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About This File

This is conversion of TS Followers from LE to SE.


There are five transsexual pornstars, and one imaginary character based Transsexual Followers...


They are at The Bannered Mare , or at The Drunken Huntsman, in Whiterun.


The Requirements:

SexLab SE - Sex Animation Framework v1.66

Sexlab Aroused Redux SSE

Schlongs of Skyrim SE


RaceMenu High Heels (Height Fixes)




360 Pack for the Female Player V7.2

It's an option file for FNIS Sexy Move SE

BHUNP Vaginaless Body has "anus" meshes and textures. It causes stretch bug during running/walking backward, forward, to the right or left. It's a common problem of the original BHUNP mod. I don't know why.
The best thing to do is just uninstalling or deactivate it while using BHUNP/BHUNP Vaginaless Body.
If you know any other alternative for 360 pack, please let me know. I'll appreciate that.


A Small note about the follower(s):



I don't know if it's important or not, but I've made two settings on the followers.

The relationship between the follower and the PC is "Lover".

I don't know what would happen if "Lover" option has been selected. I don't know what are the cons and/or pros of "Lover" option.

It sounds romantic. I liked that, and I preferred to use it.


The second thing is they all are "marriageable".

As I know, you have to accomplish several series of quests. Then, you can marry to your NPCs/follower(s).

Maybe, there are console commands that make you finish all of the quests and get all necessary items. However, I don't know them.

There should be some marriage mods to get married with NPCs. You can google them.



Aubrey Kate's & Casey Kisses' original and new faces:


At the beginning, both of them had only their original faces.

Then, a friend made an alternative, secondary, new faces for them.

I made some modifications on them.


When you install Aubrey Kate and/or Casey Kisses, you'll have their original face version.

If you want to try/use their new face, install "Aubrey Kate - New Face - 2023.12.11 - SE.7z" or "Casey Kisses - 2024.01.19 - New Face - SE.7z" file.

You can use your mod manager e.g. MO, Vortex, or NMM.

Just "overwrite" the original files.

If you prefer to install it manually, just replace the older files by the new ones.


If you decide to use original face again, you can install "Aubrey Kate - Original Face - 2023.12.11  - SE.7z" or "Casey Kisses - 2024.01.19 - Original Face - SE.7z" file, and overwrite the new faces' files.


PS: I just updated Casey Kisses main file and her faces files, and new files has "2024.01.19"

in their titles. I noticed a bug on the "Casey_Kisses_TS_Follower.esp" file.

I corrected it.


Sarina Valentina's Light Saber:




The Pink, Violet, 1 handed, 2 handed versions of  Light Sabers can be crafted at a blacksmith forge.

If you don't want to spend time for crafting them, so you can get them by using console.

Open the console.

You can type this first to see the sabers:

help saber

There are four sabers.

Magicka Saber Pink Two Hand, Magicka Saber Violet Two Hand, Magicka Saber Pink, Magicka Saber Violet.

Type these:

player.additem 3804382E 1

player.additem 3804382F 1 

player.additem 3804383C 1

player.additem 3804383D 1

So, you'll notice, one by one, each of them will be added in your inventory.

Cool !!!

May the force be with you !!!





Thanks & Credits:



dw's Vaginaless BHUNP 1.1 & [TRX] Futanari addon for BHUNP Vaginaless 1.1 by donnerwetter

All tattoos created by Motoharu

RedP for "Healthy Feet Female feet - RP's Feet" for Skyrim and "Equippable Toenails for female RP femalefeet"
KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky for the hair.

Osare School Uniform by anano

UNP Schoolgirl Outfit by motseer

Brows by Hvergelmir for High Poly Head by naChooey

True Brows LE by IrishJimTown

Large Hoop Earrings by Vioxsis

xXDeliteXx for Gladiator Heels and Charming Higher High Heels...

SydneyB for Ashara Paragon Jewelry

Kalilies & Leah Lillith for Leah Lillith Jewelry

UNPB LYD Stockings

"Sweet Lolita" shoes by Guest from Woodsnow's "Poser Sweet Lolita".
Poser Sweet Lolita BBHUNP LE

"Carlotta Fishnet" from Luxury Collection
darknsky for Luxury Collection for UUNP HDT + Bodyslide (2016.1.19/last update)
ApoKrytia for Luxury Collection

Aradia Lace Dress by Minoumimi

CBBE HDT Piercing Sets

Osare Maid Outfit by anano

Magicka Sabers by LordHaun

UNP Tender Hands by Hidanna

Haru Haru Nails

Nails - UNP - UNPB - UNPC

?????? 1627 for How to insert HDT-PE into body

factoryclosed for BHUNP Personal HDT-PE xml Setups
Annabelle P for New Faces & Her Helpful Suggestions, and Support...




Please, do not hesitate if you have any questions/suggestions...




Have Fun...

:smile: & ;) & :smiley: & :lol: ...




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