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Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions.


If you like this, please support me on either Patreon or PayPal, any donations are completely voluntarily and will, in no way, be forced on any member of the community. Further details in the spoiler section.




There are two ways you can support:
-The first is by becoming a patron on my Patreon profile. Do note that this might actually get you some benefits, this is just marketing. :P
-A second and probably extremely unlikely way is to personally hand me cold hard cash (only Euro's will be accepted, and I will not travel more than 1km to get my money.)



The sequel for Fallout 4 is up: Boston Breeder


Please carefully read the final spoilers describing the path to the Primary Beacon and especially the credits! If you don't read this, it will be a long sit without any music.


-This mod is about bestiality, but I'm guessing that much was obvious already. Still, don't be nitpicky.
-If you want to use this mod for your own mods, please PM me. I usually give permission, but I like to know where this mod is being used (support wise/helping out making it and all that useful stuff.)
-If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to share them over here and I might implement them. (Seriously, I take feedback seriously)


On a quick sidenote: the main module is now complete. If anyone feels like contributing to one of the other modules, feel free to PM me and we could definitely work something out.


Fertibe Breeder is built with the most recent beta versions of most LL mods. When experiencing issues, such as being stuck on main menu, upgrade these first. Also (this should go without saying) make sure you get all the required files for these requirements.
-Fallout New Vegas
-Sexout Common Recources
-Sexout Pregnancy V3
-Sexout OffSpring
-Maternity clothes (likely included in Sexout Pregnancy V3)
-Maternity Pack Overkill


New Vegas Anti-Crash (NVAC) - Research Vessel Rho is prone to crash, this solves the issue.


-Using Alternate Start and beginning in a Breeder area causes the animals to disappear. Use console commands to summon them.
-The CAM mod (Chems Alcohol and Meds) messes up dialogue, specifically the GREETING topic, version 6.4 seems to give no trouble, though.


No known bugs within this mod at the moment.
How to report a bug:
1. Discover bug
2. Describe bug
3. Wait until either I or someone else helps you





I was a fan of Sexout Breeder, it being one of few mods focused on bestiality and pregnancy. However, most of the quests in Breeder stump off after completion, which I found sort of sad. So I thought, what if there's a more persistent quest which requires you to breed with animals? There was none, so I tried to put one together myself. Thus, Fertile Breeder was born.


What this mod aims to achieve is to present the Courier (that's your character, by the way) with an option to make some easy money. How? Well, as it turns out, you are among few women who's affected by a mutation allowing you to breed with animals, carry their offspring and give birth. Being a real entrepeneur, you know this can make you money.


There are 9 quests in total, all of which center around dialogue and breeding. What every quest comes down to: you talk to a guy, he offers you money to breed with a specific animal and hand him the offspring.




Other modules


Fertile Breeder - Farmer: revive the Matthews Animal Husbandry together with Paula as you bring new women to the farm. Convince them all to join the farm as breeders and enjoy your new position as fellow ranch owner once the farm is all up and running again.


Fertile Breeder - Captured: discover the darker side of the Mojave as you meet people who do not want you to freely walk around, but solely want you to breed for their interests. Not for the faint of hard (just kidding, it's not that bad.)


Fertile Breeder - TTW Addons: Blast your way through Mothership Zeta alongside Jade Greene, the Perfect Specimen. Once the test subjects are liberated, meet with the lucky lady in Rivet City and set out on a shared adventure throughout both the Capital Wasteland and the Mojave.



Voice Files


The voice files are entirely optional, but serve to enhance your gameplay experience. Right now, only a handful of characters are actually voiced. If you want to help out in this regard, PM me and I might just set you up. ;)












gamedude711 (scripting)
panthercom (multiple locations/cells)
Henry_7 (background stories for Jade)





CptSparklefists (Jade)
LadyM (Captain Bourne, Nadia)




These are consensual encounters in which the Courier is offered caps in exchange for breeding services. There isn't much of a story leading up to this and these episodes are come-and-go.


Talk to Martin in Goodsprings, next to the General Store. He will offer you 500 caps to breed with his bighorner, Buck. Talk to him and his two daughters to understand how their family works and how the breeding has affected their family.





Talk to Ssgt. Mason behind the HQ building at the Mojave Outpost. He will offer you caps if you can manage to breed with Duke, a somewhat docile deathclaw. For the wonderful price of 300 caps per egg, you may risk your life trying to seduce the deathclaw. Speak with the other two girls to figure out how to best approach the deathclaw, because slipping up can kill you. (Seriously, there's at least a 1/3 chance you'll die trying to breed through normal dialogue with Duke.)





Speak to Prime Victus in Cottonwood Cove, a relative of Caesar himself, who is on a quest to find the most fertile women of the Mojave to breed new soldiers for the Legion. He will offer you 1000 caps for every infant boy you bring him and 700 for a girl. Also, you may take pity upon one of the slaves and see if you can help her back to freedom.





Talk to Peter in Novac, a sentry who wants to see whether he can help Novac defend against the ghouls coming in from the REPCONN test site in a rather unorthodox way. He will offer you 150 caps for every gecko egg you bring him. Talk to his family to find out more about cross-species breeding and maybe you're tough enough to defend Novac against a couple of ghouls while covering Peter's shift.





Talk to Owyn at the 188 Trading Post. He will offer you caps if you can breed with Dogmeat, his loyal dog. For every pup you give him, he will offer 150 caps. Also talk to his sister to learn more about her relation with Dogmeat. Also, you can barter and play caravan with Owyn. Lucia even offers you a key to a box containing every caravan card in the game (yeah, this is a cheat).





With the deathclaws overrunning Quarry Junction and the NCR being a no-show, Sloan must find a new way to protect themselves. One day, a cazador impregnated a local girl, and soon there was high demand for the killer wasps. Talk to Nate in Sloan to start the job, but be careful, cazadors may sting. But the compensation of 250 caps per larva make it worth the risk. Also, if killing stuff is more your flow, Nate offers you bounties (2, to be precise), with the rewards being a unique Anti-Material Rifle and an armor FO3 players will be familiar with... P.S., make sure to talk to Iris every day about her views on hosting cazadores to watch her belly expand. (Up to P4)





Talk to Lucas in Freeside, next to the Kings' School of Impersonation. He will offer you some of his fine cuisine and then offers you a chance to make some money by helping him. Be careful, though, as women who aren't fertile enough are reliant on chems to be able to breed with bloatflies. Once you've helped him, you may help Lucas and his partners-in-crime escape the lowly Freeside life and set them up with a new job on the Strip.





Find Dr. Suzan Wolfe, an expert at the mutation causing cross-species breeding to become widespread practice throughout the Mojave. Allow her to study you during your pregnancies so she may finally unravel the mystery behind the mutation. For every check-up, you are compensated 300 caps.





Guess who's back? Elliott Tercorien from Mothership Zeta! Track him down and employ his help in discovering the true origins behind the mutation. (During conversation with Dr. Wolfe earlier on, you can decide whether the Courier and the Lone Wanderer from Fallout 3 are one and the same person and thus knowing Elliott, or chooce to have the LW and the Courier be different persons and thus not knowing Eliott.) He sends you on your way to uncover dataslates from Alien devices spread across the Mojave. He insists on paying you 500 caps for every dataslate you recover. However, things take a strange turn when you are approached by an alien who wants the information as well, and wishes to take the situation beyond anything you've ever been through. You have the power to spread the mutation across the Mojave, infecting every woman and turning them all into potential breeders! (All named female human NPC's will have preg outfits if you do so.)






The credits took a lot of time to put together, and they also tell you what actually happened after you decided what to do with the Primary Beacon. Note that the songs in the credits are included as blank recordings, you'll have to fill in the songs yourself. Reason I did this is because I'm not going to illegally spread music myself on LL. How to add songs: get a youtube to mp3 converter, download the desired songs as mp3 files, then use an audio editing program (I recommend GoldWave, it's free and does the trick) and convert the mp3's to MONO WAV files (it is very important you convert them to MONO, otherwise you'll hear the songs twice.) Then copy-paste those songs into the Data\Sound\Songs\Fertile Breeder path and make sure they match the names of the sound files already there, because those are going to be played. Here are the songs that I recommend and the ones which have been used while making the credits:
-Fertile Breeder Credits 0 : AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long
-Fertile Breeder Credits 1 : Poets of the Fall - Love Will Come to You
-Fertile Breeder Credits 2 : Racoon - Lose Another Day
-Fertile Breeder Credits 3 : Destine - Where Are you now?
-Fertile Breeder Credits 4 : Volbeat - Back to Prom
-Fertile Breeder Credits 5 : Rock - I Am Rock


If you really don't like credits or have something better to do, there's an option to be a complete douche and skip the credits. :P

How to start and complete the final episode


-Make sure you've completed at least 5 Fertile Breeder scenarios before talking to Dr. Wolfe at the Old Mormon Fort.
-Once you have completed 5 scenarios, talk to Wolfe about finishing the Maternity Observation Device (MOD).
-Help Dr. Wolfe complete the MOD.
-Have Dr. Wolfe perform 5 check-ups on you. Make sure you inform her you're no longer pregnant once a checked pregnancy is completed, otherwise she won't trust you the next time you come to her.
-Once you have had 5 check-ups, she'll ask you to find a downed sattelite. Complete this quest in the following way:


-Reach the downed sattelite at the Yangtze Memorial.
-Activate the sattelite and obtain the dataslate.
-Return to Dr. Wolfe and hand her the dataslate.
-Head to Elliott in the Bighorn Saloon at Boulder City to have him translate the dataslate.
-Return the dataslate to Dr. Wolfe.

-Once this quest is completed, return to Elliott and ask him about what's eating him.
-Head to the Alpha Dispenser at El Dorado Dry Lake.
-Listen to Ritual Clarity (NPC) and ask Docta Sax (NPC) to let you out of the ship.
-Complete the quest DoctaSax has given you.
-Ask Ritual Clarity (NPC) why there are so little Breeders.
-This should start the final quest where you find the Primary Beacon, allowing you to turn all the women in the Mojave Wasteland into potential Breeders, OR obtain a completely overpowered weapon.



These are non-consensual encointers in which the courier is held captive and forced to breed for her captors. These episodes are started by completing the associated consensual episode (this not only makes sense but also makes it more reasonable that the player would know a couple things about breeding already.)


Aside from the bighorner scenario, the non-consensual episodes will be moved into a seperate module. For any suggestions on this module or others, resort to this thread.




Talk to Martin in Goodsprings after delivering at least one calf to him, he will ask you to deliver a package to his brother at the Wolfhorn Ranch. Upon reaching the ranch, however, you discover just why Martin never visits his brother anymore...
Keep in mind to talk to Paula regularly, she guides you through the quest and helps you get out.



Load Screens
As of April 16th, 2016, the Load Screens are included on this page. Simply download them and install it manually or with a mod manager. What it does:


-Replaces the main menu with the picture "Happy Family". (If you don't want this, delete the file "Data\Textures\Interface\Main -> main_background.dds" to use the vanilla picture, or tell it not to overwrite when prompted so.)
-Adds 24 new pictures and 64 load screen texts relevant to Fertile Breeder.
-Activating the "FBLoadScreensInsert" plugin makes these load screens appear as randomly as the vanilla ones.
-Activating the "FBLoadScreensOverwrite" plugin makes most of your load screens be from this mod by overwriting most of the vanilla ones. (Somehow GECK wouldn't let me overwrite them all, so there might be a couple vanilla ones left.)
-You only need to activate 1 plugin. There's no danger in activating both, but it's redundant and the overwrite version always takes priority.



Ref ID's (in case actors suddenly go missing)


How to use:


-Open the console (tilde "~" button)
-Type in the following commands:
-"prid <RefID>" (now the name should appear at the top of your screen)
-"moveto player"
-"enable" (only if the actor doesn't appear right next to you already)



Martin - XX0016DC
Laura - XX0016DB
Marion - XX0016DA
Buck - XX0016DE
Texas Red - XX009B05




Mason - XX002FE4
Eva - XX00364A
Lola - XX003649
Duke - XX002FE2




Victus - XX004F00
Ria - XX004EFF
Carla - XX004EFE




Peter - XX007FD9
Michelle - XX0085DD
Julia - XX007FE0
Chuck - XX0085DC




Owyn - XX0070F4
Lucia - XX0070F8
Dogmeat - XX0070FB




Nate - XX0088D0
Iris - XX0088CE
Betty - XX0088CF
Hunter - XX0088AA




Lucas - XX00AD04
Kelly - XX00AD02
Trinny - XX00AD03
Lucas Jr. - XX00AD01
Philippe - XX00B5CC
Louise - XX00B5CE
Lucas Rocher - XX00B643
Kelly Francello - XX00B644
Tina White - XX00B645
Lucas Rocher II - XX00B640




Suzan Wolfe - XX00488C
Jonah - XX00488E
Eliza - XX00488D




Elliott - XX0035FA
Ritual Clarity - XX00DAE3
Docta Sax - XX00DAE4


Plans yet to be planned (maybe I will/maybe I won't)
(Something which is stricken through means I'm already working on it or have already done it.)
-Setting up a similar but simpler version for the Capital Wasteland for TTW players
-Rigging Mothership Zeta to be more in line with this story (also for TTW players)
-Learning how to do scripting/asking someone with experience for help to make the NPC's act more NPC-like
-Creating a "sequel" focusing more on running your own farm/expanding your own pack.
-Giving you the option to let a female companion (Cass or Veronica) join in with the breeding fun.
-Creating a follower who ties in to the events of all the Fertile Breeder events.


For other modders:
The code added below contains a script I'm currently using to allow progressive pregnancies on NPC's without requiring them to be impregnated through Sexout Pregnancy, for aestetics. Feel free to use it. EDITED: 09-09-'15 15:16


scn PepertjePregCycleResourceScript;Switch out "<NPC>" with the name of the appropriate NPC you want to go through a cycle. (Same goes for anything between "<>", switch out with relative ID's.)short <Spec>DayCount	short <Spec>CounterStartedshort <NPC>Pregday ;this is the counter that keeps up how far the NPC is in the pregnancy cycle.	short <NPC>Init ;this is an optional switch to make sure the pregnancy only starts when you want it. Useful if it's supposed to happen after a certain quest or once on demand.		short <NPC>Daily ;this makes sure the outfits are only switched daily so the engine doesn't go haywire and continuously add the outfit, to prevent serious lag.;Pregnancy Regulation;<NPC>Begin Gamemode	if GetStage <QUEST>>0 && <Spec>CounterStarted==0 ;this makes sure the counter only starts when the appropriate quest is at the stage you want it to be, can be edited out if you know what you're doing.		set <Spec>DayCount to Gamedayspassed ;this makes sure the counter starts at the current day. <Spec> stands for specific, if you want to use multiple scripts and be able to tell them apart.		set <Spec>CounterStarted to 1 ;this makes sure the counter is set to the gamedayspassed only once.	endif	if <Spec>DayCount<GameDaysPassed ;this checks to see whether a day has passed since the previous update.		set <Spec>DayCount to <Spec>DayCount+1		set <NPC>PregDay to <NPC>PregDay+1 			set <NPC>Daily to 0 ;this here allows the outfit update to take place.	endif;<NPC>if <NPC>Init==1 && <NPC>Daily==0	if <NPC>PregDay==1 ;checks for the first day of pregnancy, always keep at 1, this is the start of the cycle.		RefID.RemoveAllTypedItems ContainerRefID 0 0 24 ;"<>" symbols around "RefID" and "ContainerRefID" not put in to make it easier to copy/paste in GECK.                RefID.RemoveAllTypedItems ContainerRefID 0 0 26 ;Same as the above, but removes clothes instead of armor like the above line.		RefID.Additem SexoutPregOutfitP0B3 1 ;Again, the "<>" symbols edited out around the outfit's ID to make it easier to copy/paste. Replace with desired outfits. This adds the outfit.		RefID.Removeitem SexoutPregOutfitP6B3 1 ;this line removes the outfit you added in the final pregday.	endif	if <NPC>PregDay==2 ;this is the first day on which the belly begins to grow, can be changed to anything you want. This example causes a daily belly growth.		RefID.Additem SexoutPregOutfitP1B3 1		RefID.Removeitem SexoutPregOutfitP0B3 1	endif	if <NPC>PregDay==3		RefID.Additem SexoutPregOutfitP2B3 1		RefID.Removeitem SexoutPregOutfitP1B3 1	endif	if <NPC>PregDay==4		RefID.Additem SexoutPregOutfitP3B3 1		RefID.Removeitem SexoutPregOutfitP2B3 1	endif	if <NPC>PregDay==5		RefID.Additem SexoutPregOutfitP4B3 1		RefID.Removeitem SexoutPregOutfitP3B3 1	endif	if <NPC>PregDay==6		RefID.Additem SexoutPregOutfitP5B3 1		RefID.Removeitem SexoutPregOutfitP4B3 1	endif	if <NPC>PregDay==7		RefID.Additem SexoutPregOutfitP6B3 1		RefID.Removeitem SexoutPregOutfitP5B3 1	endif	if <NPC>PregDay==8 ;final day of the pregnancy, this is used to reset the PregDay to 1.		set <NPC>PregDay to 1 ;PregDay returns to 1 to start the cycle from the beginning, including the appropriate outfit. Instant effect.	endif		set <NPC>Daily to 1 ;This causes the outfits to be added only once a day to the NPC, otherwise you will experience severe lags because the outfit is being removed, added and equipped every frame you spend in GameModeendifend




My load order (may be of some help to anyone running into any issues.)





Sins of Greed.esp=1
T6M Equipment Replacer NV.esm=1
Primary Needs HUD.esm=0
zFertile Breeder - backup.esp=0
Night Vision Goggles.esm=1
Project Nevada - Core.esm=1
Project Nevada - Extra Options.esm=1
JIP Selective-Fire.esm=1
Project Nevada - Cyberware.esp=1
Project Nevada - Equipment.esm=1
Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp=1
Fertile Breeder.esp=1
Project Nevada - TTW.esp=1
Ant Powder.esp=0
Stronger Merc Outfits.esp=1
SPv3 SMO patch.esp=0
SCS - CombatArmour.esp=0
TTW FO3&NV&DLC Killable Children.esp=1
Project Nevada - Cyberware Additions.esp=1
The Weapon Mod Menu.esp=1
Project Nevada - Rebalance Complete.esp=1
Sexy Veronica.esp=1
Type 6.esp=1
Project Nevada - All DLC.esp=1
Holster Gear.esp=1
Battle Music Replacer.esp=0
More valuable offspring.esp=0
Realistic Equip Sounds.esp=1
JillBSAA Multicolor.esp=0
Bouncing Natural Breasts.esp=1
Wild Wasteland Perks - Vanilla.esp=0
Wasteland Stress.esp=1
Playable Cass Outfit.esp=1
Tranquility Colored.esp=1
SPv3 PCO.esp=0
Mercenary Outfit V2.esp=1
GBMM - Gun Behavior Mod Merge.esp=1
Megaton FM.esp=1
Nights are Darker - TTW.esp=1
Stronger Shellshocked Armor.esp=0
Goodsprings FM.esp=1
SKINNY SpaceSuit.esp=1
Sexout Combat Armor FPS Fix.esp=1
Chinese Assault Rifle Texture Fix.esp=1
Project Nevada Items.esp=1
Readius TTW Fix.esp=0
FO3 Chargen Quest Overhaul.esp=1
Kink FM.esp=0
Rockheart Caravan.esp=1
Nights are Darker - Ultimate Edition.esp=1
Named Arms Merchant.esp=1
Jade Preset.esp=0
Type3 Leather Armors.esp=1
Starke's Seperate Chinese Stealth Armor Helmet NV (OA Version).esp=1
Mojave Pimp.esp=1
Dmitri Follower.esp=1
SOP - Bigger Bellies.esp=0
Wild Wasteland Perks - GOTY.esp=1
Project Nevada - Dead Money.esp=0
Project Nevada - Gun Runners' Arsenal.esp=0
Project Nevada - Honest Hearts.esp=0
Project Nevada - Lonesome Road.esp=0
Project Nevada - Old World Blues.esp=0
The Mod Configuration Menu.esp=1
Broadwalk Empire.esp=1
Working Man.esp=1


What's New in Version 1.4.5


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