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Poser Conversions' Conversion Pack 1.0 Update 1

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About This File

== About the Mod ==
This is a conversion pack for Woodsnow's "Poser Sweet Lolita" and Dadag's "Sexy Summer".


Both outfits were originally for the CBBE body.


"Poser Sweet Lolita" was converted to UNP Jiggle.


And, "Sexy Summer" was converted to 7BO.
Each has 7 color variants. Note that the weighting is not perfect, so there might be minor clippings in some poses.


== Updates ==


v1.0: Initial Release


Update 1: Fixed texture paths for "Sweet Lolita" shoes.


== Requirement(s) ==


XMPSE 2.0 Skeleton.


HDT High Heels (http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/36213/?)


== Check List ==


Weight slider support: Check


Clipping-free guarantee: Semi-Check


== Installation ==
Just use any mod manager to install the armor.


Or manually, you can just drop everything into [skyrim Directory]\Data


== Obtaining the Armor ==


Option 1: Use this wonderful mod AddItemMenu: http://www.nexusmods…im/mods/64905/?


Option 2: When ingame, press “~” to bring up console, type “help Lolita” or "help "Summer." Add them into your game
using player.additem [item ID] 1


== Uninstalltation ==
Deactivate in mod manager


Or delete the following:


Data\meshes\poser\Sweet Lolita
Data\textures\poser\ Sweet Lolita
Poser Sweet Lolita.esp




Dadag Sexy Summer.esp


== To-do List ==




== Credits ==


Dadag for the CBBE conversion of "Sexy Summer."


Woodsnow for the CBBE conversion of "Sweet Lolita."
Kendo 2 for the UNP Jiggle body meshes.


Remimartin1986 for the 7BO body meshes.


== Permissions ==


If you decide to make a conversion of these outfits, please credit the original authors properly. That's all I ask.


== Tools Used ==


3DS Max 2012 Student Version.




Outfit Studio




If you have any problem with the outfits, please notify me through private message.

What's New in Version 1.0 Update 1


  • 12/30/2015 - 1:51 AM: Initial Release
  • 12/30/2015 - 12:40 PM: Updated 1 - fixed texture paths for "Sweet Lolita" shoes