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SexLab Remove Standard Animations (Early Alpha) 0.3

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About This File

BEWARE! This is barely tested. I made the script change and SexLab worked flawless, but I dont know if this has some long time drawbacks I did not yet see. 


Use with Caution!


Do not use on an important Save!

If you uncertain, just stay away and wait from feedback from other players.


What did I do?


I opened sslAnimationDefaults source and deleted all but this code:


scriptname sslAnimationDefaults extends sslAnimationFactory


For JSON loading animation instructions, see /data/SKSE/Plugins/SexLab/Animations/_README_.txt


function LoadAnimations()

Then I compiled it, started my game (running game), reinstall sexlab (Rebuild in MCM) and all Standard Sexlab Creature and Player animations were gone. 
Meaning all the standard animations that come with Sexlab are not showing up. 



Make backup first of the file "sslAnimation Defaults.pex" in scripts folder. 

Overwrite Sexlab (will replace only 1 file)

Load your save

Got to Sexlab MCM 

Rebuild / Clean System 
Check "Toggle Animations" 

-> see if all sexlab standard animations are gone. so without SL Anim Loader you should have zero animations.
Check creatures too. 



I will test this script on my profile for some time now. 
You are welcome to join in. Please report any possibly occuring issues or malfunctions of Sexlab.


Known Problems

Some mods are reliant on these animations. For example Slaverun Reloaded tries to call some of them. I dont know what happenes when they are gone. 


Compatible with Sexlab Utility from osmelMC 


List of Recommended Mods (not a hard dependency tho)

Animation Limit Crash Fix (removes Load game CTD limit)

Sexlab Utility (osmelmc Mod tweaks) (increases SLAL limit to 750/750, randomizes Sexlab Scene selection based on tags)

SexLab Tools 3.0 (change animation while running)



What's New in Version 0.3


Ok, this is cursed lol, managed to upload wrong files TWO times... 

Now the PEX should be correctly in the scripts and the PSC correctly in the SOURCE folder, damnit... 

Uploaded only the .psc file accidently (which does nothing)
Very sorry for the confusion. 
0.1 AND 0.2 is basically not working then. 


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