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A place where users can see a library of the tags used to categorize works uploaded to the club.

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ABEC / ECBC Tagging System Reference Images

This blog provides visual examples for some of the tags from the content tagging system used by the Audio Based Erotica Club and the Erotic Comic Book Club.   (Only a chart illustrating female breast size and buttock size is currently available, but other charts and reference images will be added with time. A chart providing visual examples for the penis tags is already in the works.)    


A library of the tags that should be used to categorize uploaded and shared works within the club.   --- LEGEND ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⚠    : indicates that a tag may be offensive or off-putting to some (tags with this symbol must have it attached within your tag list!) ?    : indicates that a tag is potentially subject to change "non-ero" : devoid of s

Wonders of Eros

Wonders of Eros in Tags

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