor an ingame MCM.
I included a few edits and corrections to meshes and FNIS list files from Leito's SLAL pack (the double dildos don't get equipped at the right place otherwise).


Now first update the required mods to at least the version specified above when updating this mod.
And then you should also reapply the JSON data (SL AnimationLoader MCM menu, general section) so the necessary tags (vaginal, sextoy) get updated too. Make sure to export your Sexlab MCM settings before that and import them back afterwards.


Better let my mod overwrite all of the mods it depends on. I'll try to keep it up to date but in any case, as long as noone qualified tells you otherwise don't let anything else overwrite files from this mod.


HDT Sextoys uses whichever of the so far 14 supported animations are registered in Sexlab, so you don't have to install all of them. But why wouldn't you, they are all pretty great.


When upgrading you have to uninstall the previous version first and make a clean save before activating this new version or things will not work as intended. CPU already explained how to to that in the mod description for Scent of Sex (below the word Warning in bold red letters), so please look there if you need instructions. My two little scripts don't start with ssx though, the keyword to search for is HDT instead.


One last important thing about switching between animations using Sexlab Tools or a hotkey:
Because of the way my script works you have to wait one animation stage until the Havok Object handling the collisions gets updated (meaning equipped or removed).


And of course feedback is always welcome. ;)


Ashal for PapyrusUtil, for the Sexlab Framework and the nice and handy API it includes
Leito86, nazonootoko, SirNibbles and Komotor for these great sex toy animations
Aequus for providing the SLAL package for HAnimations
HydrogensaysHDT for HDT PE

Lupine00 for fixing my script so it stops spamming the Papyrus log and for compiling the changed script in v0.9

What's New in Version 0.9


  • 0.5: Initial beta release
  • 0.51: compatibility update for SirNibbles SLAL pack v3.8
  • 0.52: two small fixes for HDT objects that stayed in the inventory after the scene in some cases
  • 0.53: script changes - collision data updates improved
  • 0.6: six HAnimations added, better compatibility with other mods using slot 57 (for real this time), minor tweaks to Leito double dildo meshes
  • 0.7: added support for Nibbles Bondage Post Dildostick and deleted the json edits for HAnimations (thanks again for adding the missing tag, Aequus)
  • 0.71: small script change so unrelated items in slot 57 will only get unequipped if one of the animations covered by this mod is playing
  • 0.8: script clean-up thanks to PapyrusUtil, added collisions for Komotor's Animations
  • 0.81: a small but very effective script bug fix provided by Lupine00 - thx a bunch!
  • 0.9: partial script rewrite so anyone can add support for new animations without needing to recompile the script every time.

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