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About This File

Just a simple mod that makes changes to the "flank" body part added by RJW to make it unable to be damaged or destroyed.

It does this by implementing the changes user zkzk91 mentioned in the RJW thread.


for people who wants to stop the constant missing flank body part you can add




to the body part def in Defs/BodyPartDefs/BodyParts_Humanlike.xml and set coverage to 0 in the body patch file if you set conceptual


then it functions like waist or pelvis body parts that either can't be targeted by attack or be destroyed if it does respectively, and it still works for adding udders

This is exactly that and nothing more, but being it's own separate mod means you don't have to redo the change every time you update RJW.


What's New in Version 1.3


Mod type(?) changed from a def file edit to a patch. This will avoid potential issues down the line and is cleaner.

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