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(Back to the important stuff)



This is not my mod! I didn't make it, I just converted it an posted it for folks who don't want to do that themselves... 


THE ORIGINAL MOD with everything* you need to know

*(Almost he ran out of space on the original post to add more info so now the blog is a better resource for feature information)


MM1 Blog about Sexlab Survival Features - Better detail of what the mod does 



Sexlab SE

Simply Knock SE. 

Latest PapyrusUtil for SE

An xEdit patch is practically required at this point***.



Recommended add-ons for the Special Edition Survivalists


SL_triggers     -     by Fotogen (you'll see why in a second)

Various SL Triggers Add-ons     -     by Heinz01 (This adds triggers for losing SLS licenses) he has most of them like the Armor, Bikini, Weapon, and Magic licenses 


Patch for Sexlab Survival and Sexlab Adventures to integrate SLS's licenses with SLAdv's crime system.

Details about this patch can be found here

SLS license to SLA crime patch.7z


a few extra sl trigger json files to add the other licenses that I made using Heinz01's original base. (This adds the Curfew, Whore, and Freedom licenses)

***NEW Added Map and Compass json***


Additional SLS triggers.7z


YPS Immersive Fashion Tweak Needed for the YPS Features to work

yps-ImmersiveFashion Tweak v1.3 (23-Oct-2020).7z


Added @prometheusx's Tongues height fix. If you are having an issue with the tongue being too low, this will raise it up and fix that! ?



***Making a merge patch (copied (and modified a bit) from the original Sexlab Survival page)


Tes5Edit Merged Patch aka xEdit



This is a guide to creating a TesEdit merged patch using Tes5Edit. A Tes5Edit merged patch is not the same as a Bash patch. Both work with leveled lists but a Tes5Edit merged patch does more and IMO is more important than a bash patch. Whereas a bashed patch is better than TesEdit for leveled lists. You can use both a bash patch and a TesEdit patch if you wish. Personally, I've only ever really run a Tes5Edit patch and never had any problems. (Unlike MM1 I run both and like doing it that way, run the bash first and do the merge patch with the bash patch active) 


So what is a Tes5Edit merged patch and why should I use one? It's important to understand that Skyrim is made up of lots of records. Each armor has a record for example. Now let's say that Mod A and Mod B both add a different keyword to the same armor record. What happens? Whichever mod is loaded last will have its keyword added to the armor in-game and whichever mod loaded first will have its armor record overridden by the other mod and thus its keyword will not be present on the armor, potentially breaking that mod. This concept is what is known as the 'winning override'. This 'contention' for records is why load order is so important. A TesEdit merged patch will attempt to reduce (but won't eliminate) mod conflicts such as this. In our example, with a TesEdit patch, both keywords will be added to the armor record thus allowing both mods to work ok. 


Another important thing to understand is that only certain changes can be merged by a TesEdit merged patch. If for example Mod A and Mod B were both to change the weight of an armor then this is not something the merged patch can fix as an armor can only have one weight whereas it can have multiple keywords. So in this case your load order will still decide the weight of the armor. 


In the case of Survival, it's problem is contention for merchant containers and treasure chests to add the 'map & compass' item and bikini armors. It also potentially has a contention with race records to add the 'Inequality' buffs and debuffs. Both of these problems can be fixed with a merged patch. Have a look at the screenshot below.



This is the container record for the merchant chest used by Lod in Falkreath. You can see there are a few mods vying for control of the record. If the TesEdit patch was not present here you can see that Requiem.esp would be the winning override and Survival's bikini armor list would not make it into the game. In that case, Lod would never have any bikinis to sell. With the TesEdit patch, you can see that it has added both entries from Survival and other mods and has reduced the contention somewhat. 



1. Load your entire load order in TesEdit and wait for it to finish loading. 

2. Right-click on any mod. Other -> Create a merged patch. Select yes. Name it 'Tes5EditMerged'. Don't add '.esp'. (I think Loot will recognize the name Tes5EditMerged.esp and sort it automatically). Hit ok. Wait for it to finish processing. Should only take 10 seconds give or take. 

3. This step is only if you use a bash patch as well! -> Scroll down to and expand Tes5EditMerged.esp. Remove any category that begins with 'Leveled'. Right-click on the category and select remove. This will leave leveled lists to your Bash patch. Then right-click on Tes5EditMerged.esp and select 'Clean Masters'.

4. Save and exit by closing TesEdit and leave the checkmark ticked next to Tes5EditMerged. Untick the checkbox if something went wrong and you want to start over. 

5. Sort your load order. Generally, the merged patch should go at the very end of your load order. There are some exceptions though. 'Requiem for the indifferent' is one. But generally its:





Everything else. 

Bashed patch (if you use one)


Requiem For The Indifferent.esp (if you use Requiem)



It's important to note that you should rebuild your TesEdit patch anytime there a potential change in your game. That anything like:

1. A mod update (I'll usually say in the update notes for my mods if a rebuild is necessary)

2. Adding or removing a mod

3. Changing your load order. 



SLS Bikini Keyworded versions of popular Bikini Armor Plugins 

Replace your plug in with these to add _sls_BikiniArmor keyword to the outfits contained in these mods. You must have already downloaded and installed the original mod(s) for these to work.


Standard Nexus version of Nisetanaka TAWOBA



SunJeong's Remastered version OLD

The Amazing World of Bikini Armors REMASTERED.esp


SunJeong's Remastered version 6.1 (also has the BakaFactory mods keywords thanks to Mr_Thror on the Baka discord)

The Amazing World of Bikini Armors REMASTERED with Keywords 6.1.7z


Pumpkin's Expanded version



Monty359's TAWOBAE - TAWOBA Extended key worded ESL posted by @jbezorg


Alternate JSON file for users of Sun's Remastered TAWOBA and/or Pumpkins Expanded TAWOBA and/or Legendary DX Armors

This file is designed for people using all three mods but this file will work if you are just using one or two of the others, BUT you will get a message when you rebuild your bikini lists in the MCM that a lot of bikini's are missing. This is not an issue if you are only using one or two of those three mods, and is expected.


BikiniArmors.7z Un zip this directly into the Sexlab Survival SE\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\SL Survival folder





Edited by Corsayr
Added new Keyworded ESP for Sun's remastered 6.1 and a new bikiniarmor.json file

What's New in Version 0.662 Beta


Uploaded the most recent beta version for testing

See official SL Survival blog for feature data


Known issue: In some builds the Enforcers are causing a CTD as you approach a town. Current fix is to go into the MCM and set the min and max spawn numbers for enforcers to 0

There is a new feature which allows a select number of guards to be set as enforcers, make sure the min and max of that feature is set so there are some guards doing the enforcer job. 


This is a beta version it is not fully tested, use with caution. 

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