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  1. Here you can try this one: AnimalMansionPlusNS_1.7z
  2. Starting with the latest version 1.36 i get flat breasts. I've installed the old 1.34 again and the problem was gone. Reinstalled 1.36 and the flat breasts a back. I believe the is a problem with the cbpc config. Here some pics: 1.36 with smp, all good: 1.36 with cbpc: 1.34 with cbpb:
  3. Did you activate them in the Simple Slavery MCM Menu?
  4. The toenails textures are for unp bodies. They don't work on cbbe.
  5. It's "Sex Lab - Sexual Fame (0.99)" Framework. There is an option that masochist NPCs want to wear collars. You can deactivate this in the MCM.
  6. You have to go through the pre-main quest. Near a city, best Whiterun, you should get a message from a courier. So maybe wait a couple of hours in whiterun...
  7. Untick them in the mod-manager and run FNIS afterwards. Alternative you could reinstall the animation pack. I think FunnyBiz had a FMod-Installer, where you can choose, which animation group you want to install. Then too of course you need to run FNIS again.
  8. Well this is primary a question of your personal taste. I had deleted all the FunnyBiz animations, because i didn't like them, specially animations groups like Guro, Necro, Molag. In my setup they were often poorly (unimmersive) chosen.
  9. Here is the runtime (Devious Devices runtime 1.5.97 skse 2.0.17): Devious Devices runtime 1.5.97 skse
  10. This version is compatible with the latest version. In the Fmod installer you choose "None" at the skse page and it should install the dll for 2.0.17
  11. https://mega.nz/#!HZFXHaqY!bUZSI5zF8mljHIqOqmfbZPo7_y8DsqHxNrU9lPbuWpE
  12. https://www.loverslab.com/?app=core&module=system&controller=content&do=find&content_class=forums_Topic&content_id=101172&content_commentid=2833386
  13. Yeah, because Finn is the only one, who won't be dismissed after a scene. The others are following you to the startpoint of a scene and in the scene they are dismissed.
  14. There is a patch for this check in the support thread:
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