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NPC Body Scale Randomizer 3.04

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About This File

NPC Body Scale Randomizer 3.00 and Old BPH 2.0X is not compatible.



This is a mod to change automatically in the range of random value that is set the Bust, Penis, Butt, Belly and Height, Weight Scale of the NPC who is around.

You can lower limit on the random value of each, and whether to change and configure each MCM.

If the value changed is recorded, it will be changed to the scale next time.

You can re-randomized set or manually individually for NPC in the MCM or Hotkey if the value did not like.

Penis, bust, butt and belly size randomize will not work if the NPC does not have the Node of each. And penis size change works only for SOS.

Please be aware there might be changes height and weight are stored in the game, it will not be restored when you uninstall the mod or disable the feature.

Change in weight will be displayed neck seams after the functions are deactivated. And it is very heavy. Added because there was a demand, but it is highly recommended that it be disabled. Change the data of esp / esm If you want to change the only few NPCs.

If the height and/or weight of randomization is enabled on the state you are sitting in those NPC moves as the opening event, please note the game so mess up. However to ride a horse is all right.




Put NPC Body Scale Randomizer.bsa and NPC Body Scale Randomizer.esp in /Skyrim/Data/

After that, please start a mod from MCM menu.



h38fh2mf for PapyrusUtil

What's New in Version 3.04


  • 2.01
  • - Initial Release
  • 2.02
  • - Fixed a bug that NPC riding a horse fly somewhere when randomize height is enable.
  • 2.03
  • - Fixed a bug that mannequin spree anger.
  • 2.04
  • - Belly scale randomize added.
  • 2.041
  • - Completion of text forget fixes and small internal processing.
  • 2.05
  • - Butt scale and weight randomize added.
  • 3.00
  • - Completely reworked.
  • 3.01
  • - Fixed translation files name and directories, and small update.
  • 3.02
  • - Compatiblity with SexLab SoulGem Pregnancy
  • - fixed a MCM bug
  • 3.02a
  • - Compatiblity with SexLab SoulGem Pregnancy 1.06
  • 3.03
  • - Fixed MCM bug
  • - Fixed Weight Randomize
  • 3.04
  • - Exclude Leveled NPCs from Weight Randomize

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