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SlaveTats Magic Manager(STMM)


After more than 3 years, I will update this old mod to try to help all SlaveTats users who have the super slow MCM problem in Special Edition. I know someone posted a modified version of SlaveTats with a cache implementation, but don't worry, STMM implements the same feature but in another way.


Also, I have a way to manage the color of SlaveTats tattoos, but that's not all.

Now STMM can change the Color, Glow, Gloss and Alpha Chanel of each tattoo.


But the color is very delicated. I know very well that, when changing a color in a tattoo, many times it is also necessary to change it in another tattoo and it has to be EXACT, really and exactly the same Color, Glow, Gloss and Alpha because if the colors are not exactly the same does not look good.


STMM can copy the Color+Glow+Gloss+Alpha of a tattoo and paste it on any other tattoo.


Many times the color selection based on 16 colors is not enough and we want to use a specific color, but that is not possible using only 16 colors. The only solution is to use RaceMenu, but every time we change a tattoo with SlaveTats we lose our colors.


STMM solves that problem in a very specific way.

Each time a SlaveTats tattoo is modified ussing RaceMenu STMM copies the exact values specified in RaceMenu into the internal SlaveTats data. Now, when SlaveTats change a tattoo, it will use exactly the Color, Glow, Gloss and Alpha specified in RaceMenu for that tattoo. And, of course, you can use the copy and paste function to transfer that exact color to another tattoo.

I think a good detailed description is the best we can have, but I know there are many people who don't want to read and prefer to watch a video. I have prepared some so you can see what STMM can do.



1 - Add tattoos ussing keys while you are in 3rd camera having full control to move, rotate and zoom.




2 - Change the Color, Glow, Gloss and Alpha and see the result in real time while you are in 3rd camera but whitout control.




3 - Change the Color, Glow, Gloss and Alpha ussing RaceMenu and see how SlaveTats respect it.




4 - Paint any NPC ussing spells = Add as many tattoos that you want to any NPC in one second.






Store unlimited diferent configurations of tattoos applied to Player or NPC's

Support SlaveTats Tattoos and RaceMenu Overlay's

Apply any stored configuration to Player or NPC with a spell


Including SlaveTats Tattoos and RaceMenu Overlay's

Steal tattoos applied to NPC and appy to Player for modify, store and reapply
Show stored configuration sequentially pressing keys ( next and back )
Show all tattoos of a section sequentially pressing keys( next and back )



Mark tattoos as Remembered for apply latter



Apply tattoos to Player Body directly (Whitout pass by Remembered)

Show all remembered tatoos sequentially pressing keys( next and back )



Apply tattoos to Player Body directly

Delete stored configuration
Clear NPC
Scan NPC in cell whit tatoos and edit NPC in Racemenu
Show the path of all diferent tatoos in use by Player and NPC
Export all the configurations to file
Import all the configurations from file



SlaveTats (Of course)
UIExtensions (for the special menus)


In the first run the mod must add 3 Voice Command and 4 Spells in Alteration. All start by STMM.
If you not have the spells and voices (bad start) you can try use the Menu Key assigned by default to number 5 (over the letters keys, not in numeric pad) and use the option ADD SPELLS.
If the Menu Key not work (very bad start) you can try in the MCM Console. The mod include a console called SlaveTats Magic Manager for change the key assignements. Put others keys that you want and try.
If you not have the MCM console (very very bad start) try save your game and reload it. If the MCM console not appear try open the GAME console and write setstage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1 wait 30 seconds and go to MCM.
If you not have the spells, the Menu Key not work and not appear the MCM Console un-install the mod and report in the forum.


If all work, open the Menu and select the first option: Store Tattoo Configuration
You must write a name for save configuration, type that you want and press enter.
In the upper left corner must appear a message like STMM Stored in Master Data. The same message is writen in the GAME console. Near ALL the notifications are writen to the GAME console for history and verification.


Open the Menu again and select the second option: Show and Load Configuration
You must have a line with the name that type in the first step followed by ST:X RM:X
The X represent the number of tattos stored (ST for slavetats, RM for racemenu)
You can have 0 in ST OR in RM, but if you have 0 in ST AND 0 in RM, something bad as append or your player body not have any tats. Put some tats and try again.
If you have any number in ST or RM click in the line. Your Player Body must be cleared (removing all tats) and must be painted with the stored info. If not work report in forum.
Look carrefull if the tats are exacly the same in the same position and with the same COLOR. If you not are sure, not save your game. Load it and try again.
If all work, save your game.


Load your savegame, open the Menu and select the second option: Show and Load Configuration
If you NOT see the line with the saved configuration, you can have a problem with JContainers.
If you see the line click over it for apply the configuration and verify that THE MOD IS WORKING.


After that, you can make another store of the tats of your player with other name. The names for the stored configuration MUST BE DIFERENT. I not permit overwrite it for name.
Or can equip the spell Steal Tattoos from NPC and store yours diferents configurations of each NPC.
Or can paint some NPC with diferent configurations.
Or can see a SlaveTats section over your body pressing the keys back and next (by default 8 and 9). If you see a good tat you can mark it with the equiped voice comand. You can see other section and mark others tats and finaly you can see the remembered colection for make a new configuration over your player body. If you like it, open the menu and store it.


I wait yours comments and problems, of course.


But i think the mod is usefull and FUN.


EDIT: I not make color management. I respect the colors and glow of the tats but you must use SlaveTats and Racemenu for change the color of the tats. Remember store your new color configuration. You can have diferents configurations with the same tats and diferent colors and glows.

What's New in Version 1.0


0.5 - First Version


1.0 - Big Update. Yes, i know that more than 3 years was elapsed... but never is late. Read description.

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