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A place where users can share their work in progress projects, as well as projects that they have abandoned.

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  1. The Beast Tamers - The Hyena Tamer

    The following images are from an SFM anthro project that I was teasing back in spring. They were taken at around the same time I made the announcement. I had planned to return to this project later on in the year, or in other words now, but having recently moved things around a bit on my PC, I may have broken the project files. If I am able to restore the project files, I will of course continue to work on it, but in case it is completely dead in the water, I wish to share the old progress images.
    I hope you all enjoy them and please let me know your thoughts on the matter. As I said, I cannot promise that I will be able to restore the files, but I will at least try. I actually got much further along and made significant improvements to all of these frames so it would be quite sad if it all went to waste. The project itself went far beyond just Hyena Tamer. I made a multitude of different sets and had quite a few characters and stories in the lineup.
    CHANGELOG: 2023-12-04: 1.00 released
    CHANGELOG: 2023-12-05: project files saved and 2.00 released



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