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 Sexlab Survival


READ! v0.623 Upgrade instructions! Follow to the letter or ELSE:



Upgrade instructions: 

People already the latest beta: Should be a straight update.

People not running Beta 0.600:

  1. Save your game in a quiet cell away from any town BEFORE updating. Run your save through a save cleaner AFTER updating. By this I do NOT mean a clean save. I mean just load your save in Falrim tools. Select 'Show undefined elements'. Take a quick look through the filtered results and make sure they all begin with 'sls_'. Then 'Remove undefined elements' and save.

    Rebuild your bikini lists. Get SLSO 1.6.7 if you use SLSO. Do NOT use Tenri's toll fix with this version. Toll per level should work fine now.



This mod is a WIP with one feature in particular that's quite dangerous to your characters wealth. Please read & understand very carefully the points about stashes below!



Like getting pushed around, slapped on the ass, whistled at, beaten and generally treated like a piece of meat? Then this is probably the mod for you. This mod aims to create a harder playthrough by creating a misogynistic Skyrim where men take every chance to put women in their place. It's mostly a personal project but if someone else gets use from it, great! The mod is designed around a female protagonist (sorry). 






In order to leave a walled city, women will now need to pay a toll. They also are not allowed to leave without an escort (Very soft tie in with devious followers). You can try to lie to the guards that you have no gold but you'll need very high speech skill. There are many alternatives to gold if you happen to be septimless. 

  • A blowjob (obviously)
  • Consume a lactacid or skooma. (Requires Skooma Whore or/and Milk Addict)
  • Random devious devices (Requires Devious Devices)
  • Random tattoo (Requires Rape Tattoos)
  • A naked dance (Requires TDF prostitution) Which has a nice after effect of random NPCs approaching your character as if she's a whore. Easy option but can only be used every so often. 
  • Get your follower to pay the toll for you which will add debt to Devious Followers. 


To pay the toll use the strong box near the door. If you can't afford to pay then talk to the gate guard. He might be able to 'help you out'. By default the toll is increased in Slaverun enslaved towns both in terms of gold and the number of 'jobs' you need to do. 

Toll evasion: 
You can use custom town mods to try to evade the toll. If you are spotted by a guard while in town then they will expect you to pay the toll when you leave. If you sneak out without paying the guards will be on the lookout for you when you return. Keep your distance from them and cover your body and head to help stay undetected. Stick to back streets and use side entrances to get where you need to go. Whatever you do, don't get caught or they'll make an example of you. The consequences for getting caught are severe but if you can get away with it then you can enter/leave the city without paying the toll and having valid licences for your stuff but it is risky.  

Some suggestions for town mods but you can probably use anything that doesn't drastically overhaul cities (like Open Cities): 
Skyrim Underground: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75004 
Skyrim Sewers: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14351


If you find the guards aren't challenging enough to stop you evading the toll there's this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54212

I recommend the lite version. Welcome to hell :)



There is a very basic version of curfew in the mod right now. You won't be able to pay the toll to leave town during certain hours. You can disable curfew and configure the hours yourself in the 'Toll' Mcm. 


Licence System:



In order to use magic and carry weapons & armors you'll need to hold a valid licence. There are licences for magic, weapons, armor, bikini armor and clothes. Upon approaching a tolled gate you'll be inspected for any contraband and anything you don't hold a valid licence for will be confiscated. If you don't have a valid magic licence you'll be outfitted with a cursed collar that will drain all of your magcika. A magic licence is also required for enchanted clothing. The licences apply for all of Skyrim (Not just for inside the cities). Licences can be bought from the quartermasters in the holds:

  • Whiterun - Trilbjorn Stone-Tooth - The barracks behind the Bannered Mare
  • Solitude - Ancolanar - Castle Dour (downstairs)
  • Markarth - Surgug - Guard Tower
  • Windhelm - Erilas - Bloodworks (First door on the right inside the palace)
  • Riften - Okan-Jei - The barracks to the left of Mistveil keep.

To recover your confiscated stuff, buy the appropriate licence and talk to the quartermaster to retrieve your items.  

Licences are highly configurable. In the Mcm you can change the costs of each licence type and how long each type lasts. You can add/remove licence names in the json file at: \SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\SL Survival\LicenceNames.json 

Clothes licence: 
Clothes licence is optional. You can choose between:

  • Never - Never require a licence to have clothes (Off essentially). 
  • Slaverun - Licence required to have clothes in Slaverun enslaved towns only. 
  • Always - Always need a licence to have clothes. 

Bikini licence: 
Bikini licence is also optional. If you want to use it then you need to add a keyword to the bikini armors so that Survival can differentiate them from normal armors. If you use the stock bikini armors mod on the nexus then I have uploaded a 'ready made' version of it here that adds the needed keyword. You simply replace your esp with the one here and you're good to go. If you've modified your bikini armor mod and don't want to replace it then see how you can add the keyword yourself in the 2nd post on the support page. I recommend method 2. Remember to backup your armor mods first! https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99955-sexlab-survival/?do=findComment&comment=2251507 

Remember that the bikini licence is optional you don't have to do it. You can just play the mod with the normal armor licence which will cover all armors (bikini or not). You might want to change the cost of the armor licence as it's expensive to encourage you to go bikini.  


A bikini licence will allow you to carry and trade full armors but you'll be heavily penalized for wearing full armor (or most clothing items in the body slot) as the licence comes with a curse that will drain your stamina and massively increase shout recovery times. You should only wear bikini armor. You can wear a clothing item in the body slot if it is revealing enough - The armor must be tagged as 'slooty' in Sexlab Aroused Extended. 


Licence Discounts:

Get discounts on licence costs based on your ranks with various factions. 

Companions - Weapon licence discount.

Stormcloaks/Imperials - Armor/Bikini armor discount

College of Winterhold - Magic licence discount


Trade Restrictions:

Optional. Most traders won't trade items you don't have the appropriate licence for (optional). You can attempt a speech check to allow them to trade but at a serious penalty (+33% buying prices, -33% selling prices). If the speech check fails you can bribe them for a small sum of gold. Members of the 'fences' faction ignore licences so it'll be worth your while getting in with the thieves guild. You can add merchants to an exception list if you think they're suitable for free trade. You can also add custom merchants to Slaverun regions so they follow the rules for the clothes licence for that region. Merchant statuses are saved to a json and imported on new games. Built in support for Mortal Weapons & Armor and Milk Addict tailors. 



Added licence enforcers to Riverwood, Rorikstead, Falkreath, Morthal, Dragon Bridge, Shors Stone, Winterhold, Ivarstead, Kynesgrove and Dawnstar. Same rules for covering your head/body and keeping distance for toll evasion apply but they're much 'looser' than city guards on Toll evasion duty (By default, see 'Responsive Enforcers' option in the Mcm). Most towns have 4, some only have 3. The number of enforcers can be randomized each time the town loads using the Mcm settings on the Licences page. If caught you'll get processed for contraband/collar as usual but enforcers will also check if you have an escort (can be disabled by setting followers required to zero). You can try to fool them (difficult) but if you fail you'll be teleported to the nearest licence headquarters and force assigned an escort. This will obviously work best with Devious Followers + The Devious Followers Continued minimum contract feature. Hirelings aren't supported right now, they're too different. You can add/remove escorts via the MCM licence page. Put the follower under your crosshairs and then open the Mcm to add/remove an escort. I recommend adding escorts as you encounter followers as you travel around. Escorts are automatically saved/imported on new games.


Follower Contraband:

Optional. Followers will refuse to carry anything you don't have a licence for and instead will hand back the offending items. Anything they have equipped is exempt as they are considered as being 'officially licensed escorts'. This way you can change their equipment but not allow them to smuggle contraband for you. You can turn this behaviour off in the Mcm ('Followers Won't Carry Contraband' option on the licences page) in which case they'll still be checked by the guards at toll gates and by the town enforcers. 


There is an add-on option to disallow followers to carry keys. This is intended to prevent you giving them devious keys but all keys are refused. 


Magic Curse Tats:

The magic curse and bikini curse come with tats to visually identify you as cursed. Huge thanks to olokoko & another most generous contributor for the tats. You can turn them off if you don't want them. 





Times are hard. The city coffers are emptying quickly. In order to increase income the holds are now enforcing evictions to encourage repayment of fines. Criminal scum will be afforded no shelter in holds where they have a bounty above x. They will be evicted from their home until their bounty is paid off. Only works for vanilla Skyrim homes right now. Not hearthfires.  

When evicted you are thrown out of your home, the door is boarded up and everything is taken from your inventory. In order to get your home back you need to clear your bounty. Once your bounty is cleared the eviction on your home will be lifted later that day (when the guards can be bothered). To get your confiscated stuff back search where the vanilla 'evidence' chest normally is (usually a prison or barracks). There will be a 'confiscation' chest nearby as well as a strong box. The chest is locked until you pay the release fee by using the strong box and the release fee can not be paid until your bounty is cleared first. 


Needs Mods Integrations:

  • You can now swallow cum. Animations tagged as oral that orgasm with the player mouth open will decrease RND hunger and thirst. Yes, you can now become 'glutted' on cum :D. You'll receive a popup message asking if you want to spit or swallow. If you are starving or dehydrated you will not be given a choice as you'll happily gulp down every drop you can. If you are a victim you will be forced to swallow. Depending on the race providing said cum will provide more/less satiation. 
  • Swallowing cum will give you 'cum breath' which gives a debuff to speech. It becomes more severe the more cum you swallow but fades over time. Drinking alcohol/skooma whore drugs/MME milk will speed up the process. 
  • Swallowing cum will inflate your 'Fill Her Up 2.0' anal pool if installed. 
  • Getting a fresh layer of cum makes you wetter in frostfall but also decreases your exposure. Again, depending on race and the number of males involved - greater gains for both. If you spit you gain less RND satiation but it makes you wetter and decreases your exposure more. You should probably swallow if find yourself naked in the north. 
  • Drinking MME milk or any skooma whore drugs now decreases your tiredness and provides a decent decrease to exposure. Ah if only milk was addictive too (Shameless Milk Addict plug)
  • Leeking MME milk will make you wetter over time. 
  • Player is warmed very slowly during sex scenes. 
  • Swimming naked for x seconds clears the cum from your body. (Requires Frostfall. Can be disabled). 
  • Normally if you succumb to exposure in Frostfall you're teleported to the nearest inn with little in the line of consequences (respawn really). Now you'll be moved to the Simple Slavery cell. No need to thank me, you're welcome! (Frostfall needs to be set to 'Rescue'). 
  • Minimum speed and carry weight values. The mod will try to keep your speedmult and carryweight above a configurable threshold. Ready and unready your weapons/spells/fists to force MinAv to refresh. MinAv is auto disabled while wearing a hobble skirt as it fights devious devices for control of your speed/carry weight. 


Navigation Changes:

  • Map & compass are now a physical thing. You must have a map & compass in your inventory to... er... have a map and compass in game. Straight forward enough. It can be bought from general traders across skyrim (Requires merged patch). Yes, having no map/compass essentially disables fast travel. Don't lose it!
  • You can't read a map while wearing a blindfold. That's just silly. 




Beg for what you need to survive. Begging dialogue for food, drink, gold, clothes, boots, skooma & lactacid. Npcs will have demands and remember what they wanted so if you really want it you'll have to do as they say. Special bonus for whores that swallow during oral scenes. Npcs demand sex, creature sex, gangbangs (including creature gangbangs. Some animations I've never seen before), your clothes (should you only have one set left) and self degradation. Talk to the Npc again after doing your 'job' to collect your reward. Begging may be hidden in the menu if your character doesn't actually need it. For example you'll need to be hungry to beg for food.  

You may even beg when wearing a gag and the normal dialogue is blocked. To do this, sneak and activate the Npc they should then begin the begging dialogue. If a job requires your mouth they will unlock your gag and put it back on afterwards.  
I think there's a bug with gag begging right now when used on female Npcs. So only use it one males for the moment.  


If you're desperate for somewhere to sleep around Whiterun there's a kennel for worthless sluts where you can sleep for free. Just don't expect a quality sleep. The kennel is behind Carlottas house. 


Simply Knock Integration:


Got kicked out of your home? Don't have a tent? You've run out of Monster (aka skooma)? You're tired and it's getting late & cold? No problem! Ask one of your fellow townfolk if you can stay the night. But can they trust that your not faking just get inside and rob them blind or worse? Or, more importantly, can you trust them...? 

Your character is made to strip and wear an armbinder if she wants to get in from the cold. Once inside the door is locked and 'requires a key'. Ie you can't leave without talking to your 'host'. Right now it just adds a little bit of flavor to the standard simply knock scenario. Has good potential though. I already have a scene where you wake up in a MME bound milk pump but took it out because it's not finished and I'm not sure where to go with it yet.  

To use the bed roll, drop it from your inventory and drag it to where you want it. When happy, sneak and activate it to turn it into a sleeping spot.  

When you want to leave talk to your 'host' and they will untie you and unlock the door. At that point they may decide to keep you (Sanguines Debauchery) or sell you (Simple Slavery) or just let you leave. Chances are configurable in the Mcm.  




So. You know that barrel. You know the barrel I'm talking about. THE barrel. In whiterun. Don't fuckin lie to me! The place you stash all your shit while you build up enough coin to buy breezehome. Well now stashing your ebony armor and bazillions of gold and gems in a container in the middle of any town with everyone watching is a really terrible idea. You'll be lucky if there's a lockpick left by the time the desperate townspeople are finished pilfering your hard gotten gains. Even if nobody is looking, someone in town is bound to stumble onto it eventually. Best to stash your stuff in your home. Or in a Hunterborn 'hunters stash' away from town with nobody looking.  

There are only two ways to make sure what you stash is safe:

  1. Stash in a player home. Any location with the keyword LocTypePlayerHouse is not tracked at all.
  2. Stash your stuff in a Hunterborn cache in a remote area away from the road with nobody watching. 

You can try to minimize your chance of theft by:

  • Keeping away from towns/cities/farms.
  • Using Hunterborn stashes. 
  • Keep away from busy roads. 
  • Try to have as few npcs in the area as possible. 
  • Sneaking. 
  • If anyone actually sees you put stuff in they'll know it's there and start stealing from it. I've built in protection for NPCs that are: followers that use vanilla factions, Paradise Halls slaves and Sexy Bandit Captive Slaves. Anyone else is a potential thief and you should not let them watch you put stuff in your stash. 
  • Use your new 'Assess Stash' power to give yourself an idea of how good a location or container is. 

Npcs actually steal from you so if your stuff starts to go missing it could potentially be found on npcs in the area, making pickpocket actually useful. (There's a chance however, if no npcs were found and you stashed somewhere unsafe that items are 'stolen by wanderers' (magic'd away to a container) 


Sleep Deprivation:


The conditions in which you sleep affect how much rest you can gain. Sleeping in very bad conditions can actually make you more tired than when you began sleeping. Factors include:

  • Type of bed. From worst to best -> The ground, hay piles/rough bedding, bedrolls, proper beds. 
  • Sleeping in armor or clothes. 
  • Sleeping inside or outside. 
  • If outside, is the player sheltered? (either sleeping in a tent or under an outcropping of rock etc)
  • Sleeping in the cold. 
  • Sleeping in bad weather (as defined by Frostfall). 
  • Wearing Devious Devices. 
  • Arousal. 
  • Time of day - Bonus to sleeping at night, penalties for sleeping during the day/morning.
  • Camping fatigue - A cumulative penalty to sleeping when camping out. The penalty is reset whenever you sleep in a proper bed. Camping fatigue is increased the worse your sleeping conditions: rough bedding, no shelter etc. 
  • Hunger & thirst.

The main point of all this is to make inns more desirable than camping. And in turn make camping more desirable than just sleeping on the ground. If you're a filthy slave and your master makes you sleep on the ground, covered in restraints without satisfying your arousal you'll wake up tired already from a fitful sleep.  


Miscellaneous Features:

  • Followers think you're a dumb bimbo that can't count and have a chance to steal a percentage of any gold you give them to carry. Should discourage you from just handing over your gold to them while you go through the toll gates. 
  • Configurable gold weight
  • Creature fondling. Sneak (just pretend you're appraising the creatures junk) and activate creatures to engage in sexy time with them including gangbangs if there are other creatures around and you have gangbang animations. Should work with anything - you can add creatures via the Mcm. It should also work for charmed creatures and Untamed followers. Difference is you can choose the type of sex - Oral/Anal/Vaginal. So if your'e really really hungry/thirsty...
  • Optional TesEdit script to increase the value of food. Please see the second post on the support page for details. 
  • Devious Effects: Makes lock-picking and pick-pocketing impossible while wearing heavy bondage (armbinders/yokes/mitts/etc. Also disables trading while gagged. Can be disabled. 
  • Bondage Furniture effects: Sitting in zaz bondage furniture and MME milk pumps will slowly add fatigue and drain your Devious Followers willpower. 
  • Male Npcs have a chance to slap your characters ass if she gets too close. Slaps decrease your Devious Followers willpower. 
  • Male Npcs have a chance to knock your character out of their way if you get too close, the pigs. 
  • Options to automatically begin Slaverun after a configurable or random amount of time. Skips the introductory quest. 
  • Configurable Barefoot debuff when wearing nothing on your feet. You may prefer to equip devious boots instead of going barefoot. 
  • 'Cry For Help' lesser power. Use it to attract the attention of guards in the vicinity. Ever get chased back to town by a horde of bandits but get downed just out of sight? Well now you can scream like the little bitch you are to try to get a guard's attention. Won't work if you're gagged or there's 'something' in your mouth. There are a number of ways a scream will react with the guards depending on conditions. You probably shouldn't abuse it... You've heard the tale of the girl that cried 'Frostbite spider!' Actually, you probably haven't heard that one. 
  • 'Half naked cover'. Equips an invisible armor with the ArmorClothing and ClothingBody keywords when your bra and panty slot are equipped which will: stop you being considered as naked, stop cover up animations, make you less vulnerable in DEC, add frostfall warmth and coverage. Bra and panty slot are configurable. DD device hider might need to be disabled for it to work. Doesn't apply to devious devices, although maybe it should... 
  • Sleeping in 'Easy beds' has a chance to send you on a DCL bondage adventure or DCLs hogtied game. Currently, this only applied to the companions beds, your student bed at the College of Winterhold and your bed in the thieves guild. Just consider it as the guild members hazing the new girl. Can be disabled. 
  • Pick-pocketing changes. Added a optional pickpocket perk that adds random (highly configurable) amounts of gold/valuables to npcs to encourage your criminal side. Go on, you definitely should! You know you want to. Added pickpocket failure handling. Instead of going balistic and killing everything around them because you stole their ale (alcohol issues?) Npcs will now resolve the matter with cordial discourse (and possibly other kinds of 'course'...). Pickpocket fail handling doesn't work on Npcs in scenes. Added a perk that adds a bonus to pick-pocketing chance on sleeping Npcs.
  • Survival can distribute TAWoBA bikinis in loot chests and blacksmiths across Skyrim. Setup your settings and hit the build lists button to add bikinis to the world. This also relies on a good TesEdit merged patch. 
  • Gain experience wearing your bikini armor which will gradually increase your armor rating with bikini armors and comes with side benefits like increased stamina, stamina rate, magcika rate, speed, carry weight, shout recovery, reduced movement noise and a chance to dodge a portion of the damage of any normal attack or fire/frost/shock spell. Conversely, gaining bikini experience will decrease your armor rating of normal, full armors as you gain bikini skill. This should make your character prefer bikini armor even if, eventually,  you gather enough gold for a full armor licence. Buffs are configurable/disableable. 

  • 'Animal Breeder' - Currently only works with horses and there's only one slot (probably expand it later). Can't afford a horse? Doubly can't afford to get caught stealing a horse for fear of the consequences? Now when you fondle a horse (and successfully make him cum) he'll become a little enamored with you and will begin following you, so you can lead it away from Npcs and ride it away. The problem is that it'll regularly try to breed you. If you refuse, it'll lose interest and return home so if you want the convenience and don't want to be left stranded you'll have to be a good little filly. Animal companions will breed you less often the more they consider you as currently being 'well bred' which depends on: how much cum you're covered in (sexlab), how much cum you're filled with (FHU 2.0), how pregnant you are (SGO) and if you swallowed his cum the last time you fucked. By default, as a cum covered, cum filled, fully pregnant breeder that swallows her companions load you can gain up to 45 hours of loyalty. If you're going dungeon delving for some time it might be a good idea to er... 'top up' your friend before you go inside or he could be gone by the time you get back. Gain experience the more you fondle creatures or willingly accept breeding sessions making it easier to make creatures cum in future (SLSO). This is obviously some lead-in mechanics for the planned cum addiction system.
  • Swallowing troll cum heals a significant amount of Apropos2 wear & tear. 
  • Some other buff effects from swallowing cum from other races. Horses - Speed and stamina. Dogs - stamina and stamina rate. To be expanded further. Feel free to make suggestions. 
  • Cumpulsions - Undesirable effects of swallowing cum. Currently there's only an effect for horse cum: Pony girl complusion - an uncontrolable desire to equip any pony girl type devious devices you find. Cumpulsions will end when the cum effect expires. 
  • Combat dismemberment (Requires the NEW amputator framework, (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6942-monomans-mod-tweaks/) - Unblocked power attacks have a chance to cut off your hands/feet/arms/legs. If you lose a hand you won't be able to equip it any more. If you lose both hands you won't be able to equip armor. Enemies will also stop fighting you as you're no threat now. You won't be able to loot containers or dead bodies or harvest ingredients without hands. You'll also have trouble picking things up from the game world. You can pay a priest to restore your limbs or if you're too poor then legend has it that troll cum has restorative properties (You'll need to find a troll, fondle it and suck down his cum). Swallowing troll cum also adds a mild healing spell for a long time. There aren't many 2p troll blowjob animations I'm aware of but here's one: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/55268-sexlab-animation-loader-guide/?do=findComment&comment=1422937 (Look for: "New Falmer animations by Evacuation!!! and also four human anims (05 MAR 17)"). Added a ton of options to configure dismemberment. You also won't be able to bathe without hands (BiS tweaked).
  • Inequality (Configurable). Men and women are not created equally. Applies configurable buffs/debuffs to all playable races. By default: Women have: 40 less health, stamina and magicka. Men have 40 more. Women have their carry weight reduced by 150 points. Women do 20% less damage, men do 20% more damage. Men are 10% faster than women. Women's buying and selling prices are 15% worse and women learn skills 25% slower than men. Female vendors have less gold. Inequality will conflict with any other mod that edits vanilla races, so a good TesEdit merged patch is recommended for this feature as well. 
  • Guard behaviour monitoring. Guards will be watching your every move and will punish you accordingly if you drop weapons around town, shout outside of combat, have your weapons drawn outside of combat, you're a woman with weapons or armor equipped, you're caught lockpicking or consuming drugs. Each can be individually disabled. 
  • Voiced guard comments with a darker/more sexual/intimidating tone. 
  • Proximity spanks based on what you're wearing. By default guards and men maybe slap your ass if you're wearing either a bikini or you're naked.
  • Cat calling - Men will whistle at you if you're wearing a bikini or you're naked. Cat calls reduce Devious Followers Continued resistance.
  • Cum addiction. Become more addicted to cum the more you swallow. When you become addicted it will create a new 'need' for cum, a need that will get deeper the more addicted you become. Satisfy your need to cancel out the debuffs by sucking cocks. Or try to go cold turkey and wean yourself off cum. Cum addiction fades slowly over time. Addiction increases the more you swallow cum, the bigger the load you swallow and if you are covered in cum (Sexlab) or you have cum in your pussy or ass (FHU2.0). A certain amount of cum is swallowed anyway even if you spit so if you're sucking a lot of cock then you can still become addicted. 'Encourage Beastiality' option - Increases the range of hunger values and hunger rate as your addiction level increases to gently encourage you to suck creature cocks. With this option enabled; at level 1 addiction and at 'starving' you'll need to suck 2/3 guys off to become satisfied - These are the same levels as with 'Encourage Beastiality' off. However, at level 4 addiction and starving' you'll need to suck off 2/3 horses to become satisfied or 12/13 guys. Bigger cocks = more cum = more satiation = less time spent sucking but it's your choice.
  • Cum provides MME lactacid. You can set in the Mcm which race cum provides lactacid and how much. 
  • Sex experience & Effects: (Requires SLSO) Gain experience with a race every time you fuck them. Greater experience grants increased stamina & stamina rate during sex with that race.
  • Creature corruption: (Requires SLSO) Any time the player orgasms while being fucked by a creature will increase her corruption. As the player's corruption increases she'll find it harder to orgasm while fucking humanoid races until eventually the only way she can cum is by fucking creatures. Corruption can be healed by priests for a price. 
  • Creature cock size bonus enjoyment: (Requires SLSO) Grants the player increasing bonus enjoyment with larger beast cocks. Bonus enjoyment is still highly influenced by player arousal but if the player is highly aroused and getting impaled on a large cock she may find it difficult to not orgasm. Getting fucked by massive cocks may make it virtually impossible for her to not cum her brains out. 
  • Forced drugging chance with skooma BEFORE sex starts in rape scenes giving you the stamina to hump like a rabbit. 
  • Minimum arousal threshold for rapists. Why would anyone rape you if they're not horny enough. Useful if you're tired of rape scenes that go on forever because your rapist wasn't in the mood to begin with. 
  • Wheel menu with various actions & utilities. 
  • Traumas - Traumas are small bruises/cuts that are randomly added to bodies/faces during combat or rape.
  • Orgasm fatigue. Set the number of orgasms you can have per day before it starts to add fatigue in the form of decreased magicka & stamina pools and at higher levels decreased speed and weapon & magic damage. Includes orgasms from devious devices.
  • 'Compulsive Sex' for SLSO. If your character is off her tits on skooma or highly aroused or has achieved junkie status in skooma show then when sex begins then your character may automatically start fucking without your input, consensual or not. This will be a lot more obvious with the new sex sounds in STA. How quickly your character fucks depends mainly on the current stage and the maximum number of stages of the animation. You can adjust how fast or slow your character fucks by going into freecam mode and mouse wheel up/down to speed up/down. You can change enjoyment priority to make yourself cum first but you can not stop your character from fucking.
  • Various interactions with Immersive Fashion on rape. Needs Immersive Fashion Tweaked. Chance for rapists to cut your hair, shave your pubic hair or smear makeup on your lips/eyes or dye your hair.
  • 'Jiggles'. Based on how voluptuous you become, gain 3/6/10% to your buy & sell prices but it makes you 3/6/10% slower. Your sex partners also gain unconditional bonus enjoyment during sex on every animation stage change due to all your jiggling about. Effect is based on the combined size of your 'slif_butt', 'slif_belly' & ('slif_breast' or 'BreastsFantasy') nodes. Your current jigglyness is reported in the status menu.




Q. This mod is fubar.
A. Yes, yes it is! Not a question though so gtfo of my faq. Next question! 


Q. Can I make a suggestion?
A. Sure, I love reading new ideas. But I'll only implement something I like and if I think it 'fits' 


Q. The mod says my PapyrusUtil is out of date?

A. See this post: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99955-sexlab-survival/?do=findComment&comment=2967886



Q. My vampire charater's face is messed up.

A. Get the Dawnguard fix in the downloads section.


Q. How do I use the damned bedroll?! 

A. Drop it from your inventory, sneak and activate it to turn it into a sleeping place.  


Q. Cum swallow events don't fire. 

A. Are you using SL - Separate Orgasm? Then make sure 'Use separate orgasm' is enabled in the SEXLAB Mcm. Also make sure your characters mouth is open before the male orgasm. Some animations don't trigger the mouth open animation when they really should (ouchies) 


Q. Where the hell is the licence guy in <insert city name>


  • Whiterun - Trilbjorn Stone-Tooth - The barracks behind the Bannered Mare
  • Solitude - Ancolanar - Castle Dour (downstairs)
  • Markarth - Surgug - Guard Tower
  • Windhelm - Erilas - Bloodworks (First door on the right inside the palace)
  • Riften - Okan-Jei - The barracks to the left of Mistveil keep.


Q. The gate guard doesn't have the dialogue to leave?

A. The toll guards dialogue changes based on whether or not you can actually afford to pay the toll. If you don't have enough gold then you get the 'alternative options' (blowjob etc). If you DO have enough gold then the dialogue should change to a speech check: "*Lie* I can't afford the toll but I need to leave". You'll need a very high speech skill to pass the check and there are consequences for failing. 


Q. Which priests can restore my dismembered limbs?


  • Whiterun - Danica
  • Riften - Maramal
  • Windhelm - Lortheim
  • Markarth - Anwen/Verulus
  • Solitude - Freir


Q. I'm not assigned a follower when teleported back to a city by an enforcer. 

A. The escort list starts off empty. You need to add at least one follower to the list via the Mcms 'Licence' page - 'Add escort', 'Remove escort'. Place the follower under your crosshairs at close range and open the mcm and hit the add button. Escorts should be saved and imported on new games so you should only have to do it once. If your followers are in a merged file and you remerged it then you should probably delete the Json file and start again as the FormIds will likely be different (\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\SL Survival\EscortList.json)


Q. How can I change what devious devices the mod uses?

A. Check the 2nd post. The section titles 'Customising DeviceList.json': https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99955-sexlab-survival/?do=findComment&comment=2251507


Q. Can I change the names on the licences? 

A. Sure. The names come from the json file \SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\SL Survival\LicenceNames.json. Existing licences won't change however. 


Q. Vendors have too much/too little gold.

A. Move Survival lower in your load order and set the 'Female Vendor Gold' slider again. Technical explanation: This happens because something is overriding Survivals override of the LeveledItems 'VendorGoldxxxx'. The 'Use all' flag must be set for dynamic changing of vendor gold in game to work. You can load your complete load order in TesEdit and check the 'VendorGold' entries in the 'Leveled Items' section in Survival.esp to figure out what's overriding it. 


There's also a Json file you can customize to set how much gold male vendors should have and by extension how much gold female vendors will then have. The file is: '\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\SL Survival\MerchantGoldDefaults.json'. If you make any changes to the file you'll need to set the vendor inequality slider again before changes will take effect. 





Simply Knock. 

Latest PapyrusUtil

A TesEdit patch is practically required at this point.


If you plan on using Slaverun then it has to be the latest version (3.x)

If you plan on using Amputator (Combat Dismemberment) you need to use the tweaked version of the Amputator Framework I made. Combat dismemberment won't work with the old version (You should turn dismemberment OFF if using the old version): https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6942-monomans-mod-tweaks/ (But the new version needs a new game/clean save on saves with Amputator Framework v0.7 installed)



Install as you normally would. 


I strongly recommend creating or rebuilding your TesEdit merged patch after installing. If you don't know what a TesEdit patch is or how to make one I've made a little guide to help. Scroll down to the "TesEdit Merged Patch" section: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99955-sexlab-survival/?do=findComment&comment=2251507


Modified versions of the TAWoBA bikini mod that support SLSs bikini keyword and half-naked cover and use more Devious Devices orientated slots:

UNP by legraf: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99955-sexlab-survival/?do=findComment&comment=2898754


CBBE by Sucker343: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99955-sexlab-survival/?do=findComment&comment=2897810 



Recommended Mods:

For tolls and punishments:

Skooma Whore or/and Milk addict for semi-forced drugging.

Rape Tats + Fade Tats + a tattoo database file + SlaveTats for Toll Tattoos

TDF Aggressive Prostitution for Toll dances. 


Mods that allow you 'secret' access to cities that bypass the main gates so you can attempt to avoid the toll. Some decent ones I'm aware of:

Skyrim Underground: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75004 
Skyrim Sewers: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14351


Mods that work well with Survival and compliment each other (but of course are NOT necessary):

Spank That Ass for proximity spanks: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/8587-spank-that-ass/

Slaverun (Needs to be version 3.x for compatibility): https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2338-slaverun-reloaded-03-june-2018/


Devious Followers Continued: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/10482-devious-followers-continued/I

Extra guards for more sources of intimidation (I recommend the lite version): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54212/

Unpaused menus: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83379


Special Edition

Latest Survival conversion: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/11053-sexlab-survival-special-edition/


Don't forget the requirements:

1. PapyrusUtil SE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13048

2. Simply Knock: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14098

3. Simply Knock DLL fix: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/24297



Open Cities


API For Modders

Survival has an API you can use to issue licences and block licence purchase from the quartermasters and other things. Have a look at the script _SLS_Api for details. 

If you need some other kind of interface let me know and I'll see if I can help with it. 




In no particular order:

Audhol - Animations

Ed86 - sounds

Zaz/t.ara - animations/sounds

fafcf09/Halo - tongues

QuiteUnfortunate - textures.

Aradia - models/textures (permission pending).

Psycho_Bill - Models/textures

Collygon - Battle Wounds mod.



  • You may not upload this file in full or in part outside of LL.
  • You may use this mod for your own purposes provided anything you produce from it is provided for free back to the community with the following exceptions:
  • I can't give permission for things I didn't create. This includes most meshes, textures and sounds. 


What's New in Version 0.623 (23-Oct-2020)


V0.623 (23-Oct-2020)

- If you're not already running the latest Beta version: Save your game in a quiet cell away from any town BEFORE updating. Run your save through a save cleaner AFTER updating. By this I do NOT mean a clean save. I mean just load your save in Falrim tools. Select 'Show undefined elements'. Take a quick look through the filtered results and make sure they all begin with 'sls_'. Then 'Remove undefined elements' and save.

Rebuild your bikini lists. Get SLSO 1.6.7 if you use SLSO. Do NOT use Tenri's toll fix with this version. Toll per level should work fine now.

- Added 'Trauma'. Traumas are small bruises/cut that are randomly added to bodies/faces. Traumas start off fairly faint and fade in gradually over time and eventually fade out again (default = fades out over 2 days). Taking hits in combat may add traumas. Traumas can also be added to victims on every animation stage change during rape and when knocked to the ground (should include getting pushed around by men with SLS, getting FusRoDah'd by enemies and tripping in milk addict). Traumas can apply to both male and female characters. You can assign a followers a permanent slot (5 max permanent slots) in the trauma system or Npcs can be added and removed dynamically (20 dynamic slots) if you want. Traumas are purely visual right now and have no effects. Traumas are intended to visually reflect the abuse suffered by the PC, her followers, slaves & women in general. Has an entire MCM page of options. Textures can be customized by adding/removing textures to the folders and rebuilding the texture lists. Trauma needs a lot of overlay slots to do it's thing as each bruise is added individually. Kudos for the stock textures go to Collygon and the Battle Wounds mod.

- Added a town curfew system. Women are not allowed to wander the streets after hours without a curfew licence or whore licence (whore licence not implemented yet). Includes cities and towns. Curfew works a little differently in walled cities vs unwalled towns. In cities a guard will approach, warn you and give you time to clear the streets. In unwalled towns you're immediately taken to the inn. If you're caught breaking curfew after that then you'll be punished (the usual - tats, drugs/cum, devices, 'fine', bounty, kennel, your clothes, confined to town etc) and depending on circumstances and random choice you'll be taken to your home, taken to the inn, sent to the kennel or taken to a vanilla beggars cave (There's only 2 - The Warrens in Markarth or Beggar's Row in Riften). Note that there are technically two different curfews now. A gate curfew and a town curfew. So you can have the gates close early and then have town curfew kick in later to first trap you in town and then catch you later for town curfew. You can also set different times for curfew in Slaverun towns to make them even more oppresive.

- Added a property licence. Women are not permitted to own property without a valid property licence. Non compliance will lead to eviction. Quartermasters keep records and so will automatically evict you if your property licence elapses naturally. If you lose the licence or it gets stolen you'll have to be caught to be evicted. Once evicted you'll have to buy a property licence and speak to the quartermaster about lifting the lockdown on your property. They'll unbar your homes later that day.

- Added orgasm fatigue. Set the number of orgasms you can have per day before it starts to add fatigue in the form of decreased magicka & stamina pools and at higher levels decreased speed and weapon & magic damage. Includes orgasms from devious devices. You lose 10% of your max stamina/magicka per orgasm above the threshold. Now you can almost literally cum your brains out. Try not to ok? Maybe a chastity belt would help? No plugs though! When you sleep you recover by 'Orgasms Recovered Per Hour' in the menu. If sleep deprivation is enabled then this value is multiplied by the sleep penalty. Making recovery in bad conditions slower. 
- Added 'compulsive sex' for SLSO. If your character is off her tits on skooma or highly aroused or has achieved junkie status in skooma show then when sex begins then your character may automatically start fucking without your input, consensual or not. This will be a lot more obvious with the new sex sounds in STA. How quickly your character fucks depends mainly on the current stage and the maximum number of stages of the animation. You can adjust how fast or slow your character fucks by going into freecam mode and mouse wheel up/down to speed up/down. You can change enjoyment priority to make yourself cum first but you can not stop your character from fucking. Would maybe like to add a speed widget later.
- Rearranged the actions menu to make room. Added 'Start fucking' to it - Uses compulsive sex's auto fucking for SLSO. You can also stop auto fucking IF your arousal isn't 100. 
- Added some comments for Npcs this time. Added over 30 comments for MaleNord, MaleBrute and FemaleNord & MaleNordCommander (Last two are reused comments from guards). Added a toggle for Npc comments. Even Jarl Balgruuf might compliment you on your lovely bum now!
- Added proximity pushes for men & guards because they aren't pushy enough already. Added a cooldown option.
- Major overhaul of the code behind tolls. Old code was functional but messy & confusing AF and hard to modify/maintain. Most functions now centralized into TollUtil. This was a complete PITA and I'd be surprised if there WASN'T bugs. But this has allowed me to:
- Added a little something for people running Immersive Fashion around tolls. Needs YPS tweak V1.2. Spoilers: involves gate guards & hairy pussies. That's probably giving too much away
- Centralised location resolution for toll evasion/payment, curfew, inn costs etc into a single coherent mechanism (_SLS_LocTrackCentral). Should increase reliability and reduce complexity/performance cost. This was another massive PITA.
- Added being filled with cum sound. Load size must be > 1.0

- Skooma junkies will always swallow cum.
- Added a couple more comments for MaleGuard, FemaleNord & MaleNordCommander.
- Added a pink visual effect when jiggles applies. Might be annoying, so there's a toggle. Obviously.

- Added debug function 'Container Transfer' to the wheel to transfer items between two ObjRefs without lugging hundreds of items in and out of your inventory and trying to filter them. It also eliminates the possibly huge script load when you 'Take all items' from a massive container by avoiding the player inventory altogether. I primarily made this to make migrating from a stash in the wild to a player home a lot easier but it's VERY exploitable which is why it's in the debug menu. You can transfer all items in one go or use a filter if you're organizing item types into separate containers. It's just a tool to help take the annoyance/monotony out of organizing things, no more. Abuse it if you wish. 

- Added various interactions with Immersive Fashion on rape. Needs Immersive Fashion Tweaked. Chance for rapists to cut your hair, shave your pubic hair or smear makeup on your lips/eyes or dye your hair.

- Added simple 'growth' feature. Set above 0 to gain that much weight per day. Disabled by default.

- Added some more swallowing sounds courtesy of c0ffeeeee and RJW Animation Framework (Permission pending).
- Added 'jiggles'. Based on how voluptuous you become, gain 3/6/10% to your buy & sell prices but it makes you 3/6/10% slower. Your sex partners also gain unconditional bonus enjoyment during sex on every animation stage change due to all your jiggling about. Effect is based on the combined size of your 'slif_butt', 'slif_belly' & ('slif_breast' or 'BreastsFantasy') nodes. Your current jigglyness is reported in the status menu.
- Added cum bottles, inflate potion, FM fertility potions and SLEN aphrodisiacs to toll drugs and added menu toggles. Added the same for rape drugs. 
- Switched guard punishments for breaking rules to use the new forced drugging script which means guards will also use these extra drugs.
- Added a kennel to every city! (Not really though. It's the same kennel. Just with some door trickery)
- Jazzed up the kennel a little bit.
- Added a caged troll to the kennel. If you ask nicely the keeper just might let you suck him off. Lucky you! Player must be in a predicament (arm cut off or is creature corrupted or is cum addict and must have spent at least one night in the kennel)
- Added a huge speech & buy/sell price debuff to the active bikini curse to discourage wearing non bikini/slooty outfits around town. The effect lingers for some time afterwards so you can't just equip something that's not slutty while trading and then swap back into a slutty outfit later. Best just stick with your heels and bikini. Or go naked if necessary.
- Added an out of breath animation when the bikini curse is active. Needs Devious Devices.
- 'Party wide' licence system will now apply the magic curse to your followers. 'Only' supports up to 5 followers.
- Crawling now adds substantial sneak bonuses (might be OP. Feedback needed) but slows you down a lot and you can't fight while crawling (because the animations bug out like crazy)
- Teleport followers should work with any follower framework now, not just EFF. Also added options 'teleport all', 'teleport one' and 'teleport to follower'
- Implemented a 'maximum window' for assessing your licences when entering a city. If the window is exceeded before processing is finished then you're force greeted anyway. This should stop you being able to run away from the toll guys before they've finished looking through your stuff.

- Added toggle 'Block Magic' to dismemberment.
- Made Compulsive Sex default off and added a warning message due to issues around RegisterForKey(0) and InputTapKey(). Turn it back on if you wish.
- Added check to creature fondling before playing the sort-of fondle animation that you're in third person camera. First person seems to cause weird random door opening. Because Bethesda.
- Changed default Simply Knock enslavement chance to 3%. You'll probably not be enslaved now. Probably.

- Fixed trauma mcm toggle. 

- A couple of fixes for overlay code.

- Removed trying to add slavetats to kennel slaves as it's not working. 

- Cidhna mine now a part of Markarth.
- No toll evasion force greet while in dialogue. 
- Added open/close mouth override to the debug menu. Force open/close the PC mouth regardless of whether gagged or not. Seems there's a bug in DD gags not opening the mouth on game load so here's a temp fix. 
- Removed HousePurchase quest override. 
- Fixed some dialogue conditions on toll evasion licence revoke allowing you to select 'I don't have any licences'.
- Fixed toggling licence system off wasn't shutting off curfew. 

- Fixed some orgasm fatigue log spam.
- Fixed tolls not refreshing/doors not locking. This should also fix problems with fast travel. 
- Excluded Khajiit traders from licence restrictions as was originally intended. 
- Fixed location tracking around Dragonbridge.

- Added curfew check that you are not an SD slave. SD slaves can wander with their master during curfew.
- Fixed 2x unfilled gate curfew properties in TollUtil.
- Forgot to recompile TollGuard script after making changes. 
- Fixed guard taking you home for curfew actually taking you to the inn instead.
- Fixed Util SendToKennel() always sending to Whiterun kennel.
- Bug fixes for location resolution.
- Fixed some curfew dialogue decisions and outcomes. 
- A bunch of other fixes. 

- Added city exteriors to location resolver. Allows curfew to respect the conditions inside the walls - If the town is enslaved then guards outside will use slavetown curfew hours.
- Fixed jiggles won't apply during masturbation.
- Fixed toggling off orgasm fatigue wasn't removing spells or resetting orgasm count.
- Fixed orgasm fatigue's reduced spell magnitude applying to enchanted items.

- Fixed some conditions on MaleNordCommander that allowed playing comments on non guards. 
- Added tracking of your BiS dirtyness for comments etc.
- Added 'RevokeLicence' to the API.
- Changed the kennel event in the API to reflect the addition of the other kennels. Also fixed the related kennel guard punishment which can now trigger in any city. 
- Fixed kennel lighting.
- Fixed Jiggles mcm toggle and jiggles spell was not applying the buy/sell price perk. Also moved it to the sex menu.
- Magic collar - Added compatibility with Submissive Lola.
- Fixed - you must now make the toll guard cum to successfully pay the toll.
- Fixed daydreaming oddness with nirnroot (visible but not harvestable). Existing nirnroot with the issue will need to respawn before being fixed (cell reset).
- Changed gag begging to require you to kneel via the wheel instead of sneaking for compatibility. Also made serveral fixes for gagged begging. Still need a better kneeling animation though.
- Added teleport to kennel to the debug menu.
- Added a way for you to forbid certain Npcs from the escort scan via json 'ForbiddenEscorts.json'. Added all DCL followers to this list.
- Restored the option to assign a hotkey to open your mouth.
- Fixed dialogue conditions for buying a home when property licence is disabled.
- Added additional checks to guard behaviors. Specifically DHLPsuspend and Player AI package = none.
- Fixed some bugs in bikini distribution and added count for missing armors. 
- Probable fix for begging for clothes sometimes being missing. Also added conditions on begging for boots (must have none or at least must not be wearing any for MWA).
- Fixed magic collar was applying the non collar curse with player centric licence system.
- Fixed inflation potion could be equipped even when toggled off. 
- Expanded magic curse for followers support to 10 followers max.
- Fixed ModEnjoyment() for SLSO 1.6.6.
- Fixed initial guard behavior warning for doing drugs had no force greet package on the alias stack. How'd this go unnoticed for so long? 
- Sleeping on the ground - Changed punishment outcome to send you to vanilla prison if POP is not installed instead of adding a bounty which was causing guards to go mental with bloodlust (vanilla Skyrim behavior). Also swap heavy bondage for 3 other devices before sending to prison so you can actually use the bed. 
- Fixed toll doors will unlock (and stay unlocked, which was the problem) when player is under AI control (Slaverun). 
- Added bikini armor test to the Bikini licence Mcm. Use to check your armor qualifies as bikini armor or heels.
- Fixed jiggles making creatures moan like men. 
- SLS sends a mod event now when you enter and leave slaverun town jurisdiction. Made slaverun city and town detection more robust.
- Removed several redundant scripts.
- Some more kennel tweaks.

- Fixed a bug in RevokeRandomLicence(). Used when walking away from a licence confiscation event during toll evasion punishment.
- Make your sex partner moan when affected by your jigglyness. Moan strength depends on how jiggly you are. It's something but jiggles needs more noticeable feedback. 

- Added check for in combat or weapons drawn before playing out of breath animation.
- Added slider for chance to play out of breath animation with active bikini curse.
- Fixed toll blowjob not starting.
- Removed 'Look At' debug messagebox.
- Fixed interior kennel door oddness when 'Followers won't stay' option was disabled.
- Moved sex/rape type options to their own mcm page. 
- Added 'player as victim' option to auto-sucking.
- Fixed interfaces not starting on new game without saving and reloading. 
- Fixed bug in licence confiscation during toll evasion punishment and added the new licence types as options.

- Curse spell visual effects won't play anymore on sex end. Only on curse start. 
- Fixed masturbation stat. 
- Fixed an easy escape from getting caught by enforcers.
- You should be able to change the slot mask of the tongues to whatever you want now without the script crapping out.
- Fixed a bug with dismemberment when both arms were cut off devious devices could not be equipped. 
- Fixed unfilled property in Slaverun interface.
- Fixed a bug in licence purchase blocking.
- Added some new curse sounds and reduced their volume a little. 
- Fixed CTD on issuing 'withdraw' command?
- Fixed bikini curse wasn't assessing your outfit for the short of breath effect when first applied.
- Devious Followers lives won't be restored unless you spend at least 6 hours in the kennel.
- Hand cleaned the mod in TesEdit.

- Fixed conflict between daydreaming and begging for clothes.
- Added volume controls and toggle to trauma.
- Increased the max number of traumas sliders.
- Sends mod event on cum satiation level change.


V0.602 (07-Aug-2020)

- Upgrading? Rebuild your TesEdit patch. Save and load after installing.

- Added cum. Lots of cum.... Wide variety now available at apothecaries to satisfy your hunger.
- Drinking creature cum increases your corruption. Bottled or otherwise. So while goat, dog and horse cum is nice and cheap (thanks to kennel sluts), chugging back loads of the stuff has long term implications for your characters sexual orientation.
- Fixed sexy fairies not refreshing on game load. 
- Rearranged the status menu a bit.
- Fixed some problems with punishments for toll evasion doing things it shouldn't (adding magic curse, confiscating etc)
- Some small code improvements.


- V0.600  (04-Aug-2020) 

- Upgrading? Rebuild your TesEdit patch. Save and load after installing.

- Added troll cum potion with all the benefits and drawbacks of sucking it directly from the source. Added potions to apothecaries. They're rare in small towns. Better chance of finding them in city apothecaries. 
- Added sexy butterflies to daydreaming with thanks to Psycho_Bill for the models and textures.
- Added devices menu. Allows you to unlock Npcs but should be used wisely! More importantly it allows you to 'examine' a device and learn what key you need to unlock it (if any).
- Gave kennel slaves some starting FHU cum inflation to get the ball rolling. Cut tattoos down to 1 because they're not working and it's wasted processing time. Still waiting on a reply about that.
- Some kitchen knife fixes - 1st person model, draw/sheath sound, keywords. With thanks to tamai.
- Added 'Look At Debug' to the debug menu. If you have problems with wobbley aim then try setting your IsNpc variable to 0. 
- Fixed daydreaming causing men to have gaps and er... holes. I think...?
- Removed CumSwallowInflate Quest and script and integrated it into Utility.
- Updated some of the beg for cock anims by Audhol.

- Some minor bug fixes and improvements. 


- V0.599  (02-Aug-2020) 

- Fixed another bug in daydream. 


- V0.598  (01-Aug-2020) 

- Fixes some weirdness with daydreaming effect. Daydreaming will be hard stopped by the update. To those keeping daydream enabled - daydream will restart on satiation level change. 


- V0.597  (01-Aug-2020) 

- Upgrading? Get STA 4.0. Rerun FNIS. Only important for people with modfied jsons: Adds a small change to BikiniArmor.json - Added 'bikinimodname' string. This is the name of the bikini mod SLS will check for in the mcm. 
- Added daydreaming to cum addiction. When your character starts to become desperate for cum she'll start to daydream a little and see the world from a unique perspective. 
- Added 'last action' to the wheel. A handy short-cut to repeat what you did previously. 
- Updated some of the bend over animations with thanks again to audhol.
- Bend over and let nearby Npcs go to town on your ass (STA Spanks). Get up to stop.
- Added a way for you to add RapeTats to PAH, SBC or Zaz slaves or Npcs wearing heavy bondage via the wheel. Needs charcoal sticks (only thing I could think of).
- Added a recipe to create charcoal sticks from charcoal.
- Added Devious Drowning effect - Swimming while wearing heavy bondage will quickly drain your stamina. Once your stamina is gone your health will drop quickly. Swimming in heavy bondage is deadly! Don't do it for anything except very short periods of time. 
- Added 'fly you fools' to combat idles. Tries to force nearby followers to flee with you in fights you can't possibly win. Stops automatically when combat ends or you can manually toggle to re-engage. 
- Added starting cum, devices & rape tats to kennel slaves to give it that 'lived in' feel. Tats not working for some reason even though they show in slavetats mcm. Waiting on a reply from slavetats author. 
- Added toggle for equipping Devious suits (hobbleskirt, pet suit, straitjacket etc) in the kennel. Default off. 
- Stick out tongue no longer requires your mouth be open. Selecting a tongue will automatically open your mouth. 
- Rejigged the tongue menu to make swapping between tongues easier. 
- Added cover animation from Zaz to SLS. Credit to Zaz/t.ara. DCL no longer required for covering self. Swap the animation yourself if you want to use something else - \meshes\actors\character\animations\SL_Survival\SLS_ZaZCoverSelf.HKX
- Allowed the use of activators (beds, switches etc) when your arms are cut off. Disallowed the use of furniture instead. 
- Fixed bad start up logic in Devious Effects quest. 
- Added check to auto suck that their balls are mostly full before sucking otherwise what's the point.
- Added a way for you to configure the name of the bikini mod SLS should check for in the Mcm. Change the 'bikinimodname' in BikiniArmors.json.
- Added SexlabNoStrip keyword check to your armor for sleep deprivation. 
- Fixed items from previous outfits bleeding into new outfits. 
- Auto return your stuff from the chest when leaving the kennel. 
- Kennel keeper will also strip your weapons now. 
- Fixed magicka rate debuff when cum hungry or worse and buff when satisfied (nobody reported this? tut tut)
- Fixed bug in cry for help sex scene not starting.
- Created some more variable space in the mcm script. 


- V0.595  (14-July-2020) 

- Upgrading? Rerun Fnis just to be safe. This update will invalidate your current licences! So dump them, cheat yourself some gold and buy replacements - 'Player.AddItem f 1000' in console. The Misc -> debug -> Teleport To menu can send you straight to a licence guy without your stuff getting confiscated at the gate. 

- Duplicated licence aliases quest and removed old one. This should stop duplicate licence notifications which was causing log spam. As a result old licences will stop working. 

- Fixed 'Attract attention' creating a CTD. 

- Fixed some log spam on new games. 

- Removed a couple of unused animations from fnis behavior file. 

- Some minor bug fixes. 


- V0.594  (13-July-2020) 

- Upgrading? Run FNIS. Mod now requires UIextensions: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57046. Added open mouth scripts for SLSO 1.6.5

- Super deluxe wheel edition (:P). All keys have been combined into one. Wheel has some things you might find nice for role-play or just useful.

- Retrofitted licence system with instanced licences. System should now survive events where licences are destroyed by other mods. Any current licences you have will have two notifications when you read them. One saying it's expired the other saying it's fine. This is ok. Next time you buy a licence should fix it. 
- Added: Cum fullness. Cum can not be sucked infinitely from cocks. Males will need some time to recover. Load size adjusted based on the male's last orgasm time. Affects the amount of food/drink/cum satiation/belly inflation provided. If a male hasn't got enough cum then cum effects won't fire including magic effects and healing amputations. You should spread that mouth of yours around. 
- Swallowing cum provides a PSQ succubus with an energy boost. Load size counts so bigger balls = more cum = more energy. Cum fullness also applies. 
- You can gag yourself now to stop yourself automatically sucking creature cock. Ring gags obviously won't do the job.
- Filtered kennel door activation for the player. Stops npcs firing the script during Whiterun siege. 
- Enforcers now too can show you some appreciation in the form of ass slapping and cat calling.
- Added another check for another type of invisible invisible inventory objects for licence confiscations.
- Added toggle for Frostfall 'rescue events'.
- Added check to auto suck that you're not riding a horse. 
- Added some checks to enforcer force greet to try to avoid the player when she's 'otherwise occupied'.
- Possible fix for mcm name bug.
- Added a button to import followers from json again should you make manual changes to the file. 
- Fixed some bugs in import options.
- Fixed mouth being open on sex start with the open mouth scripts.
- Fixed a bug in the scene where you try to sleep on the ground in town.
- Fixed automatic removing of cursed collar when buying a magic licence. 
- Made some variable space in the Mcm script.
- Fixed a bug around interactions with slot 61.

- Other stuff I forgot.

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