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About This File


SexLab plugin to impregnate the soul gems in the women.

Can be pregnant soul gems up to 100 per one woman, and It is possible to be spawning at any time.

You can be milking for a while after birth and during pregnancy.

There is no features of menstruation and Childbirth.

This is stand alone pregnancy mod. Not Hentai Pregnancy add-on.



Skeleton with "NPC Belly", "NPC L Breast" amd "NPC R Breast" nodes.

Body mesh which supports pregnancy.


MCM Settings

You can either can be who can pregnant, who can impregnate, to set and probability of pregnancy.


Player Can Pregnant

Pregnancy whether the player will change regardless of the other settings.

Undead Can Pregnant

Pregnancy whether the undead will change. This has no meaning unless you enable the setting of one of the below.

Follower Can Pregnant

Pregnancy whether the follower is switched. Please note so NPC can be followers, not the followers of this current follower. Who in the Potential Follower Faction. Undead will be excluded as long as you do not enable the above settings.

Women will be able to all pregnancy. Undead will be excluded as long as you do not enable the above settings.

It is not to MCM, but you can set the NPC fertile separately using the power. This does not affect other settings.


Race Specific Milk

Milk of each race will be added when it is milked. In addition, the effect is all the same just to be items with different name currently.

Filling Chance

It is the probability that the soul gems pregnant are filled.


Page3 Target NPC

This NPC is the same as Target NPC of SexLab MCM Menu.

Please select the NPC using the hot key of SexLab side.


If the soul gems have grown in a Pitty or more, so that you can oviposition in any timing.

Please use it because there is a power like it.

You can interrupt the oviposition when you activate the NPC in oviposition.

Oviposition will be interrupted by pressing the activation key in the case of player.


Milk can accumulate slowly for a while after giving birth and during pregnancy.

You can be milking when there 1.0 or more milk, and be equipped to make a Milker in the other category of smithing forge.

NPCs are milking automatically when there is a milk If you pass a milker.





Oviposition when target character to be able to oviposition.

Mass will oviposition all characters who is around can be spawning.



You can be if milking breast milk is enough.

Speed ​​of accumulated milk varies depending on the amount of soul gems them pregnant.


Register can get pregnant

Target NPC will be able to pregnancy regardless of the other settings.

For example, if you register Serana, she will be able to get pregnant even if you do not allow undead pregnancy.


Register can impregnate

Target NPC will be able to impregnate regardless of the setting of the other.

For example, if you register Serana, she will be able to impregnate even if you are not allow female impregnate and undead impregnate.


Register Exclude Pregnant

Target NPC will no longer can get pregnant, regardless of the other settings.

For example, if you register Lydia, she will not be able to get pregnant if you check follower can pregnant and every female can pregnant.



May be conflicts with other pregnancy plugins, but register allow/disallow pregnant for specific NPCs will be avoid the conflict to some extent.

And It is possible to be almost ignored the impact of this mod for NPC particular by disabling the node change.


NPC Body Scale Randomizer(as BSR)

Belly Node Scaling by BSR to NPC pregnant in this mod will be stopped automatically.

In addition, the size of the breast is the swelled in this mod + setting with BSR.


Ashal for SexLabFramework

h38fh2mf for PapyrusUtil

ZaZ Chris for Gush effect

Milking Cuirass for oli3d

What's New in Version 1.06


  • 1.00
  • - Initial Release
  • 1.01
  • - Added Forgotten translation files
  • - Small Update
  • 1.02
  • - Fixed a bug that milk is increased excessively
  • 1.03
  • - Added soulgem ownership threshold slider
  • - Added cum inflation
  • - Added node change exclude spell
  • - Added race Specific milk effect
  • - Added cheese recipe
  • - realistic needs and disease support
  • - some fixes
  • 1.04
  • - Fixed cum inflation issues
  • - Added some MCM options
  • - compatibility with NPC Body Scale Randomizer
  • - some fixes
  • 1.05
  • - Added some spells
  • Show Gems Spell
  • Detect Pregnant
  • Clear Pregnancy Spell
  • - Added Player Node Change option
  • - Fixed NPC Milking Bug
  • 1.05a
  • - Fixed record of total milk yield is was wrong
  • 1.06
  • - Changed Breast Scaling
  • - Changed node update method
  • - Some fix

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