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  1. I ported your excellent sexlabstopcombat to Skyrim SE. I hope you didn't mind

  2. The conversion to Fusion Girl changed the name of the Node and the systematic changes are no longer made. This is a simple script fix for that. And I liked this a lot, but the scripting seemed a bit lacking, so I took the liberty of modifying it. If you don't like it, delete it. The changes are NPCs can now use them, and they can also be milked. Prolactin and Diluted Bio-chemical Fuel will now gradually decrease your body size over time. Up to 10 times. If you want NPCs to use Prolactin, the Jetpack has an Auto Use feature that you can craft to use it. If you want NPCs to use Diluted Bio-chemical Fuel, the Jetpack has Auto Use, so you can craft it and use it. Diluted Bio-chemical Fuel increases the size of your belly and buffs your recovery and SPECIAL. Milking can now be done with the Jetpack alone. Jetpack Flying requires CROSS Jetpack. AngeliA01FG_ScriptFix.zip AngeliLatex_Alt.7z
  3. This is my version of Fusion Girl 1.8 conversion. It was not possible to transform the body precisely, so I used the body of Fusion Girl 1.8 as it is. The original textures were not suitable for Fusion Girl, so I modified the normal body textures. This is why the logo is missing and many other things are different from the original. AngeliLatex_FG1.8.7z
  4. Version 1.0


    Description This is the SE version of PSQ. Please wait for detailed explanation. It is roughly the same as LE.
  5. View File Description This is the SE version of PSQ. Please wait for detailed explanation. It is roughly the same as LE. Submitter ojanen Submitted 01/06/2019 Category Adult Mods Requires Regular Edition Compatible View File  
  6. The function of getting Stats of Sexlab itself has changed since we first made it, but it seems to be a problem if we just convert to SE. I will try, but I have some other things to do and I have to wait for a while.
  7. I am sorry that's name is confusing, but this is an LE version. SE is attached to name, but it is Sugoi Edition, not Special Edition. Since it was rebuilt from scratch on creation, it has no compatibility with those of the past. Even if it is said that there is no previous esp, that is normal.
  8. I made a tag setting, but wait for a moment that not to play men only sex. Things like this?
  9. Hello 9900K. Warranty? What is that? Delicious food?
  10. I came back from a business trip but I am busy working on the balance work so please wait for a moment. But it seems that the trouble was solved.
  11. Try setting the Fivesome rate to 100, the rest to 0, and set the Bestiality rate to 100%. However, there is a defect now, it does not correspond to Male-Female-Creature combination. I'd like to release a modified version, but I can not work because I am on a business trip and I can not work. In case of anything, do it manually select. Mass Match Maker SE for SSE
  12. Then it will be a bit troublesome so please wait for a moment.
  13. Currently, No. Well I'll think about something.
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