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  1. And did you get an answer on "What do you know about this place?"?
  2. I tried to convert the arissa follower to sse for personal use. I seem to work for the most parts, but one dialog option doesn't work. She doesn't answer to "what do you know about this place?". After googling it, it seems that some people have this problem. Anybody have ideas for this?
  3. Wahrscheinlich passen die Texturen jetzt nicht zu den Meshes. Kopiere die Texturen von \data\textures\actors\character\female nach /data/textures/actors/character/female/emvilja
  4. Vilja hat ihren eigenen Körper d.h. du musst die meshes ersetzen: Kopiere dazu die meshes von meshes\actors\character\character assets nach /data/meshes/actors/character/character assets/emvilja Den emvilja Ordner musst du dazu vermutlich erst anlegen...
  5. The 3BBB Advanced contains a vagina texture and vagina tunnel. The nexus file doesn't.
  6. The erros means that you have to install ZAZ Animationpack first. Get it here:
  7. There is a working conversion of yps-immersive fashion:
  8. Maybe it helps to move XPMSSE down in your modorder, so that it overwrites the skeleton of mnc and sos.
  9. Could be a problem with werewolf schlong meshes. You could try to disable them.
  10. Did anybody found a fix for NPCs, which just leave to the dungeon, when they are supposed to stay at your side for a scene? I got that problem quite often. As a workaround i teleport the npc to me, speak to the them to move the scene to the next stage, but its quite annoying. I assume that the npcs get a wrong ai package at some point or that one package is bugged.
  11. In this version some facegen data for the Bidders are missing causing Blackfaces. Here are the missing ones: SimpleSlaveryPlus BlackfaceFix.7z
  12. Here is my unoffical conversion of this version. And here is the modified Amputator Framework: Sexlab Survival 0.576 (11-Jan-2020) SSE.7z
  13. I've made my own conversion of the tweaked version. It's my first try to convert a mod. Amputator Framework Tweaked v1.3 (15-Oct-2019) SSE.7z
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