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Once Upon a Time there was an outfit mod that had a number of optional "damaged" versions. That Mod was NINI Stuff (4.0 and 1.2) 


But the good people of Tamriel wondered... Why would we build damaged armor? Can't we build good armor and let it get damaged? 


Along came another mod called Bikini Armor Break,  and that mod allowed the bikini armor you were wearing to be stripped off you and broken. 


So I got to thinking... What if I could get Bikini Armor Break to strip off NINI armor and break it! 


and thus this patch was born. ?


"So what really happens?", you ask.


Well you can craft NINI armors and wear them in to battle, the ones that do not have a damaged alternate NIF will simply break into a scrap part that can be smelted into an ingot. The ones that do have an alternate damaged NIF will turn into a broken version of the part that was damaged. That broken item can be used to craft the damaged version of the armor part using the create item menu from Campfire. (if the damaged armor part gets broken it will turn into a scrap part.)


"Is that all?", you ask.


Well, no... I also added the Keywords to support BakaFactory mods (You will need BakaFactory's version of SexLab Aroused or SLAX for those to work) AND I added keywords for SexLab Survival making the armors Bikini (okay I know many of the armors are not very bikini like, but this patch will make them flimsy like a bikini and that is good enough for me! My mod my rules! ?)


"Now is that all?", you continue to ask. 


As it turns out, no... There is one more thing. I changed the recipes for crafting the NINI armors so that you need a book to make them. This was done to alleviate the crafting table bloat all those extra armors creates. The book "How to Make NINI armor" can be crafted at the forge using 1 ink and 1 paper, once in your inventory you will see the armors in the forge crafting list. (as long as you meet all the other requirements, some armors still require crafting perks as well as the book.)


You will not need the book to temper, or to make the damaged parts out of the broken pieces. 


So what do you need?


Required (Installed first)

NINI Stuff 4.0 The version with slutty and damaged parts (The standard version will work sort of... but without the damaged nifs there isn't much point to this patch. ?)

NINI Stuff 1.2 Also the version with slutty and damaged parts. (see above!)

The Amazing World of Bikini Armor - Break

SexLab Survival 

BakaFactory Version of SexLab Aroused Redux * or SexLab Aroused Extended (A.K.A. SLAX)

Campfire - Complete Camping system


*The link sends you to BaboDialog if you scroll down you will find a download link for SexLab aroused under required mods (you may not be able to view it as it is a patreon post I'll ask FactoryClose if I can use a direct link and update if I can... Or just use SLAX. ?)




Once you have all that installed then install the mod on the download section (Currently beta no version number)


NOTE! This is currently in Testing it appears to work on my set up but I need to know if it works on your set up. ?



Thanks to:

NINI! For the wonderful outfits and making damaged versions! 

Suzutsuki! For Bikini Armor Break!

MONOMAN1! For SexLab Survival!

BakaFactory! For Keywords and SL Arousal versions with those keywords! 

Lupine00! For putting BakaFactory Keywords in SLAX so there are options! 

Chesko! For making a way to craft things in the field without a need for a crafting table! 


Special shout out to:

All my friends on LoversLab! For not permanently blocking me for making bad jokes! 





What's New in Version 1.1Beta


Fixed the smelting recipe for the scrap NINI Items.

New Download file added that removes SexLab Survival as a master

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