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SexLab Alicia Painslut (January 2021) 2021-01-31

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About This File

A few words of background.


This mod is an extension of the unique voice acted character mod Alicia PainSlut by DDproductions83 - you can download the original version in this thread.


DDproductions83 was kind enough to let me run away with updates from his mod, so you do not need to download the original version if you want to use this sexlab version. All the files should be included.


This mod (the sexlab version) is currently in a state of advanced beta.


Current discussion thread
WIP Discussion thread: (locked)




SexLab Alicia PainSlut
Original voice acted mod by DDproductions83
Port to SexLab and customizations by SkyrimLL.


Back story - "Once in a generation, Sanguine selects a special pet and sees that she is raised for his personal enjoyment. For reasons unknown, her name is always Alicia. She is the whore often depicted under Sanguine's thumb."


Alicia, a unique S&M and fully voiced companion available for your pleasure. Find her in a cellar under Hjerim (Player house in Windhelm)


Many thanks to DDproductions83 for allowing me to build on his fantastic character and practice modding while making Alicia SexLab aware.


What changed from the original version:


- support for SexLab actions
- support for default and advanced follower behaviors.
- support for Zaz animation pack items (gags)
- multiple personalities (two for now)
- dynamic stats based on how you treat her (the more you hit her, the stronger she gets)
- dynamic perks based on how horny she gets (related to hit rate)
- quest to discover her origin and control her fate
- moved to Windhelm (Hjerim) and loosely integrated with the Butcher's quest


Previous change log:


Alicia 3.0 - Halloween release - is a complete rewrite of SexLab Alicia PainSlut.
Treat it as a new mod. Upgrades will be unpredictable.


If you already have version 2.02 installed:
- Dismiss Alicia (using a Banish Alicia spell if possible) and quit your game
- Uncheck the old mod (and remove the esp, esm and bsa files)
- Load your game without the mod and save again
- Reload with the new mod checked and go find Alicia in her basement


This should work, although I have not tested an upgrade.
Make sure to read the release notes and the forum posts!
And as always, save your gave before upgrading in case something really wrong happens.


Be careful and save before installing this version!


The optional zip file only includes vanilla body and textures to give you a sense of where files should go. No need for me to include CBBE, UNP or any other resource for your favorite body mod.




- SexLab framework 1.53 or later (http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/150-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v111b-updated-0710/).


- Zaz Animation Pack 6.0 or later ( http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/156-zaz-animation-pack/ )
For her Whip (in the basement chest), bondage equipment and torture devices.


- XP32 Maximum skeleton ( http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/26800/? )
:: This is a suggestion if you don't have an enhanced skeleton. If are using one, install the optional files and copy your skeleton/ body shape files to Alicia's folders.


Optional but strongly recommended:


- Fuz Ro D-oh ( http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/14884/? )








Unzip and copy the files under 'Alicia-Painslut-SL\Data' into your Skyrim Data folder.


Take a look at the Alicia-bsa-files.txt file in the Readme folder for a list of files you can safely delete from your folders to make your you are using the latest version (these files were added to the old bsa file along with the custom voices files)


The folders under 'optional-files' can be used to customize her body shape and skin. Drop the 'meshes' and 'texture' folders in your Data folder and customize the files accordingly.


You can drop your favorite meshes and textures under the folders:




I included the default meshes and skins from the main files (vanilla only, but she has been tested successfully with variations of CBBE and UNP).


Note that the included skeleton is from XPMS and is there just to give you an idea of where to put the file that the mod is expecting. You will have to make sure it still works with whatever skeleton you are using (or you may encounter CTDs).


See the 'grey face' note under Troubleshooting if your customized Alicia has a dark face after customization.


New since v2.0:


- Alicia will return to Oblivion on her own during mod updates.
- You can find a spell to Call her back (and one to Banish her) in the chest in her basement.
These spells reset her quest and scripts properly.


If you want to manually reset her:


- Cast a 'Banish Alicia' spell on her (stay close enough to see the 'E - Talk Alicia' option)
- Wait until you see the message 'Alicia has returned to her true master'
- Cast a 'Conjure Alicia' spell to bring her back (try aiming in different places if the spell doesn't work at first... I am not sure why but it may take a few attempts)


Because of scripts, it is recommended to do a clean save :


- dismiss Alicia if you already have her
- save
- reload the game with the mod unchecked
- save
- install the new files
- load the game with the new mod checked, save again).


If you can afford it, start a new game :)







- SexLab mods: So far, it seems to be playing nice along other SexLab mods. My character even has learned a position or two from watching her :)


- Advanced Follower mods
AFT (Amazing Followers Tweaks): : Make sure Alicia.esp is placed BEFORE AFT in your load order
UFO (ultimate followers overhaul): Make sure Alicia.esp is placed AFTER UFO in your load order.
EFF: Not tested yet but appears to be incompatible so far







- Grey face: If you custom body shape / skin causes Alicia's face to turn dark or grey, you will have to open up the CK Editor and



- No voice for default follower options: That's normal and there isn't a solution since the original VA would have to voice over all follower topics.


- If she appears stuck in bleedout mode, try walking away and leaving her behind. That seems to work well and sends her back to you (could be a function of using Amazing Followers Tweaks... this issue could use more tests). Use the 'kneel' and ;get up' commands to get her unstuck as well.


- Crashes


Occasional crashes can happen in the basement, usually when Alicia walks up to the cross. These are rare and not repeatable yet (and of course, no indication about the source of the crash in the logs).


Possible crashes in the last stage of the main quest (in Ali's realm). That part worked fine for me but crashed repeatedly for one of the testers. Any feedback on that section of the mod would be very welcome.


If you also experience crashes when Ali transforms back into Alicia, that could point to an older version of the Zaz Animation framework.


Make sure you updated to the latest version (including updating FNIS and running GenerateFNISforUsers to update animation templates). Also check that you are using an enhanced skeleton.







Mods used to customize her in the screenshots:


- Injured bodies and faces - UNP Mature : Different levels of cuts for her skin
- UNP petite : for the base body
- BodySlide for UNP: for the body morph


With that, I highly recommend using an enhanced blood effect and giving her a basic armor and just knives to get the full effect of her companionship :)


- 'Old Book' for testing
- 'NathanSteele' for some of the new books content
- Insanity's food mod resource (for the pumpkin model)
- Skin textures for Alicia by Ekirts Ykcul ( http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/835-skintextures/ )
- Default 'ceremonial armor' from TERA armors UNP conversion


Apologies to Baudelaire for merging and customizing three of his poems:
The vampire - Self tormentor - To a red hair girl


Check out DDproductions83's mods at: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/modules/members/index.php?id=1574451


Full change log




Version 3.9 (2015/06/13)


- Added: Basic support for SexLab Dialogues relationship type
- Added: Chance of teleport to SD's Dreamworld if sleeping in Alicia's basement
- Added: topics to Alicia about Dhovakin
- Added: rumors to select NPCs before Alicia quest starts
- Added: New custom shrine inside the abandoned prison (thanks azmodan22)


- Bug: Disabled book in prison until quest stage is reached.


Version 3.8 (2014/09/03)
- Updated: Furniture from ZAP 6.0 (now required)


- Fixed: Set target for quest markers (might require a new game)


- Fixed: Add spell effect when Alicia vanishes next to Echo and when portal opens in prison
- Fixed: Removed 'I noticed you remove your clothes during battle' if Alicia already promised to keep her clothes on


- Fixed: Changed Alicia Cured voice to Young Eager
- Fixed: Added missing torture furniture in abandoned prison


Version 3.7 (2014/08/09)


- This version requires Zaz Animation Pack 5.62 or above
- Removed dependency from Apachii Hair (no longer required)
:: Included hair styles from Witcher ( reused assets from Lovely Hairstyles - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/7403/ ).
- Softened faces of Alicia, Ali and Alicia cured


- Improved customizations
:: Alicia Cured is now customizable
:: Eyes and hair are also customizable for Alicia, Ali and Alicia Cured


- Fixed: missing properties in two triggers
- Fixed: Missing whip marks and sounds
- Fixed: Lowered chance Alicia will start undressing again after being told to keep her clothes on (10% chance during orgasm).


Version 3.6 (2014/07/19)


- Removed bondage items from Alicia in final scene to prevent some crashes


- Improved compatibility with new Alternate Start mod
:: Disabled ghosts until final stages of quest


- Fixed: Removed playable flag from Alicia's custom race
- Fixed: Added AI Package to force Ali to remain where she is before the player meets Alicia
- Fixed: Added support for the new 'no strip on enslavement' flag in SD for Ali
- Fixed: Alicia doesn't vanish after talking to the Echo


Version 3.5 (2014/06/04)


- New textures for both Alicia and Ali (Skintextures by Ekirts Ykcul for Alicia)
- New succubus armor for Ali (UNPBO (O)PPAI-7B-OPPAI TBBP/BBP with Black Dragon armor)


- Fixed: Cleaned up dirty changes to 'lost cell' for compatibility with recent versions of Live Another Life


- Scripts clean up for SexLab 1.53+ compatibility


Version 3.4 (2014/04/20)


- Added: Dialogue option to activate Puppet Master commands (requires patch for Puppet Master available on SexLab Hormones download page)


- Fixed: Make sure Ali is disabled until you actually meet Alicia for the first time.


- Fixed: Two books are marked as stolen.


- Moved area trigger to initialize Alicia to the front door of the house
- Refreshed all face tint files
- Recompiled all scripts to be safe


Version 3.3 (2014/03/16)


- Changed file encoding to 7z for a more compact file


- Added: Some dialog to Cured Alicia
- Udpated skin and models for Alicia and evil twin
- Renamed Eridor's notes
- Fixed collision around Lorentz shack


Version 3.2 (2014/03/09)


- Removed dependency from vestigial AliciaPainSlutCore.esm


:: You should be able to delete that esm file


- Fixed: Moved initialization trigger to the front of the house


- Fixed: trigger for Sanguine topics in priests / vigilants of stendaar
:: Should not appear until meeting with Ali


- Fixed: square character at end of poem
- Fixed: Missing hand when wearing Alicia's cuffs
- Fixed: Ali should not have a dialog if you meet her before meeting Alicia


- Added: experimental support for Puppet Master commands
:: Use the Sanguine Rose replica to enable puppet commands on Alicia and Ali (or anyone else actually)
:: See SexLab Hormones to download patch for Puppet Master 1.7


Version 3.1 (2013/11/01)


- Fixed: crash in last stage of the quest (possibly... needs more testing)
- AFT users: Alicia appears in 'all followers follow' call (make sure she is not registered as a follower until first meeting). Add trigger outside Hjerim entrance to enable her? - Fixed: AFT compatibility - Alicia not a follower by default (possibly... needs more testing)
- Fixed: better detection and bounty when Alicia's plaything escapes the basement (possibly... needs more testing)
- Fixed: Alicia/Ali still transform on orgasm after their soul has been locked.
- Fixed: square characters in text of poem
- Fixed: Multiple copies of back-story books.
- Added books content


Version 3.0 (2013/10/31)


- Full rewrite of the mod
- Better follower behavior
- Many bug fixes
- New quest / back-story about Alicia
- Completing the quest will give you control over her behavior and transformation into her Succubus shape


Here are some highlights from previous ideas/ known issues. Look in the Spoiler section for a full list of updates.


- When Alicia is in the basement but she isn't following you yet, the option "let me see your inventory" doesn't do anything. If you make her a follower the option works again (I need to find a condition to check in order to hide the topic) - fixed in v3.0


- The new cross from Zaz animation pack is not active (working on that.. maybe replaced later by pillory) - fixed in v3.0


- Make Vigilants of Stendaar hostile to Alicia? surely they would sense her daedric nature. - added in v3.0
:: Works only when Alicia/Ali are not followers (dismissed and on their way home)
- Add quest to 'cure' Alicia or at least control her better (option to chose between alicia, evil twin, both decided by PC or both decided by Alicia) - fixed in v3.0
- Optional module to turn her into a succubus (like a werewolf transformation) - fixed in v3.0
- Add a way to act on her suggestions (let's murder something! / let's bring back someone and cut them) - fixed in v3.0
- Topic to have her use wall shackles on demand - fixed in v3.0




- She has a new internal quest structure (control quest + dialogue quest + back story quest)
- Renamed mod files and reorganized order of masters
- Her follower behavior has been tested successfully without any advanced follower mod (still have to test with EFF, UFO and AFT)
- Her welcome scene has been rebuilt (I lost it in the redesign but I managed to recreate it)
- Her back story quest is in various stages of progress (about a third done)
- Changed criteria for basement victim to appear (chance on sleep in basement or in Hjerim while Alicia is there - and not banished) - not tested yet
- Added AI packages to Ali and Alicia
- Renamd basement door / basement
- Fixed shadow bias on flickering lights in basement
- Added ambient light beam under Windhelm exit
- Fixed cross idle patrol / replaced torture devices by furniture from Zaz animation pack


- No follower option if dismissed after rewrite!
- Toggle 'come with me' / 'wait here'
:: Add 'stay here' if Alicia is already in basement
- Added Missing 'wait here' option
- Fixed missing gag keyword on Misc topics for Alicia
- Fixed soundscape in basement (quieter)
- Remove clothes / not working if not asked to follow first
:: Same with Put on some clothes
- 'Open inventory' triggers equip only if Alicia is teammate
:: Rename option to 'gift' if Alicia is not teammate
- 'Let's go' option should trigger only if Follow me is not there


- Ali doesn't follow automatically - fixed
- Reset idle if combat starts in basement
:: Alicia stuck in kneeling / combat
- 'Put on some clothes' option is missing
- Ali script / Debug statements talk about Alicia
- Dialogue options missing for Ali
- Remove Daedric armor from Ali inventory
- Alicia/Ali should be enemy of Vigilants of Stendaar
:: Effect is working, but only when they are not following
- Add 'get up' option if kneeling down
- Add dialogue options to Alicia
:: Where are you from?
- Add dialogue about Sanguine after stage 20 of story
:: Generic dialogue to selected factions and a few unique NPCs
- map marker added to key location in quest
- auto equip of torture set not working - fixed again


- Add missing torture devices in final locations of the quest
- Created instructions about final control device
- Fixed Alicia's past victims not attacking
- Find permanent visual for portal
- NPC Ghosts victims are invulnerable
- Trigger automatic banish Alicia/Ali spell around birth place
- Alicia doesn't follow automatically on Summon
- Add 'cured alicia' NPC
- Add trigger to enable final scene
- Added some books content


- Missing textures of gloves, clothes, shoes / check ground object assignment
- Double check sanguine rose replica (ground model / textures)
- Remove fast travel to birth place by default
- Improved back story dialogue options
- Initial welcome speech is silent (missing voice files)
- Fixed shadows striping in basement
- Custom textures to Sanguine Rose replica
- Sanguine rose control rod not working on Ali


- Completed backstory quest and final scene / configuration options
- Added script to chest for control of Alicia
- Update call/banish scripts for 4 outcomes:
:: Alicia + Ali - no change
:: Alicia only - prevent Ali from appearing
:: Ali only - prevent Alicia from appearing
:: Alicia cured - disable spells, updated extra NPCs accordingly


- Add pumpkin to basement
- Tested with AFT
- Fix Ali doesn't follow if selected only (already a follower)
- Fix Call/Banish according to soul shards
:: Ali only / Alicia only / Both / neither



-Version 2.02 (2013/08/28)


- Alicia's evil twin has a name: Ali
- New model for Ali's outfit (based on Corrupter armor)
- The fake Sanguine Rose (Alicia's control rod) now has a 50% chance of triggering a transformation between Alicia and her twin
- Alicia comes back from her transformation... naked. Which means it is not a transformation at all and will require some investigation (this is the start of a new back-story quest in development). The story will help you decide how you want Alicia to behave (Alicia only, Ali only, Alicia decides when to switch or YOU decide when she switches).
- Alicia has a chance to return bound and gagged in addition of covered in blood (her items are transferred to the basement chest if you need them back).
- Reorganized path to meshes and textures. If you have already customized Alicia, look at the file structure in the BSA or the optional download to find out where to copy your customizations.


Version 2.01 (2013/08/28)


- Separated file in two downloads (main files and optional files)
- Update internal version number to 2.0 instead of 0.051
- The Conjure Alicia spell does not work all the time. Try casting on an even surface, that seems to help. I am working on making is a spell that doesn't need a target.
- Rebuilt Conjure/Banish spells to handle both of her shapes
- Disabled parts of the new upgrade script for now (causing Alicia to be 'lost')
- Included default skin from 'Injured bodies and faces'
- Added 'Remove clothes', 'Put clothes' and 'Kneel down' to Alicia's evil twin (if she doesn't remove her clothes, click on her from the console and type 'resurrect', or banish her with the new spell and wait until she comes back),
- Tweaked triggers for her transformation back and forth
- Added undress and blood effect when Alicia changes shape (for reasons that will be clear with her upcoming quest)
- Added safeguards to prevent sexlab animations to start while an animation is already playing


Version 2.0 (2013/08/26)


- Changed version numbering. This version includes most of the features I had in mind, and the original version should really be v1.0 - therefore, this is v2.0 :)
- Added a surprise transformation as one of the combat orgasm perks. The transformation is reversible also as an orgasm perk. Each 'version' of Alicia comes with its own personality and its own trigger to switch again.
- Added foundations for finding a victim for Alicia to play with. Added a cage to the basement and a special victim NPC (should spawn every 30 game days for now, when you enter the basement). You will need to unlock the secret room of the Butcher in Hjerim in order to get the key to the cage.
- Better integration in the Butcher's quest (blood path leading up to her basement at the right point of the quest)
- Companions should now be excluded from the 'kneel down' poses in the basement
- Added spells to Banish Alicia back to Sanguine and Call her back to you. These scripts will be useful if she isn't triggered properly for some reason or if she gets stuck somewhere. Both spells need to be used at close range (you need to be able to talk to Alicia to banish her). Banishing her doesn't affect her HitCount (but Calling her back after many days will affect her skills).
- Added a basic upgrade script. The mod will use the banish script to 'stop' Alicia and restart her quest. You will have to use the Call spell to call her back to you once the mod is upgraded (sorry - that means you will have to walk back to Windhelm to get the spells if you are already travelling with her).
- Added a tavern wench outfit in the basement chest for anyone using the Radiant Prostitution mod :) (tested).
- Added a upper and lower cap for her Lust level
- Added a 'Kneel and show me your cuts' topic. Alicia will give you her status when you ask her (Cuts count and Lust level). She will remain in kneeling position until she orgasms or bleeds out. Ask her again and she will stand back up after a few seconds.
- Tweaked the quest trigger and welcome animation sequences
- Tweaked dialogues (changed conditions for certain lines to appear and added previously unused topics)
- Fixed a bug in how number of days between beatings were calculated
- Included vanilla body shape and skin as optional files
- Manually restored original face morphs
- Add dialog topic for 'Get dressed' (with complaints from Alicia)


Version 0.4.4 (2013/08/11)


- Basement updates: new room, whipping station (look for the switch on the wall)
- Balance update: Base health is linked to Player base health
- Reduced chance of masturbation when she orgasms
- Improved her AI packages in the Basement (she will sit, sleep and volunteer to be whipped on her own)
- Added a new dialog option to make her kneel (not working at the moment)
- Fixed: remove cloth option should work if you dismiss her and she is gagged. The area next to the bed should undress her automatically as well.


Version 0.4.3 (2013/07/22)


- Added download for German version (install on top of v0.4.3 files). Thanks @CGi
- The trigger for her Welcome in the basement didn't start in some situations. It should be working now.
- There were a few errors in the log when you first meet her. These are fixed now.
- I reduced the chance of SexLab events (they were too frequent in my opinion)
- Reduced amount of blood decals from her whip
- Fixed occasional issues when Alicia is stuck bleeding out


Version 0.4.2 (2013/07/22)


Fixed calculation of dynamic stats
Added ceremonial outfit to basement chest (look in optional files for customization folders)
Adjusted idle paths, lighting and blood effects in basement


Version 0.4.1 (2013/07/19)


Disabled debug spam for hit count and lust levels
Improved positioning of idle spots in basement to prevent Alicia from getting stuck
Reduced progression of dynamic stats


Version 0.4 (2013/07/18)


bsa packaging
scripts cleanup
Zaz animations and items
basement improvements
dynamic stats based on how regularly you show her your 'affection'


Full list:




Improved basement lighting and clutter
Fixed dependency to Zaz Animation Pack only (Xaz Bondag Framework is no longer required)
Custom topics and idle chat reduced (turned off when wearing a gag)
Added tracking of number of hits by Player and date of last time she was hit. Her health, stamina and combat stats depend on that count (the more you hit her, the stronger she gets). She will revert to her weaker self if you stop hitting her (combat hit do not count unless they come from the player)
Custom collar, irons, gag from basement chest now working
Cut counts don't reset after dismiss (updated next time player hits her)
Add target condition to sanguine rod (Alicia target only)
Add tests for combat before casting area spells on lust release
Sanguine rose replica is attempt at controlling her. Force lust to high level and trigger release. Then lust down to negative level
Added butchers journal to tell backstory
- add note in inn from suzanna about naked woman at night + trigger and quest marker to basement
- move notes to the real butcher's home
Give her very weak stats if rested and healthy
Instead of just sex anim, orgasms trigger different effects
- small chance if sex
- RaceOrcBerserk: berserker spell, supercharged
- Calm: no health, bleed out and calm effect
- lust release with only message, no effect
- Hysteria: fear effect on aggressors
- Mayhem: aggressors attack each others to have a go at her
- Rally, CallToArms: courage on allies
- Pack files in BSA



Version 0.34 (2013/07/13)


Added missing whip, gag, collar and irons
Implemented 'lust' level from both friendly fire and combat (may need to be balanced)
Fixed errors with calculation of sex triggers based on health levels


Version 0.32-0.33 (2013/07/11)


- Fixed CTD when entering basement
- Fixed issue with custom race reverting back to default nord model
- Cleaned up, renamed and recompiled scripts
- Removed unused references


Version 0.31 (2013/07/11)


Other changes:
- Fixed her clothing and follower behavior problems (hopefully)
- Added a bed to the basement if you want to stay for a while
- Added permanent oil spils under wall shackles and a couple of traps, so watch out where you walk
- Idle paths improvements in the basement. Alicia now has her own routine when she is waiting for you.
- Fixed missing custom body and skin in Alicia's race
- Added dependency on Zaz Bondage Framework. You can find a whip in the basement chest. Just don't drop the whip - there is no world model for it. The whip only add 1 health damage.


Version 0.3 (2013/07/09)


[Only for version 0.3 - this is fixed in 0.31]
To make her follow you, you will have to:
- First select the default follower option to activate her (Come.. I need help). This one seems to be only for AFT. Default followers only have 'Follow'.
- Next select the 'Follow' order to get her to actually follow
The custom voiced 'Come with me' option is still there - I am still hoping to get it to work as well eventually.
This was sucessfully tested with AFT (Amazing Followers Tweaks). Testing under way with UFO and EFF.


Other changes:
- New location for the basement (Windhelm, Hjerim house), with both inside and outside trap doors for easy access. Look for two bloody notes for the back story (look for bloody notes while investigating the Butcher's murders)
- Original face model restored
- Race definition moved to thee esm file for better mod development and flexibility
- Balanced her skills (stamina, disposition, speed)
- A few bug fixes (Breezehome is locked again, Lydia should be back to normal)


- Remove playable race flag in Alicia's custom race
- Fix missing clothing / armor issue
- Fix idle/bored dialogue (detect if currently waiting for player or following)


Version 0.24 (2013/07/07)


- Merged the original .esm and .bsa files for easier install
- Added missing files for face data
- Tweaked sex animation triggers (the lower her health drops, the more chances for a SexLab animation to start after combat)
- Changed the trigger for the main quest to the first time you enter the basement
- Added clutter, hankle deep water, better lighting and other details to the basement (the Chest in the corner is an indirect way to get some gear from other mods. Consider it another gift from S.)
- A quest objective will now show when you first enter the basement
- Alicia now has her own custom Race. Look at the optional files for the right paths and folders to customize your Alicia.


Version 0.1 (2013/06/17)
- Discontinued: The 'welcome' scene should be triggered in Breezehome only after you complete Sanguine's quest (Sam's drinking game).
- She also has a 'business' relationship with Sanguine (master/assistant). That doesn't have any impact in the game so far. It is just an experiment on my part.


- Now for the SexLab part:
- Some of her comments after combat will cause her to crawl all over you
- Some comments will have you 'finish' her
- In some conditions, she will stop combat and finish herself off


In addition to the entertainment value, this adds a liability aspect to combat.
Depending on the fighting conditions, you will find yourself exposed while answering her needs or you will have to fight by yourself while she is selfishly finishing herself off (as if you needed another reason to punish her).




What's New in Version 2021-01-31


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