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Description of Scent of Sex (SSX) - Version 1.4h




This mod spices up the life in Skyrim, by adding a way to have controlled sex scenes.


Scent of Sex allows you to define a set of Sex Rules to define what type of sex will be done, and under which conditions. The rules can be fully defined by the user, and they can enable an enormous variety of different sex situations.


Ask in the support topic if you need help in defining a specific rule, or check the examples provided in the documentation.


This mod requires SkyUI version 5.1 and SexLab version 1.62 or newer.


The full documentation to configure the mod and create the Sex Rules is available as PDF and Word document in the downloads with the mod itself.


A reduced - light - version of the mod (no aggressiveness, no rapes, no creatures) is available also on Nexus.


Share your Rules: Do you want to share the sex rules you created? Post them here!
Rules and Config from version 1.3 is fully compatible, of course, rules from version 1.4 will not work in version 1.3


Warning: you need a clean save in case you had a version before V1.4d. If you have problems upgrading try a clean save first.
If you don't know how to do it follow the instructions in the spoiler


You can uninstall the mod, load a game, wait one minute, save the game, then install the new version.
Or you can use a Save Cleaner tool.

  • Download a Save Cleaner tool like Save game script cleaner
  • Duplicate your last save game, just in case
  • Run the save cleaner tool, and open the file with your save game
  • Click on "Mod Editor" and then select Scent of Sex and then click on "Delete selected mods forms" and "Delete selected mod script"
  • Go back to the main window, and put "ssx" on the Scripts filter, select the first script and continue until all of them are deleted.
  • Save the save game with the save button.
  • At this point, your save game should be clean now, and you can install the new version of the mod.




About Creature on Creature animations
Creature on Creature animations are now supported (E.g. Horny Dragons of Skyrim)
But SLAL (SexLab Animation Loader) has a bug in registering the animations with different race types.
A patch for SLAL is provided here: SLAL Patch




Idea: @CPU
Development: @CPU and @reikiri
Testing team: without you guys, this mod would not be possible. Thank you for all the ideas and the actual testing. (There are actually 27 people that helped in the testing)
Image Logo: @Tweens and @CPU
Big thanks to @reikiri and @satanfist in finding and fixing the bugs and helping on the development.



Currently known problems (1.4f)

  • If you have an armor in your inventory that has no name, then the list in the MCM is not complete
  • If you have a rule with only one actor that starts on clothing, then you cannot save the rule because a false error
  • Rules with clothing in some cases are not working


SSX version 1.4h


Note: SSX should not require 'SexLab aroused redux', but it seems it's possible that missing it may cause some issues - if things don't work right for you, and you haven't installed SexLab aroused redux, try installing it.


Note: Downloads section has a "hotpatch" for 1.4h version (1.4h patch 1).  It's not a full version, install it after 1.4h and allow it to replace files to fix an issue with some rules that could cause you to teleport across the zone, and in some cases crash the game with "pure virtual call" error.


Changelog of V 1.4g:

  • Fixed a small MCM error when the sexual preferences where involving creatures but creatures are disabled
  • Now races for filters will not fail in case the name of the race is a sub-string of another race (e.g. "NordRace" is no more the same as "myCustomNordRace")
  • Actors not required in the scene (used just to start scenes) are no more involved when the scene starts, allowing other rules to run
  • When a scene is started and the orgy mode is set, multiple instances of the rule can be started right away
  • Fixed a problem when checking orgy mode rules when some of the actors were set as non-participating
  • The cell scans (to find actors, or when opening the MCM) are now done using Miscutil actors scan, improving a lot the performance


Known issues (1.4g14):


- there is something still wrong with playing scenes "as soon as actors are available", if you have problems, try "periodic" checking mode
- dragons do not work properly in scenes
- it may be possible there are some 'deadlock' situations left, if so these should generally resolve by stopping and restarting the scent


- if scenes are not starting, check MCM page main -> sexuality, and make sure you have gender preferences set to allow scenes you want
- if in doubt, set all options to 'everyone', and player to 'bisexual H&C' to allow all gender/creature combinations
- alias scanner is probably the most stable scanner, cloak scan works as 'fallback' if alias has problems, try 'cell scanner' only if everything else fails
- if you get overall strange behavior, try: stop scent, go to debug page -> force actors cleanup, wait for it to finish, close MCM and restart scen
Further issues? Let me know. I might not be able to get into fixing things very fast but will see what I can do.


The 'aggression restore' fix in 1.4g unfortunately only works on 'new cases'. If some NPC had their aggression neutered, and no longer attacks no matter what, they'll remain like that. It's possible to fix it manually - if there is an NPC that isn't aggressive, which you think should be:
1) open SSX MCM menu
2) go to actors editor
3) select the pacifist NPC, and select 'factions' info
4) look for 'faction to store aggression' on the list
5) if that faction has value set to '0', select it and change the value to '1'
6) go to 'debug' options and select 'force actors cleanup'


This should make the NPC hostile again (at least if they are meant to be hostile). For this to work, you may need to be pretty close to the NPC (in order to see it on the list)


NOTE: I keep tossing new patch versions pretty frequently - as soon as I have something fixed or improved, and it seems stable enough. However if you are running a previous version and it doesn't have any problems, you can go with 'don't fix what ain't broken'.. it's not necessary to run the latest version. However if you report a problem, please let me know what version you are using - it will help track down issues.


What is new in V1.4





  • actors should no longer teleport to scenes from miles away (even from different areas)
  • fixed indexing of wearable start conditions - source and collaborator "has to wear / not to wear" clothes should now save correctly
  • improved reliability of 'followup' rules (rules that trigger immediately after another rule) - they should now only trigger as a followup
  • improved reliability of event triggers
  • improved reliability of aggression restore (restore combat after rule that stopped combat has finished) - actors should more reliably restart combat
  • improved reliability of rule cooldown - sometimes rules that should only trigger once per X seconds, would trigger multiple times before cooldown
  • rules now retain their ID through edits, thus followup rules should still work even if you edit the leading rule (should also let import/export recognize same rules)
  • resolved an issue that could lock rule checking when checking from update was running at the time when an event triggered (probably introduced in g4)
  • attempt to fix a rare lockup that seems to happen when source actor is chasing a target actor
  • added warning into log when actor is not valid because it is flying (mostly for debugging troubles with dragons)
  • fixed condition checking for specific NPCs, faction rules, and some others - some conditions like arousal checks, were broken for them
  • attempt to fix the "70% lockup" in initializing the mod, which has been reported several times. If you still keep encountering this after switching to g7, let me know
  • changed the way actor cache works. This shouldn't change anything visible, but hopefully improves stability of rule checks
  • reworked rule checker, it's hopefully faster when dealing with complex rules, or large number of rules
  • fixed beds, they had several issues that caused glitches like multiple scenes on same bed, or beds stopping working for scenes at all
  • hopefully fixed a deadlock that sometimes left an actor flagged 'involved in scene', preventing any scenes triggering for that actor
  • rebalanced scheduler to be more responsive when switching tasks. This may cause more strain on papyrus when mod is busy with multiple tasks (scanning, checking rules, managing scenes, handling events...), but should make it work a lot more fluidly without choking down. If this causes problems, I'll try to tune it further, but initial results seemed good.
  • there was rare case of MCM menu's "actors editor" faction list bugging out and locking up, added a check to try and prevent that from happening.
  • added limited support for female creatures, 'sexlab gender' for creatures is taken from creature framework if it is installed
  • pre2 version of creature framework doesn't randomize creature genders right, so you probalby need to set manual overrides to make creatures female
  • fixed time based conditions for rules, start and end of 'valid time' should now work right
  • fixed 'but does not participate' for target actor, scene should no longer instantly end when target is set to not participate in scene
  • when actor is near player and does looped 'greetings' they were considered to be 'in dialogue' with player which caused problems, this is fixed
  • more balance updates to scheduler in attempt to share time more evenly to various processes (scanning, rule checking etc)



  • (fix) There was a possibility of an infinite loop in searching for actors in collaborator position for relationship rank ([memebr=antediluvian])
  • (fix) solved a small problem when too many creatures were around (more than 64) and the collaborator was set as "Same Race"
  • (improved) Added a filter to the faction selection
  • (fix) Fixed many bugs in the edit of factions in Actor Editor, it is also faster now
  • (new) SkyUI is no more enforced, if you have the good version it will work, if not you will receive a warning message at game load. This may make the mod working with the integrated SkyUI of Enderal
  • (new) Added Cultist, Forsworn, and Dremora factions to the basic factions list
  • (improved) now to understand if an actor is a creature or not a SexLab call is done
  • (fix) Solved a problem in saving the configuration were only the first item of the nudity list was actually saved
  • (improved) All known basic factions are added at game load time to the faction list



  • (fixed) the function getActorArray() in ssxRule was never returning a value
  • (fixed) solved a problem on the Clothes that were used to start, in case there were no clothes defined as "not to wear" the checking was always false
  • (improved) Now the actors that are used in a rule, when the rule starts, will sheathe their weapons (no more walking to a bed with weapons)
  • (improved) Now combat rules are fully started by events before they were working only on normal checking
  • (improved) The combats are stopped on rules based on combat, according to the rule setting, and only when the rule starts
  • (improved) Better visualization of starting modes based on clothes, and now if you remove all wearables from the items to be wear/not wear, then the starting mode on wearables is removed
  • (fixed) Solved a problem that was making impossible to have the same faction for different participants
  • (fixed) Now the checking of clothes for Player and NPCs on the MCM works
  • (improved) Big performance optimization in checking if the clothes are valid
  • (fixed) In some cases the same actor was fit in two different positions, making SexLab fail to start an animation (@reikiri)
  • (fixed) Was not possible to remove the first item to be worn during a sex scene by clicking on the remove button
  • (new) Now the rule checker can run as soon there is something to do, and stay quiet from all the time. It can be activated by a completed Scan or by ending of a scene
  • (fixed) Fixed a small problem on counting the animations when a race filter was set
  • (improved) Some "human" actors were added to the Creature factions (like Cultists), now they should be handled correctly


  • (improved) Player sexual orientation is now specific
  • (improved) Re-write completely the sexual identification and possibility to be HM/HF/CM/CF (15 possibilities, of course 0 is not valid) CF=B (Bitch)
  • (improved) Re-write the selection of potential gender for partners
  • (improved) Change the way anims are found using the new sex value
  • (improved) Change the orientation to be, for each of the genders/humanity, allowed partners of the MFCB
  • (new) The old orientation properties are converted when upgrading from version before 1.4d
  • (improved) Added a double confirmation to delete all rules
  • (fixed) Fixed a small problem in the MCM for selecting the creatures in the race filter in case the rule was not yet saved
  • (improved) Added an extra message in case an actor cannot be found because the sexual orientations are not allowing the available actors
  • (improved) Removed some old, not used anymore, code
  • (improved) Big improvement on searching creature on creature animations, bypassing SexLab limitation in searching such animation types
  • (new) Added better support for Creature on Creature animations (Horny Dragons of Skyrim), please check the note
  • (new) Added a filter to handle Creature on Creature animations to enable to find ConC animations when SLAL is not patched
  • (improved) Removed allActorsNum and replaced by functions to improve reliability of the actors list
  • (improved) Added a better handling of combats by @reikiri
  • (fixed) Fixed a problem on checking if animations are available when saving the rule, the result (in some cases) was no animations also if animations were found by clicking the Count Anims button
  • (fixed) Fixed a big problem where the same actor was possible to be selected as source and collaborator, making the SexLab animation to fail
  • (fixed) Fixed a problem in the actor editor that was showing actors no more available in some cases
  • (fixed) Fixed a problem in showing the party in the logs in case of optional collaborators
  • (fixed) Fixed a problem of having "I will not participate" disabled for Player and Specific actors
  • (improved) Big improvement on the page of the MCM showing the initialization
  • (improved) Improved the management of beds, now you have 10 possible options for using bed, not using beds or asking for beds
  • (fixed) Player sexual orientation was not saved, and reset to Hetero at each game reload
  • (fixed) Fixed the automatic restart of the mod, in some conditions the inital stop event was received after the restart event after initialization completed
  • (improved) Reimplemented ValidActor function in ssxRule (@reikiri)
  • (improved) Changed some notifErrors to use notifPlayerDetails in Rule Player (@reikiri)
  • (improved) Changed aggression handling to faction instead of array (@reikiri)


  • (fixed) Fixed a problem on the races set as exclusive
  • (fixed) Fixed a small problem while loading a game where a previous creature race was no more available
  • (new) Added a warning in case PapyrusUtil version is too old
  • (improved) No more message boxes in case SexLab is not fully installed. Of course, the mod will not work, and you will see an explicit message only when opening the MCM
  • (improved) If the mod was in an active state during a save game, it will restart after it is fully initialized
  • (new) Added Japanese translation from @mixbutterdog


  • (improved) Better management of creatures identification
  • (improved) Cows and Chickens are no more considered humans if the NPC is not correctly defined
  • (improved) Spectators can be up to 15
  • (fixed) 8 spectators setting was not working
  • (fixed) creatures are no more possible spectators
  • (improved) in case the player is subject to a bleedout rule (or protected health), and no rule will start (for any reason), then the player is healed a little, just to avoid to be forever in bleedout
  • (improved) the small healing is no more done with a spell (it was not working in many cases)
  • (improved) Completely re-written the actorCache to be faster and handle better the creatures
  • (fixed) better management of bleedout
  • (improved) better recovery in case a rule was being edited and the MCM pages are skipped using the Esc key
  • (fixed) solved a small problem in case the previous cell was not yet found in the scan and it was interior (@satanfist)
  • (improved) The documentation (Docx and PFD) is updated to the last version


  • (fixed) Solved a problem on sorting names and tags, the items after "Z" where removed
  • (improved) re-added the Re-Scan tags button
  • (fixed) Solved a problem on calling spectators when they were not required (just a trace error) (@satanfist)
  • (fixed) Fixed the problem that was making impossible to remove spectators once they were set in a rule (@satanfist)
  • (fixed) In case Health, Arousal, Stamina, and Magicka were exactly the required value the rule was considered not good
  • (fixed) The preferred actors (for rules started by events) was lost in some cases
  • (fixed) Solved a small bug that was making the visible option for the strip mode to be always the default one, also if the option was saved (@satanfist)
  • (fixed) Solved a problem where all possible trace notifications were printed, also if not enabled
  • (fixed) Fixed the actual results of the player asking for sex
  • (fixed) Actors were not highlighted with the chosen color for Asking, but with the rule color
  • (fixed) Solved a missing key for a Help Message (Set Avoid Tags)
  • (fixed) When refusing sex to the player, the masturbation case was picking the wrong actor (always source and not the player)
  • (fixed) In case the player was asked for sex, in some cases was impossible to set the percentage or rapes or masturbations. Because it was calculating the answer of the player (and of course it cannot be calculated)
  • (improved) The "What is going on" notifications are a little bit clearer




Enjoy this mod.
CPU & Reikiri

What's New in Version 1.4h


  • A few, but still check the spoiler

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