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>>> Naturalistic HDT <<<


custom physics and collisions for HDT PE


latest version:     Naturalistic HDT -> v3.68


Beast HDT -> outdated and therefor removed (just ask me via pm if you still want it for some reason)


Important news:

I quit modding Skyrim, so please refrain from asking me to add some feature or improve something that's already included.

If you want to add that one missing feature that makes all the difference in your opinion or if you want to improve this mod, then go ahead, do whatever you want with it. ;)

Just give credit where it's due, everything else is up to you.



Version 3 of Naturalistic HDT includes an optional repainted UUNP Special body mesh (Bodyslide source file) to improve jiggling and collisions. There is also a conversion of UUNP HDT Piercing Sets 0.7 for this repaint in the download section.


If you upgrade this mod from v3.54 or lower and you are using UUNP then please rebuild the UUNP hand, feet and body meshes in order to get the correct xml attachment for the new xml layout introduced with v3.55.


Version 3.6 adds a new Bodyslide group called "Naturalistic Bodybuilding". You can find all the meshes that you need to build in there. I figured that with Bodyslide itself occasionally updating UUNP Special without mentioning it in the changelog I better decouple the edited body I provide. I also fixed a lot of morph slider issues with UUNP Special (like the back of the labia being buried inside the body mesh) and improved weight paints.
And then I added the Chinese UUNP body we talked about earlier itt to the package. The main difference are the remodeled, puffy nipples and the more complex vagina shape.


If you downloaded the "Chinese UUNP Fix" esp I provided before then please deactivate and delete it. It might cause additional texture issues and with v3.65 it isn't needed anymore.

Further down in this mod description you will find additional information about how to get the vagina textures to show on your characters instead.


Be advised that in v3.6 simply building the UUNP Special body, hand and feet in Bodyslide like you did in previous versions doesn't let you build the meshes included in this mod but the default one included in Bodyslide. My versions are beginning with "NBB".



Mod description:
Frankly speaking I'm not too happy with the results that most of the xmls available for HDT physics have ingame. Either the collision triggers too far away from the object in question or the jiggling is just wrong for me. So I figured that if I wanted something that suits my needs then I had to make my own xml set. Also I kinda dig math and physics, even if HDT PE might be more akin to spherical cows in a vacuum. :classic_tongue:
The name of the mod should give you a hint to what I was going for. No endless jiggling, no breasts moving like jello or jumping around like they are possessed. Just boobies and butts and the magnificient way they behave in the real world.
Well, I hope you like it.


I created this set with Just for Fun, which is a very nice tool that makes these xml files look way less byzantine. Try it out yourselves, definitely recommended.


The body I used is the UUNP Special UNPBB body but I included variants of the breast physics for both bigger and smaller breasts.
And as it turns out this set is also fully compatible with Clams of Skyrim.



Very important:
Don't let anything else overwrite meshes or xmls from this mod. Don't use any other body xml mods unless it's FloppySOS and you use it together with my compatible version. If you really really need to use something else on top of this and there are conflicts then just ask in the mod thread how to resolve them.


A couple of (not so) short instructions:
- Please make sure that my mod overwrites everything else. That's especially true for XPMSE which you usually should load last. I edited a few skeletons from that mod and if you let XPMSE overwrite my altered skeletons then the corresponding creature animations won't work as intended. But it's also true for other mods like All in one UUNP, MNC or Realistic Ragdoll and also generally anything that overwrites my xmls.


- With the release of v3 including Bodyslide source meshes for UUNP Special this mod should be fairly beginner friendly now.
Just follow the instructions, make your choices and attach the xml data on your own or if you use UUNP Special let Bodyslide do that for you by rebuilding the hand, feet and body meshes of any of the UUNP Special variants. Why I want you to use Clams of Skyrim or UUNP Special (or maybe Tripleen too)? Because they have an HDT enabled 3d vagina attached and without that a big part of this mod becomes kinda pointless.


- If you want to use Clams or any other CBBE body with a 3D vagina together with my physics then you obviously don't have to build the body included in my mod with Bodyslide. And should you want to switch bodies (UUNP -> CBBE or vice versa) on an ongoing savegame better read this.


- Should you decide to use the Chinese UUNP Special body that I included in the mod then you are not done with just building the body, hands and feet in Bodyslide.

You also have to add the the inner vagina texture to the female body texture. And since everyone seems to use a different texture I can't do that for you. But don't worry, because there is TexBlend (included in Bodyslide&Outfit Studio). It's a very straightforward to use tool that lets you blend the vagina textures I added into the female body textures.
Afterwards the femalebody_1.dds should look somewhat like this (not regarding different skin tone, moles etc):
and the femalebody_1_msn.dds should look like this:


Both texture files will be uncompressed afterwards. And for the normal map (msn) that's okay I guess, many if not all body texture mods keep these uncompressed.

But you might want to recompress the diffuse map (the femalebody_1.dds in this case) back to DXT5 format. Thanks to Ordenator this is also ridiculously easy to do.

Just take that image and copy it over to a subfolder of Ordenator. Then point the tool towards that. It will automatically recompress the texture with DXT5 and it might even fix a few issues along the way (like missing mipmaps).

Don't copy over complete texture folders though, the msn textures (normal maps) should better stay uncompressed if you don't want to see blocky transitions on the skin.


- Even with the FOMOD installer you have to make sure that all my xmls are attached as NiStringExtraData, also for the NPCs your char has intercourse with (in case they come with their own body, hand and feet meshes - one example would be the Bijin replacers).
And don't forget the hdtm.xml for males, I have attached it to the 3 different schlong variants included in SOS.
So if you don't want to attach them yourself then I already set that up for you, there's a choice in the installer for that. For 3.55 there's also a choice to install male hand meshes with the hdtfingers.xml attached since this version has a different xml file layout and uses the hdtfingers.xml again.


- If you chose the repainted UUNP Special body then I strongly recommend to skip pregnancy mods that depend on NIOverride belly scaling and are not covered by Sexlab Inflation Framework. The reason is that my repaint makes that scaling method look even uglier than it already was before. Then again the racemenu morphs and especially "Pregnancy Belly" already look far superior with the original weight paint so you shouldn't use NIOverride belly scaling anyway.


If you don't know how to attach xml data then here's a nice illustrated tutorial.
And here's another one with a simpler way to do the exact same thing.
When he's writing about increasing damping he means that you should download JFF v4, open the hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml with it and increase the damping settings under Constraints -> doubleclick one of the entries -> Linear Limits -> the small box with the down arrow right of Linear Motor X, Y and Z -> Spring Damping.
For armors that are not supposed to bounce up and down much decreasing the Linear Limits intervalls might be a good idea too.
I'm usually too lazy for any of that though and let all my armors jiggle like the naked body. ^^


- You also have to make sure that the characters involved in sex acts have the meshes loaded that you attached the xml data to! This is extremely important.
Especially the Sexlab default strip settings might be a bit too conservative so for example if you have attached the hdtvagina.xml to the female feet mesh (femalefeet_0.nif and femalefeet_1.nif) then in Sexlab's MCM menu under Timers&Stripping activate the feet checkbox for foreplay, normal and aggressive animations or her lower lips won't start talking.
With version 3.1 of this mod it should be enough to have the female main body naked though (and the male hands if you're using FloppySOS).
For version 3.55 the hands also need to be naked but there you have the advantage that most collisions also work with clothes on as long as the hands are bare.



Additional information:
If you still have problems setting this up here's a little FAQ I wrote in another thread (some of the things there are already mentioned above):


To have all the collisions you need to set the correct stripping options in Sexlab.
All the female meshes that have xml data attached to them have to be naked.


And you can also attach more than one xml to a mesh, just make sure to use NiStringsExtraData instead of NistringExtradata. :classic_wink:


And again, it doesn't matter which xml gets attached to which nif as long as you attach all the relevant xmls for the character in question. Everything for the females has to be linked to in the female body meshes and everything for males in the male body meshes.
And you better know which xmls a physics mod provides and only attach these, not ones from other mods. That's a very common mistake. For example if you use version 3 (but not 3.55) of my xml set and don't use FloppySOS with that there is no reason why a hdtfingers.xml should be present in your setup. And you sure as hell shouldn't have it attached to any meshes.
I already set that up fairly beginner-friendly in my FOMod installer though, but you still have to read the instructions and do a few things like rebuilding the female body, hand and feet meshes with Bodyslide.
There is no out of the box solution for physics mods, there is always something that can go wrong in your setup.


A few common issues:


1. Modded NPCs don't have bounce physics and collisions.


-> Attach the xml data to their meshes, look up the mod file structure to see where these are.
You can often just overwrite the meshes with your default ones though, that's a lot faster and usually works.


2. HDT hairs or clothes don't play well with the body physics, there are body parts that should be moving but are stuck or there is some sort of deformation, maybe the clothes or hair don't work well either.


-> Usually that's the hair or clothes mod's fault. Ask the author to make it compatible, they didn't set the collision filters up properly in their xmls.


3. On some animations a breast gets stuck on an arm or something.


-> Rotate the sex scene. That should make them snap back. The reason probably is the transition when Sexlab sets up the animation, during which the characters often clip through each other. You shouldn't have that issue with OSA.


4. The physics effects don't look as advertised or seen in the demonstration videos.


-> You might be using the wrong body (too busty or not busty enough, another body with different weight paint). Or you use a customized skeleton and not standard XPMSE. Or maybe you screwed up big time by not loading the body physics mod last (meaning giving it the highest mod priority, plugin load order isn't everything).
It could also be your computer that is too weak to handle HDT physics. On too low framerates the physics become unstable so you will likely see meshes thrashing around wildly more frequently.


5. The framerate drops a lot when activating this body physics mod.


-> Check SKSE\Plugins\hdtPhysicsExtensions.log
If there are missing bone errors mentioned in that file then check if the XPMSE skeleton gets overwritten. If it doesn't ask for help in the mod release thread.


6. You did everything correctly and still some collisions are missing.


-> That might be a hickup in HDT PE. Just reload the physics data for your main char - get him/her naked and open the racemenu. For NPCs it's more complicated. Saving and reloading might be the fastest way to give them their physics back. Or equip and then unequip their armor in the ingame console (select NPC -> "inv" -> "equipitem ..." -> "unequipitem ..."). Or equip a HDT havok object on them.


7. Collisions aren't where they are supposed to be (on the mesh).


-> First try rotating the sex scene. If that didn't help reset it to the default positions. (Sexlab has key bindings for both)
If the collisions are still off then there is probably something wrong the the xml settings so please tell me. You can of course also try to correct it yourself by editing the xml with Just for Fun v4.


8. The pussy isn't opening.


-> You sure you installed a body with HDT enabled pussy? For CBBE you could use Clams of Skyrim for example and for UNP there is UUNP Special. Also check if you have the right stripping settings in Sexlab (remember, all meshes with xml data attached have to be naked). If that didn't help see point 6.


9. The pussy is opening but it doesn't look like in the pictures I saw.


-> Might not be physics related but a problem with missing textures.
Use Texblend (comes with Bodyslide) to add vagina textures to your female body textures.


And last but not least a little help for building the body meshes with Bodyslide:


After installing v3 of my mod (choosing either the repainted or the original meshes, not option 3 on the repaint question) open Bodyslide from within NMM or MO.
Then for Outfit/Body select either a CBBE body with a 3D vagina like Cosio or use the modified UUNP meshes I provide in this mod.
If you want to use my meshes then here's a little illustrated guide on what to do:




Pick one of the 4 UUNP bodies in there and build that one, the hands and the feet.
For Preset choose whatever you prefer (I chose UNPBB, is pleasing to my eyes). You can also play around with the sliders until you like what you see.


In the end you need female body, feet and hand meshes (6 nif files in total) and the corresponding tri files (one for each body part, meaning 3 total) with each of my xmls attached to one of them and with no other xmls attached.


After you're finished you can go on rebuilding the armors, clothes and especially underwear and jewelry (those always have clipping issues with new body shapes). Of course you need Bodyslide CBBE or UUNP compatible armors (depending on if you use Clams or UUNP) etc for that to work.
I'm using this and this (original mod required!), some of these (again, original mods required!) and this and a few other things.
For rebuilding all this stuff first select the preset you had for the body (you better still know what you changed if you adjusted the sliders ^^).
Now click the greyed out x in the Group Filter box and then click the small magnifiera and arrow symbol to the left of it.
Select Choose Groups and then check all the boxes except for Naturalistic Bodybuilding (you built that already), Unified UNP and CBAdvanced.
Now click Build Morphs again and then Ctrl + click the Batch Build field next to that checkbox.
Now rightclick and select all.
Then click build. This will take a while so go make yourself a cup of coffee. :classic_wink:
After the "All sets processed successfully!" message zip the meshes folder you just created and again load it into your mod manager, overwriting everything else.

Also check out post 2 of the mod topic. There's more additional stuff like a basic workflow to edit and test xmls with the game open in there.


HydrogensaysHDT for HDT PE
HydrogensaysHDT and Monsto Brukes for Just for Fun
Ashal for the SexLab framework
Smurf, Vector and b3lisario for SOS
Ousnius and Caliente for Bodyslide and the Outfit Studio
Stevierage for the HDT vagina
BringTheNoise and Cell for that sexy UUNP Special body
scivirus for the just as tasty Clams of Skyrim body
Leito for his Schlong Addon for SOS and for all these great animations he's making
Whoever created that Chinese UUNP Special variant in the first place - 突然晕倒 or Túrán yūn dǎo ... maybe
Others I forgot to mention. Sorry.

What's New in Version 3.68


  • v1.0: full release
  • v1.4: revamped many of the parameters, added customized hdtm.xmls
  • v1.7: fixed an unwanted collision between elbow and breasts and introduces 3 flavors of jiggliness.
  • v1.73: now including an alternative hdtphysicsextensionsdefaultbbp.xml
  • v1.75: changed the alternative hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml, the hdtvagina.xml is now needed again for the alternative version, standard version is identical to v1.74
  • v2.0: fixed another missing bone error, deleted a LOT of redundant entries, reworked basically everything.
  • v2.1: some tweaks and finetuning, major changes to the jiggle dynamics, no more torpedo tits when lying on back
  • v2.2: minor stuff, first release of Beast HDT - you need More Nasty Critters for that of course.
  • v3.0: added a FOMOD installer, repainted the UUNP Special body a little, major physics changes with a different focus
  • v3.01: added options to deactivate either belly collisions or belly physics completely
  • v3.1: now including a version compatible with FloppySOS, added one more belly setting, minor stuff
  • v3.11: just minor belly and butt collision adjustments
  • v3.2: added additional angular breast movement and free moving testicles
  • v3.3: fixed forearm collisions, collision box tweaks including customized collisions for large breasts
  • v3.31: minor breast bounce and collision corrections to improve boobjobs
  • v3.4: added Clams of Skyrim (CBBE) support since it's compatible, also included the Leito Addon schlongs in the main file
  • v3.5: a small, but extremely effective change in the xmls to prevent meshes from spazzing out
  • v3.51: fixed weight paint issues with UUNP, the FloppySOS version now installs the correct xml again, a few collision box changes for the hands/fingers
  • v3.52: minor stuff
  • v3.53: breast collision box improvements
  • v3.54: small changes to butt bounce, reintroduced alternative version without breast rotation
  • v3.55: no changes, just a different layout of the xml files, reintroducing hdtfingers.xml for all users, the no rotation version is a FOMod choice now
  • v3.56: added the HDT Memory Patch by HydrogensaysHDT
  • v3.57: small breast tweak - faster bounce
  • v3.6: lots of fixes to the UUNP Special meshes and morph sliders, introducing alternative version of UUNP Special with a different vagina
  • v3.61: includes Chinese UUNP Special with puffy nipples, replaced part of the weight paint on the Chinese UUNP body with standard UUNP Special paint
  • v3.61 to 3.68: small UUNP body hotfixes to v3.6

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