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Nibbles' Animations 5.7 (21-04-2020)

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About This File

In case you're new here, this is an animation pack to be used with Sexlab Animation Loader.


I could make a huge description about this, but I think I can explain my animations the best with some gifs:


A complete list with all my animations' gifs can be found here: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/479/entry-2729-nibbles-animations/


Latest 5 animations/gifs:




Dog/Wolf Knotting 5 stages:


Stage1: https://redgifs.com/watch/harmlessleanleech (Non-looping)

Stage2: https://redgifs.com/watch/aggravatinganotherearwig

Stage3: https://redgifs.com/watch/thornyreadyapatosaur

Stage4: https://redgifs.com/watch/recklessgiganticdrake (Non-looping)

Stage5: https://redgifs.com/watch/quaintangelicbrocketdeer (Non-looping)


Doggystyle 4, 5 stages:


Stage1: https://redgifs.com/watch/hopefulserpentinehogget

Stage2: https://redgifs.com/watch/scarcegiganticesok

Stage3: https://redgifs.com/watch/illinformeddizzydoe

Stage4: https://redgifs.com/watch/electricredbengaltiger

Stage5: https://redgifs.com/watch/unpleasantunevenchipmunk


Tentacle Doggy 5 stages:


Stage1: https://gfycat.com/gratefullastingblacklab
Stage2: https://gfycat.com/limitedbasicacaciarat
Stage3: https://gfycat.com/soreunrealisticincatern
Stage4: https://gfycat.com/digitaldescriptivefieldspaniel
Stage5: https://gfycat.com/insecureignorantdeinonychus


Threesome Standing 5 stages:


Stage1: https://gfycat.com/firmgivingleafwing
Stage2: https://gfycat.com/forthrighthilariousanglerfish
Stage3: https://gfycat.com/wellgroomeddefinitivebrontosaurus
Stage4: https://gfycat.com/quarterlynewbackswimmer
Stage5: https://gfycat.com/lavishweightybunting


Troll Missionary 5 stages:


Stage1: https://gfycat.com/unfortunatejauntydore

Stage2: https://gfycat.com/canineorderlydassierat

Stage3: https://gfycat.com/sentimentalsmoothemu

Stage4: https://gfycat.com/giantunhealthyenglishpointer

Stage5: https://gfycat.com/mellowgranularkitten




As of version 5.4 I've removed some of my animations from my pack.

These animations are still accessible by downloading and installing the "SLAL NibblesAnims (old)" file.

The reason for removing these animations was to make the animation list a bit smaller, and getting rid of some older (and in my opinion) obsolete animations.

To not entirely isolate the people who still want to use them, just install the old file and you will still have access to all of those animations.




Resource file gifs






I made the animations with the UUNP body  in mind, so alignments will be best if u use a body created which falls under this category.


*Please note, this is not a requirement; this just means the alignment/collision will be more accurate when using a UUNP based body.


I've also attached a Bodyslide preset which I'm alligning my animations too, the weight I'm always alligning my animations too is at weight 50.
Personally I only want variation between boob sizes, so my preset only handles boob sizes whilst having the rest of the body almost the same.
Example of what my bodyslide looks like:







- Sexlab Framework: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/150-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v162-updated-jun-3rd-2016/ (and it's requirements)

- Sexlab Animation Loader https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2488-sexlab-animation-loader/ (and it's requirements)

- BakaFactory's ABC HDT Patch https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/7556-animated-beasts-cocksabc-for-users-hdt-patch/ (and it's requirements). Please note that this isn't a hard requirement, these just add animated penisses to some creatures, without this mod they won't move.


Installation instructions


This is not a resource but rather prepackaged, working animations.
To get the animations working in game you need to have Sexlab animation loader installed http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2488-sexlab-animation-loader/ .
Afterwards just manually drag my files into your data folder, or install with NMM or MO.


Don't forget to run FNIS after you've installed it, and of course register the animations in game with the MCM.
The main pack and the no-object packs also need the FNIS Creature pack installed since these contain creature animations.




Like my stuff and want to leave a donation?

patreon_logo.png     Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/NibblesAnimations

(just a warning though, I don't offer anything extra if you donate except some polls every now and then; all my updates will be released free without delay here on loverslab)




- CEO 0S for his guides
- Rydin for his guides
- pornphile for his rigs
- Leito86 for his rigs and advice
- AnubiSs2167 for his rigs and advice
- Komotor for making objects possible
- Zaz's team for Assets

- MadMansGun for technical support

- Billyy for some rigs


Also want to give my thanks to the other animators here on Loverslab for inspiring me to create my own animations :classic_biggrin:.

What's New in Version 5.7 (21-04-2020)


  • V 5.71
  • Had the wrong fnis list, for the human package; don't know if it causes harm but it's fixed now
  • V 5.7
  • Added 2 new animations, Doggystyle 5 stages; (Dog/Wolf) Knotting 5 stages
  • Added some tags to existing animations
  • Fixed some texture issues with some objects
  • Fixed a typo with the "screw" animation
  • Made the preview pictures of the fomod installer "brighter"
  • V 5.6
  • Made some changes to the .esp file to avoid duplicating base files
  • Some fixes where I forgot an animation to include (and I also forgot which one that was)
  • 3 new animations, Tentacle Doggy, Threesome Standing, Troll Missionary
  • *Probably some new bugs to come with it
  • V 5.52 
  • Fixed the troll Missionary (it wasn't supposed to be enabled, was just a test file)
  • Fixed the Pillory male/female positions (Dunno why this happened, in the export preview everything looked fine...nonetheless re-exported and tested; it's good now)
  • Rebuild the horse/character behaviour for the creature pack (some sort of bug with horse riding occured?)
  • Renamed the MCM menu's from an underscore to a space (just a minor menu visual thingie)
  • V 5.51
  • Fixed the not working .esp problem (for the people who didn't uninstall the previous packages this shouldn't have caused a problem, but please do so now; it'll just be hogging up unnecesarry space)
  • Fixed the AVBHumanoid duplicate tag in the FaceSitting animation
  • Some more problems should probably arise, so prepare for some more new version messages.
  • V 5.5 
  • The "little" Big update, I've made some changes technically this time but only added 1 new animation.
  • Added 1 new animation, Blowjob 2, 5 stages
  • Changed how the "AVbHumanoidFootIKDisable" is written into the source code (this makes the FNIS animation list smaller)
  • Changed and re-alligned my Pillory animation to the pillory object used as clutter used by various mods
  • Removed the loose packages and downloads with all the different packs and remade it into a fomod, no more questions about separate packs and or requests. Just download the main package and choose what you want installed (this was quite a big change for me, at least getting the animations into the game will be faster in the future after I finish animating + a lot less managing now that it's done)
  • V.542
  • Fixed the Old file yet again with collected info from users, all animations should be included now.
  • V 5.41
  • Fix for the "old" file, which a user on my patreon noted. Because I'm a potato I forgot stuff again which made it unusable again. My apologies. I've renamed the directory for the old animations from "NibblesAnims" >> "NibblesAnims_old". For the people who want to edit their own stuff please remember this.
  • V 5.4
  • Added 3 new animations
  • Lap Fuck 2, 5 stages
  • Face Sitting 5 stages
  • Standing Fuck 4, 5 stages
  • Removed a lot of my earlier animations, these can be found for download in an alternative file now (this is done to clean up the amount of animations a bit, and quite frankly these are not even worth it). Names are untouched except the spanking one. A list of the removed animations can found here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/56630-nibbles-animations/?do=findComment&comment=2629146
  • Renamed my older spanking animation from "Spanking" to "Spanking (Paddle)"
  • V 5.3
  • Added 3 new animations
  • Table Fuck front 5 stages
  • Riekling Cowgirl 5 stage
  • Spanking in chair 4 stages
  • V 5.2
  • Added 3 new animations
  • Horse Doggystyle 2, 5 stages (With the new moving Dick)
  • Standing Fuck Behind (Table) 5 stages
  • Missionary 4, 5 stages
  • Updated the other packs to 5.2 
  • Updated the tentacle texture for the mimic animation 
  • Updated the SLAnims file in all packages to the newest version with edits
  • V 5.1
  • Added 2 new animations
  • Giant Fuck 6 stages
  • Spider Missionary 5 stages
  • Added some more tags/changed some tags which I forgot to make a list for (gathered them from reports/comments etc)
  • Updated the other packs without creatures and without objects
  • V 5.0
  • Added 2 new animations
  • Lesbian Cuddling 6 stages
  • Reverse cowgirl 2, 6 stages
  • Added the "fixed" mimic objects edited by MadMansGun
  • V 4.9
  • Added 3 new animations
  • Mimic animation 5 stages (my first self-animated object, don't expect too much of it; it was a lot of learning I had to do for this)
  • 69Consensual 5 stages
  • Screw 6 stage
  • V 4.81 
  • Fixed missing bottles in the (No creatues) version
  • V 4.8 (30-05-2018)
  • Added 3 new animations, Added the most recent SLAL generate file (in case it overwrites an other mod) and added some tagging which I forgot
  • Lesbian Haybale cunnilingus 6 stages
  • Drinking Masturbation 6 stages
  • Troll standing 5 stages
  • V 4.7 (30-12-2017)
  • Small update containing a new Canine animation, alligned for both the dog and wolf actor; although the animation looks a bit better with a wolf.
  • 5 stages (Canine) Rough doggystyle
  • V 4.61 (13-09-2017)
  • Hotfix for the "Troll Behind" animation, please uninstall and reinstall this newest version (and re-apply the json registry in SL Anim Loader's MCM)
  • V 4.6 (12-09-2017)
  • Added 2 new animations.
  • Troll Handjob 5 stages and Troll Behind 5 stages.
  • V 4.5 (25-07-2017)
  • Added 2 new animations.
  • Sideways Fuck with 5 stages and Deer Doggystyle with 5 stages.
  • I've also fixed the finger twitching in the female fingering animation and the dog leg twitching in the dog chair fuck animation.
  • V 4.4 (17-07-2017)
  • Added 1 new animation.
  • Lesbian Threesome with 5 stages.
  • V 4.3 (03-07-2017)
  • Added 2 new animations.
  • "Cowgirl 6" with 5 stages and "Doggystyle 3" with 5 stages.
  • V 4.2 (13-06-2017)
  • Added 2 new animations.
  • "Canine Cowgirl" 5 stages which has entries for both dog and wolves, and "Bear Cowgirl" 5 stages
  • V 4.1 (30-05-2017)
  • Added 1 new animation "Horse Haybales Doggystyle" 5 stages.
  • V4.02 (21-05-2017)
  • Fixed the "no creature" variant problem with the meshes not showing up.
  • V 4.01 (19-05-2017)
  • Forgot to make the new objects standalone, which this update fixes. (if you had ZAZ installed you shouldn't noticed a texture bug anyways)
  • V 4.0 (18-05-2017)
  • Added 5 new animations:
  • "Bondage Post Standing Fuck" 5 stages
  • "Bondage Post Femdom" 5 stages
  • "Bondage Post Blowjob" 5 stages
  • "Bondage Post DildoStick" 5 stages
  • "Bondage Post OnaHole" 5 stages
  • I've also added some more tags to my other furniture animations so other mods can call upon them in a better way.
  • V 3.9 (30-04-2017)
  • Added 2 new animations.
  • "Belly flop 2" which has 6 stages.
  • "Threesome (MMF)" which has 5 stages.
  • V 3.8 (24-04-2017)
  • Added 1 new animation that sort of plays at the smithy.
  • "Smithy fuck" with 6 stages.
  • I've also added a "no creature" and no "object version".
  • V 3.7 (20-04-2017) Added 1 new animation
  • My third version of the missionary position "Missionary 3" with 5 stages.
  • V 3.6 (19-04-2017) Added 2 new animations.
  • Table fuck with 5 stages.
  • An agressive cowgirl animation which puts the female in charge 5 stages.
  • V 3.5 (26-12-2016) Added 3 new animations.
  • A new dog x female animation in missionary position.
  • A new human x human animation (actually any kind of sex can apply), but allignment are made for dominant male and submissive female.
  • A new lesbian animation in 69 position (which actually looks good for a change).
  • V 3.4 (25-09-2016) Added a new animation "Lap Fuck"
  • Still haven't found a decent fix for the dog one, I'll try to fix it later again.
  • V 3.3 (10-09-2016) Added 2 animations "DogChairFuck" and "HorseMissionary" both got Animobjects in the stages.
  • *Note: the dog stage has a problem with the feet alignment, I'll fix it as soon as I find out why it doesn't export like I created it.
  • V 3.21 (27-08-2016) Fixed the texture issues from the AnimObjects.
  • V 3.2 (27-08-2016) Added a new animation "Pillory"
  • V 3.1 (26-08-2016) Added a new animation "Sabrecat Rough doggystyle".
  • V 3.0 (24-08-2016) Added a new animation "Chair Dildo".
  • Also added the tag "Masturbation" to my previous fingering animation.
  • V 2.9 (20-08-2016) Added a new animation "Fingering".
  • A solo animation for females.
  • V 2.8 (17-08-2016) Added a new animation "Bear Blowjob"
  • Added the tag "Missionary" to both of my missionary animations.
  • V 2.7 Added a new animation "Missionary 2"
  • V 2.6 Added a new animation "Cowgirl 5"
  • The male does nothing except breathing and acting like a human dildo in this animation
  • V 2.5 Added a new animation "Doggystyle 2".
  • Also changed the 3rd stage from the "Cowgirl 4" animation.
  • V 2.4 Added a new animation "Cowgirl 4".
  • Also fixed the slight looping problem at the feet in stage 5 of the lesbian animation from V 2.3

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