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This mod contains multiple sculptures that can be accessed through SCC art bench which is in the production tab.
It contains anime girls sculptures, anime men sculptures and furry sculptures.

They come in three sizes: Medium, Large and Huge sculptures. They can be made with wood, steel or various stone blocks.
For ideology dlc it contains some ideograms and a lectern.
It also adds multiple styles for ideology which changes the normal looking Scc sculptures in the normal art bench, it also allows colonists to make speeches at those sculptures.
The more lewd sculptures you have made from the SCC art bench and have put in the room, the higher meditation quality of the statues increases.

Future Plan:
Add more lewd ideology buildings such as altars and various others.

Edited by SpiritCookieCake
A new update.

What's New in Version 1.1.0


Version 1.1.0

Update most likely not safe to do on an existing colony with the old version! Works best with new game.

People with ideology and without the ideology dlc can make the different type of lewd sculptures using the new SCC art bench.
Made the sculptures type connected to styles if you have ideology dlc which you can access in the normal art bench.
Can select multiple types of lewd styles for ideology: Oppai, Flat, Furry, Men.
Currently the styles affect the sculptures in the normal art bench and some ideograms.
Previous lewd style and sculptures renamed to Oppai.

Added: 1 medium oppai sculpture. 2 huge and 5 medium flat chest sculptures. 4 medium and 1 large men sculptures.
Added: 2 medium, 1 large, and 1 huge Furry female sculptures.


Version 1.0.4
Added new lewd ideograms.
Added a new lewd Lectern. Can be found at the misc tab.
Increased the stuff cost to make sculptures by a little bit more due to it having more beauty than vanilla sculptures.
Added some new huge sculptures and 1 medium sculpture.
Note: Updating on a current save may cause some sculptures to randomize to another sculpture of same size.



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