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This Rimworld mod might not be suitable for you, if you:

  • aren't of age (legally 18+)
  • can't distinguish real life from a game
  • think human leather hats are great, but sex in Rimworld is unacceptable


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  • sex
  • genitals
  • sex need
  • prostitution
  • pregnancy
  • basic human offspring
  • sexchange
  • rape
  • bestiality
  • STDs
  • many options to enable/disable/tweak features
  • and much more!


Installation: Mod install Guide

  1. Make sure you have the latest stable version of Rimworld and the other required mods (⇒Load Order)
  2. Delete all files from previous RJW versions
  3. Unpack the stuff inside the zip into a seaparate folder inside "...steam/steamapps/common/rimworld/mods/" (put it next to core) - you can use programs like 7-Zip to unpack the .zip
  4. make sure your RJW mod files aren't nested, .../Rimworld/mods/RJW/[all the files here] is mandatory
  5. Activate it & the required mods in the right ⇒Load Order!
  6. Restart Rimworld


Load Order(Required/Optional)

  1. Harmony Harmony in Steam workshopHarmony on Github (has to be the very first mod)
  2. Core (that's the game)
  3. Rimworld DLCs
  4. Hugslib Hugslib in Steam workshopHugslib on Ludeon ForumsHugslib on Github
  5. Other Mods
  6. RimJobWorld (always last)
  7. RJW Addons




RJW-LOGO.png.c1e0926624cc582266c27c693afe6216.png General

RJW adds a new Sex need with various options to relieve it. Speed of decay is effected by the Sex drive stat (adjust speed in Basic Settings).


For a pawn to be able to have sex it needs to be of Age - the pawns need to be older then the minimum sex age (sex min age and age of consent adjustable), old pawns will be less desired/targeted. Pawns will choose their partners based on their sexuality (⇒Infotab) if they have a choice.


The ensuing sex positions depend on existing genitals and limbs of all partners (adjust chances in Sex Settings) and will be recorded in the pawns social and record tab. The sex need can be fulfilled with Masturbation in "privacy", vanilla lovin', joining someone in bed or by Whoring, Rape or Bestiality. Drunk and stoned pawns may choose the wrong partners. Desperately horny pawns might try themselves on some unorthodox methods of satisfaction...


Horny, frustrated and aheago pawns loose Psyfocus (Royality DLC). Asexual pawns will neither gain nor loose sex need. Love enhancer makes your pawns enjoy all forms of sex.

  • Traits

RJW adds some traits to the random trait pool which are:

  • Hypersexuality - high sexdrive, joins vulnerable (sleeping) pawns in bed if horny, gained by humpshroom addiction, can restore focus (Royality DLC) with sex
  • Rapist - prefers to rape, gained after 10+ sexacts, 10+% of it rape and pawn isn't a masochist, lost when broken
  • Necrophiliac - has fun with the dead, gained after 10+ sexacts and 50+% with corpses, restore focus with fucking corpses
  • Zoophile - likes animal company, gained after 10+ sexacts and 50+% with animals, restore focus with fucking animals


Some other traits which have effects:

  • Masochist - loves being raped, gained when broken
  • Bloodlust - loves to rape
  • wimp, beautiful...
  • some mod added ones like prude (Psychology) or xenophile (Alien Race Framework) effect behaviour as well.
  • RJW Infotab2032301912_Screenshot(206).png.aff5562f10f8010745fc2942589865e8.png

The infotab shows the creatures sexuality, sexuality source can be adjusted in settings and controls where RJW will take pawn sexuality from, this does not change romantic factors (whether or not pawns get married/have lovers & co. depends on other mods and vanilla Rimworld). You will also see the pawns whoring price and:

  • Quirks - thanks to Zaltys

Quirks have minor effects, and cover fetishes and paraphilias that don't have large enough impact on the gameplay to be implemented as actual traits. You can check if your pawns have any quirks by using the new icon in the Bio-tab. Some quirks are also available to animals. A pawn has quirks, if the icon is glowing. RJW currently features:

  • Messy - more cum splatter
  • Podophile - loves feet
  • Teratophile - loves monsters and disfigured
  • Endytophile - loves clothed sex
  • Exhibitionist - loves sex in public
  • Gerontophile - loves elders
  • Somnophile - loves sleeping partners
  • Sapiosexual - loves smart
  • Fertile - more fertile
  • Infertile - less fertile
  • Impregnation fetish - loves risky sex
  • Pregnancy fetish - loves pregnant partners, won't use condoms
  • Incubator - faster eggpregnancy speed, not available as random quirk, gained after 100 egg births
  • Breeder - faster pregnancy speed, not available as random quirk, gained after 10/20 births
  • Vigorous - doesn't tire as fast

Racial preferences: (will be assigned even if you don't have any matching races installed)

  • Chitin lover

  • Demon lover

  • Feather lover

  • Fur lover

  • Plant lover

  • Robot lover

  • Scale lover

  • Skin lover

  • Slime lover

You can edit quirks from your Heroes any time, from everyone else at game start or with dev mode enabled, just click on the quirk or reroll.

  • Direct control

Enable to be able to control your colonists sexual activities directly, if they match the requirements (horny enough, the right traits, good/bad enough relation...).

  • Hero_on.png.afe958e7d6da9f0b97e8e13515241ef4.png Hero mode

Choose one pawn to be your "Hero" for life and gain direct control over this pawns sexual actions, while ignoring requirements as long as (s)he is free and in your faction. Great with the multiplayer mod. Check the settings.


Hero_on.png.afe958e7d6da9f0b97e8e13515241ef4.png Hero on

Hero_off.png.02523e1e2acc51a3d3c137ee9f8c652c.png Hero off

  • Wild Mode

Enable Wild mode for an unrestricted experience (removes restrictions and requirements for many RJW features), will result in unpredictable behavior, don't report bugs if you enabled this.


Join Bed

Horny pawns might join other friendly, horny colonists/guests when they are in bed. Hypersexuals love to do this.

Service_on.png.eb2cf0300a3403db447aa349a7cf5cb7.png Whoring

Detailed old DescriptionLet your pawns work in the oldest business known to men: Prostitution. And make a tiny profit too! To make pawns into whores just toggle the "mark for whoring" icon in the brothel tab. The whore will try so solicit visitors and guests to spend time in his/her bed, or can be approached by them. He/She only accepts if the client can actually afford the whore. Price is mainly determined by the whores traits, the room where her bed is in and the age. A whore only makes money if her age is above 12% of life expectancy. View all Whoring Stats in the Brothel Tab:


Service_on.png.eb2cf0300a3403db447aa349a7cf5cb7.png active

Service_off.png.3d96dda0895c4ee9d12c0907135e1a41.png inactive

Service_Refuse.png.43cf84521637d0063caf13ce1a5fb594.png refuses

ComfortPrisoner_on.png.ce27db9bf248cb2cb667bdf714dab68d.png Rape

Another optional way to relieve "stress" is rape. Possible targets are disliked pawns of preferred gender with high vulnerability.

  • Traits such as Rapist or Psychopath makes pawns way more likely to rape others, while Kind makes it less likely
  • pawns are more likely to rape other pawns they don't like
  • Bloodlust enjoys rape beatings (toggle on in options)
  • Masochists enjoy being raped
  • Pawns with a spouse or lover won't rape
  • The vulnerability stat determines whether or not someone can be a victim (adjust in options)

Rape can be triggered in multiple ways:

  • Extreme mental break:

Desperate pawns might see no other option but to satisfy themselves even without their partners' consent.

  • Random rape:

Pawns with the Rapist trait don't care much about the feelings of others and just take what they need.

  • Designated victims: (Comfort Rape)

To designate your prisoners (/slaves) or masochist colonists for comfort rape, which can be used for everyones enjoyment, just disable their consent:


ComfortPrisoner_on.png.ce27db9bf248cb2cb667bdf714dab68d.png active

ComfortPrisoner_off.png.bf11742a29b55fd1dd795d59754028da.png inactive

ComfortPrisoner_Refuse.png.421509ead868836e0fa470be4040848e.png refuses

  • By enemies:

Hostile horny creatures might try to rape their defeated (downed) enemies after a successful raid. Submitting might save your pawns life, but probably not their anus(es). To surrender a drafted pawn use the submission button:


The prostrating effect lasts as long as the victim is raped, but at least 1 to 2 hours.


BreederAnimal_on.png.d3850a477f31d201155ba17c2d61e1c9.png Bestiality

Enable in mod options. zoophiles will prefer animal sex partners over humans. Animals with high wildness might try to flee or attack, when molested.

  • animals with high wildness, predators or greatly different size are less likely to be chosen as sexpartner - drugged pawns might still do it
  • animals might attack or flee if they don't consent
  • you can enable animal-human pregnancies

now theres support for normal eggs too

  • Regular Bestiality

Horny zoophiles will search for animal partners, while preferring animals of similar size as them and low wilderness.

  • Raping humans

Hostile animals might use downed (vulnerable) humanlikes for pleasure, just like raiders.

  • Breeding

You can mark prisoners or zoophile colonists and animals to breed: (male animals only if they're tamed)


Breeder_on.png.1d0eadf3742697f192726ad2f8d97e0f.png active (human)

Breeder_off.png.26a2ee8f321fbb7f5dc319e34a05bb39.png inactive (human)

BreederAnimal_on.png.d3850a477f31d201155ba17c2d61e1c9.png active (animal)

BreederAnimal_off.png.4d666ccb9f5c49599923a12e56ff83f4.png inactive (animal)

Breeding_Pawn_Refuse.png.8bf65b1ca30445d0bca6b481631afead.png refuses

Breeding_Animal_on.png.11eab9fc9408de2dc5b03915032bd7ba.png initiator active (animals mount animals)

Breeding_Animal_off.png.702a86ec55b7e1712770a2f19ed1761f.png initiator inactive

  • Insect Egging

Any pawn with female ovipositor can implant egg(s) of her race once they have grown inside her, any pawn with male ovipositor can fertilize these eggs, which changes the eggs race to the one of the fertilizer. Tweak in RJW settings.


Insects will restrain their egged enemies with a cocoon (removable with surgery), which passively feeds and heals up the victim. Female insects inject eggs into the pawns and a male insect can fertilize them. The eggs incubate inside the host and hatch if the host dies. Eggs will terminate any other pregnancy and prevent new ones, slow your pawn down. Their numbers are capped, depending on the size of the race (pawn fits more with Incubator quirk or ovipositor). When its time to hatch the unfertilized eggs hatch as insect jelly, fertilized produce offspring. Most spawn will be hostile, but if the host has high psychic sensitivity the offspring might be tameable.

  • Mechanoids

Rape by Mechanoids impregnates females with hostile seeds which will destroy their hosts torso on hatching. Unless you find out about the Pregnancy (Determine Pregnancy operation) and surgically remove them in time with 10 Glittertech medicines. Can be hacked after hatch to make them friendly.

  • In-between different species

Enable interspecies-animal-sex to make colony animals mate with other colony animals of similar size and wildness while ignoring their species.

  • Wild animal Sex

You can activate wild animal Sex in the settings. Same species of different genders will go at it and eventually populate the entire map, beware of boomrats.


Pregnancy & Children

Vaginal sex of two fertile pawns can result in pregnancies (chances adjustable, can also depend on size, body and species involved). Pregnancies last for the creatures gestation time - 3 trimesters for humans (breeder trait reduces gestation time) and will be invisible for the first few weeks, based on bodytype. If you successfully "check pregnancy" early you can abort the baby. Miscarriages can happen if mother gets injured/sick/malnourished. Fertility also effects the number of children.


'Simple' humanlike babies can't move or do any work until they are of age (4-12). Colony animal babies will be born tamed. Prisoner children have to be recruited to be part of the colony. Most traits and bodyparts can be inherited. Some races like the Undead or Androids won't get pregnant. Slimes only get pregnant from sex with penises (not slime tentacles).



once enabled, necrophiliacs will be able to use corpses for pleasure, someone desperate might try it as well


Cum Overlays - thanks to Zweifel

  • Sex between pawns and/or creatures applies a "semen" health effect to the receiving actor
  • location (body part) is dependent on the sex type and its size is calculated based on various factors such as body size and sex need of the dispenser and previously received loads
  • all active semen effects are rendered on top of the pawn. location and size are calculated dynamically and correspond to the respective body parts
  • different color for human/animal semen, mechanoid fluids and insectoid spunk
  • a "Bukkake" health effect becomes active once the pawn is sufficiently drenched and applies some minor debuffs (-social impact and +vulnerability; at the highest level -vulnerability)
  • spunk dries up over time, but can also be removed by the effected pawns using a low-priority job that becomes available 3 ingame hours after receiving the first load



Bodychanges, Illnesses & co.:

  • Bodyparts

RJW adds new bodyparts to every creature & gender:

  1. Breasts
  2. Genitals
  3. Anus

Genitals can have various types like hydraulic, generic, equine and have sizes relative to their owners body, so a dragon penis that is large if attached to a human might be tiny if you attach it to a dragon.

Hydraulic parts can be crafted on machining bench, bionics at fabrication bench - after research. Archotech parts are only available through trade and missions. The Peg dick is craftable at the crafting spot.


Archotech parts can be toggled in the ⇒Infotab between contraceptive and fertility mode which makes any pawn 100% fertile, decreases egg gestation time by 50% and pregnancy gestation time by 25%.


Slime Races can change their bodyparts at will, at the cost of food need.

  • Surgery

You can change various bodyparts through surgery.

  • install peg arm
  • breast growth/shrink
  • install ... - installs this bodypart
  • attach penis/vagina - replaces current genital with selected one
  • add penis/vagina - adds penis/vagina to the genitals (makes futas)
  • sterilize - makes pawn infertile
  • check pregnancy - shows you the type of pregnancy (if pregnant)
  • abortion - once determined you can abort the baby
  • remove ... - removes that thing
  • Sexchange

If you replace genitals (penis & vagina) with one of the other gender you change the gender of your pawn. The pawns will be horrified at first but get used to their new body after a while (1 year+).


Note: Rimworld only has males and females, that means if you want 2 female futas to voluntarily fuck another they need to be gay or bisexual.

  • STDs

STDs can be gained randomly at spawn, from dirty environments (toggleable) or sex. RJW currently features:

  • Boobitis - permanent breast growth if left untreated, spreads through breast-to-breast contact broken and disabled
  • Chronic HIV -> Acute HIV - will cause random infections, curable -> incurable
  • Herpes - not as nasty, can't be cured
  • Syphilis - bad mood, organ damages, deadly if not cured
  • Warts - hurts, can be cured
  • Feeling Broken

Repeated non-consensual intercourse (rape) slowly breaks a pawn:

in a trance -> broken -> extremely broken with worsening penalties to consciousness. They will loose their rapist trait (if they have one) and gain the masochist trait at the final stage (5% chance for each additional rape). After a few days without rape the broken pawn should slowly begin to recover.


  • Drugs, Consumables
  • Humpshroom.png.ecc7c7723a315b6403cec9267f3c7d97.png Humpshroom - eating it reduces sex need, grows wild in caves, cultivatable only in hydroponic basin in darkness, addiction adds hypersexuality trait and reduces satisfaction gain from sex, has no effect if used as food ingredient, can be used to meditate and restore focus (Royality DLC)
  • Aphrodisiac - made out of humpshrooms in drug lab
  • Contraceptive_pill_b.png.b67b89cf7f8533c6bb9b06f0f7058394.png Contraception pill - reduces max Fertility to 10% for 15 days, crafted in drug lab
  • Condom_a.png.a2dafd41df47a7b9762fa4a9ec43e048.png Condom - only for baby-safe whoring, made in Drug Lab, used for whoring when near bed, or in inventory
  • UsedCondom_a.png.b1a96d6ed828839a0c8ae710b819fc19.png Used Condom - yummy, made with action
  • fertility_pill_b.png Fertility Pill - makes more fertile for a while, crafted in drug lab
  • Apparel
  • hololock.pngHololock - required to craft bondage devices, made on machining table
  • holokey.pngHolokey - spawns when pawn attaches any bondage device, the key with the exact same ID as the locked device is required to undress it again, cant be used while wearing Armbinder. If the key gets lost you have to remove devices with surgery! The chance to find another key with the same id is ~1:3.4*1038
  • PrisonerChains.pngChains  - shackle your victims, prevents manipulation and moving, made on Machining table, right click on them to put them on somebody
  • the rest of the bondage items moved to the RJW-ex addon


Stats (some are visible in the Rimworld "i" status window of each pawn)

shamelessly stolen from here


Sex Need
One of the main features of RJW. The Sex need works just like food or rest.  It decreases over time and should be managed to keep your pawns happy.
Having a low sex need will result in negative moods like Horny or Sexually Frustrated, while having a high sex need will result in positive moods like Sexually Satisfied or even Ahegao.

Sex Drive

This is similar to Hunger Rate or Rest Rate in the base game. It affects how fast the sex need goes down. Having a higher sex drive means a pawn's sex need will go down faster and they will want sex more often. Conversely, having a low sex drive means the pawn can go for longer without sex and remain happy.

Sex drive is affected by the following base values:

  • BloodPumping (minor influence)
  • Consciousness
  • Fertility
  • Manipulation
  • Metabolism (minor influence)
  • Moving
  • Sight (minor influence)

Sex Ability (to be overhauled)
This represents how skilled a pawn is at sex.  It changes how much sex need is gained by a partner during sex. Higher Sex Ability will result in more sexual satisfaction for a pawn's lover. For example, If Pawn A and Pawn B have sex, the sex need of Pawn B will fill up more if Pawn A has a high Sex Ability. Conversely, a low Sex ability will not fill a partner's sex need very much, and the partner will be unsatisfied, needing sex again soon. In the case of masturbation, a pawns Sex Ability is used on themselves.

Sex Ability is affected by the following base values:

  • Consciousness
  • Manipulation
  • Food Need
  • Rest Need

Sex Satisfaction (Added in RJW 4.4.6)
This is almost the inverse of Sex Ability. Sex Satisfaction is how much enjoyment a pawn gets out of sex, regardless of their partner's abilities. Having a high Sex Satisfaction will result in a pawn's sex need filling up more from sex, making them more likely to get positive mood buffs after sex. Conversely, having a low Sex Satisfaction means that a pawn has a hard time being satisfied by sex, and will not have their need filled as easily.

Sex Satisfaction is affected by the following base values:

  • BloodPumping
  • Consciousness
  • Rest Need

This represents how easy it is for a pawn to be taken advantage of sexually. A high Vulnerability will mean a pawn is more likely to be the target of rape and less able to resist it. Conversely, a low Vulnerability value means a pawn will be targeted by rapists less often. Females can only rape if their vulnerability is lower then the limit set in the settings.

Vulnerability is affected by the following base values:
(These values are inverted, meaning a higher value gives a lower vulnerability score)

  • Melee Skill
  • Consciousness
  • Manipulation
  • Moving
  • Sight
  • Food Need (Not Inverted)
  • Rest Need (Not Inverted)

Represents how likely a pawn is to get pregnant or impregnate a partner during sex. This is affected by part health and some health conditions, like IUDs and various sex drugs.



Some features require the designators which can be toggled in the settings and there:






RJW Add-On List, Recommended Mods & more:

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  • With the use of Rimworld you have to accept the RimWorld EULA


Special Thanks to:

Void Main OP

semigimp ex. Dev

Superhotsausage ex. Dev

anon Dev

Ed86 Savior, current Developer

Zaltys ex. Dev


UnlimitedHugs HugsLib mod library for Rimworld

pardeike Harmony library

Loverslab Hosting this mod


40kg Mouse Chinese

Abraxas support

Alanetsai ChineseT

Artrer Fixing

Asdiky Russian

bearlyalive Compatibility

Bucky Bondage sprites

Cypress Mod Compatibility

dastardlii satisfaction overhaul

DegenerateMuffalo Compatibility

ekss harmony patching

exoxe Korean

Funky7Monkey Fertility Pill

geoper compatibility

GoldenTamango ChineseS

luythen improving and RJW Lite

mewtopian part time Dev

mitt0 various things

NEPH icons, preview, Korean

NLSHD Russian

Pantheress Patching

Pestdoktor German

PinkysBrain fix

Primarx Russian

randomtyping Coder, bugfixer

RatherNot fix

rwmeow Coding

Skömer this here

SlicedBread new Icons

TDarksword breast fixes

TheSleeplessSorclock Coding

Tirem12 thought

Toastee Paternity test

Tory187 support

turkler turkish

Zweifel Cum overlays


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