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About This File


TeraElinRace Remastered













This mod is based on TeraElinRace2 by PsychoMachina


But remastered with add and enhanced many customizable features

and enhanced emotion & other features



These screenshots are just example and screenshot of a user who used this mod very well

so their preset and textures are not provided in this mod
if you want to get her, you have to use Google search




Or you can meet a more beautiful her with your hands and the customizable feature of this race!




For Modders


how to add eye colors(or other head part) using the auto head part generator?

full guide



first you can look at files in SKSE\Plugins\MusTeraElinRaceController\Headpart path




Type =

this is the type of head part to generate

The types are Misc, Face, Eyes, Hair, FacialHair, Scar, Eyebrows


if not defined headpart type then you can put the number for undefined type


e.g. of undefined type


This head part uses an undefined 35 type






here is set to meshes for headpart but not the extra part


Male =

this is for male meshes

base path is Meshes\Actors\Tera Elin\Male\


Female =

this is for female meshes

base path is Meshes\Actors\Tera Elin\


if you want to use Meshes\Actors\Tera Elin\addheadpart.nif file for female

1.erase base path

Meshes\Actors\Tera Elin\addheadpart.nif -> addheadpart.nif

2.erase .nif

addheadpart.nif -> addheadpart

3.write result

Female = addheadpart


then it will be linking the tri files with the nif file and automatically be generated

addheadpart.nif for meshes

addheadpart.tri for facial expression morph

addheadpartRaces.tri for race morph

addheadpartChargen.tri for vanilla racesexmenu morph





here is set to textures for headpart meshes in [Meshes]

base path is Textures\Actors\


Folder =

this is using all the texture files in that folder


if want to use Textures\Actors\newtex folder

then 1. erase base path

Textures\Actors\newtex -> newtex

2.write the result

Folder = newtex


if a.dds, b.dds, c.dds files in that folder

then generate A head part and use the a.dds file as a diffuse

generate B head part and use the b.dds file as a diffuse

generate C head part and use the c.dds file as a diffuse


if there is a file that _n.dds or _msn.dds file then use as a normalmap 

if there is a file that _m.dds file then use as a environmentmask

if there is a file that _e.dds file then use as a enviroment


If nothing file for normalmap, enviromentmask, environment

then automatically take the default path of the head part set in the above type and use it


so this can reduce repetition work for head parts with many textures such as eye color



If you want to generate only one head part then remove the folder = and use these
Male_Diffuse =
Male_Normal =
Male_EnvironmentMask =
Male_Environment =
Female_Diffuse =
Female_Normal =
Female_EnvironmentMask =
Female_Environment =





here is set to meshes for extra headparts


it can generate multiple extra parts
and that extra parts will connect to the main head part that wrote above


base path and form are the same with [Meshes]

but you can write multiple line for multiple extra parts
Male = addheadpart1
Male = addheadpart2
Male = addheadpart3
Female = addheadpart1
Female = addheadpart2
Female = addheadpart3

In this case, 3 extra parts will be generated for each main part for male and female


If possible, it's good to have the same count of extra head parts for male and female





here is set to textures for extra headparts


base path and form are the same with [Textures]

but You must write as many lines as you written in [ExtraMeshes]


if you written like this in [ExtraMeshes]

Male = addheadpart1
Male = addheadpart2
Male = addheadpart3
Female = addheadpart4
Female = addheadpart5
Female = addheadpart6


then there are 3 lines each for male and female so you have to write 3 lines

Folder = newtexfolder1

Folder = newtexfolder2

Folder = newtexfolder3


this will be connected as follows

textures in newtexfolder1 will be using on addheadpart1

textures in newtexfolder2 will be using on addheadpart2

textures in newtexfolder3 will be using on addheadpart3


textures in newtexfolder1 will be using on addheadpart4

textures in newtexfolder2 will be using on addheadpart5

textures in newtexfolder3 will be using on addheadpart6



of course, you can use a single mode
Male_Diffuse =
Male_Normal =
Male_EnvironmentMask =
Male_Environment =
Female_Diffuse =
Female_Normal =
Female_EnvironmentMask =
Female_Environment =



simple guide for only eye colors


1. make new eyecolor textures

You can make any file name

2. drop these texture files to Textures\actors\Tera Elin\NewEyeColors folder

3. done!




how to add new face and body textures on complexion slider?



you can look at .ec files in SKSE\Plugins\MusTeraElinRaceController\Complexion path

and look at the !ElinTextureExample.txt file


Male folder in SKSE\Plugins\MusTeraElinRaceController\Complexion is for male

Female folder in SKSE\Plugins\MusTeraElinRaceController\Complexion is for female


when open the .ec file

just open .ec file with notepad




The complete form is as follows:


Diffuse =
Normal =
Specular =
SubSurface =

Diffuse =
Normal =
Specular =
SubSurface =

Diffuse =
Normal =
Specular =
SubSurface =



The base path
Textures\actors\Tera Elin\Male is for male 
Textures\actors\Tera Elin is for female






here is for head texture



here is for body and feet texture



here is for hand texture



Diffuse =

here is for diffuse(.dds) texture


Normal =

here is for normalmap(_m.dds or _msn.dds) texture

Specular =

here is for specular(_s.dds) texture

SubSurface =

here is for subsurface scattering(_sk.dds) texture



You can omit some line of them 
and omitted line use the default skin texture of elin race





how to add new tri set for facial expression?

and how can I change it in realtime in game?



you can look at .ini files in SKSE\Plugins\MusTeraElinRaceController\CustomTris path



The complete form is as follows:


TriSetKeyword =
TriSetSuffix =



TriSetKeyword =


Create a custom tri file and you can replace tris in real time with the console or spell within the game
When replace face tris on the console, the form is ElinTri (FileName or Keyword)

if TriSetKeyword = BEM

1.open console

2.enter ElinTri BEM instead of ElinTri BigEyesMorph

3.it will be replace to tri files that defined in BigEyesMorph.ini file




TriSetSuffix =


When replacing the tri file, replace it with the file with the suffix defined in the original tri

if TriSetSuffix is _CustomTT and original face tri file is Meshes\Actors\Tera Elin\FemaleHead.tri file
then it will be use Meshes\Actors\Tera Elin\FemaleHead_CustomTT.tri file






If there is something wrong with changing tri with console or papyrus script
then just reboot the game


The mod manager's virtual function may block this function when this function is first performed

so you have to make it update again with one reboot


After the reboot, it will be changed well in real time



how to add separate tint color for specific headpart?



you can look at SKSE\Plugins\MusTeraElinRaceControllerExtraConfig.ini file


#slot|insert Node Name|enable tint
#slot : Index to distinguish which color set to apply,  recommend using as similar to the slot in head part
#insert Node Name : if have a head part node containing that name then apply the color set to that node
#enable tint : Sets whether tint is enabled or disabled
ColorEnable = 35|Ear|true, 36|Tail|true, 4|Eyelash|true


You can take a look of this


form is follows


slot | insert node name | enable/disable tint



slot to share tint color

so if 30|aa|true, 30|bb|true

then aa and bb has the same tint color


insert node name

The name of the head part to which the tint color will be applied

so if 30|abcd|true

then apply 30 slot tint color on all headpart nodes that the name contained abcd


The node name of that head part usually follows the FormEditorID of that head part


enable/disable tint

Just write "true"
there won't be much to write "false"



And you must apply hair tint to the head part mesh to use the separated tint color




set Hair Tint on share type

set Hair_Soft_Lighting on share flags 1




Then it was ready to separate tint color


you can use the papyrus script to change tint color


this is in Scripts\Source\TeraElinRaceController.psc


hue is hue (0 ~ 360)

saturation is saturation (0 ~ 100)

value is value (0 ~100)

alpha is alpha (0 ~ 100)


if 30|abcd|true and you want to change tint color (250, 100, 50, 50) of 30 slot

then you can use like this

TeraElinRaceController.SetHeadPartTint(250, 100, 50, 50, 30)


for example

you can look at the Scripts\Source\RaceMenuElinEyelashes.psc file




modder resource for the new elin texture

Convert skin to similar to Elins.7z








So... How is it different?


There are a lot of change log so written in spoiler
For more info and change log, open the spoiler below


1. Improved Meshes



Head Mesh





Cleaning Head Mesh and Re-painted neck bone weight


This means that even the same polycount will be less roughness
And reduces the roughness on neck when adjusting the head bone size







3D Mouth mesh







2.5D in before, now it's completely 3D

So you can definitely see molars ;)






New 3D Eyelashes









Previously used only simple eyelashes, but now added 3d eyelash so you can make beautiful eyes





2. Improved customizable



Added Many Facegen Sliders





From about 60 existing sliders to about 160 now, so it has increased by about 100

So it's not hard to style you want unlike any other Anime race mods

and you can make pretty her even if you can't sculpting well


Also you can adjust the details such as teeth





Supports the function to change face and body skin




You can use the complexion slider to change the face and body skin

And supports Anime skin and Furry skin with this slider


This feature supports both ECE and Racemenu
But unlike racemenu that see in real time

ECE is not real time and only reflected when exiting FaceGen menu





Improved RaceController




In before, displayed the vanilla race's hairs by RaceController
But other incompatible eyes, whiskers, etc were displayed


Now with the implementation of RaceController through the SKSE plugin
So the compatible vanilla race's headparts such as hair are displayed
And other incompatible vanilla race's headparts are not displayed





3. Anime Features



Support Emotion Parts




Supports emotion icons and emotion eyes




Support Anime nose




You can enable the highlight on the nose

This gives a 3D effect even anime face




Support Ears Animation






Supports direct controll and random ear animation


If you want to set the hot key and the ear animation


You can open the config file and set LEarHotkey/REarHotkey/TailHotkey to specific hot key number

For Hotkey codes, please refer to the following link Input Script - Creation Kit


This will be remake and support emotion and tail animation and NPCs by SKSE plugin in future plan





Cute cat's wisker




When you use animal ears and tail

if used ears and tail of fox/ari/cat, automatically attach cute cat's wisker





4. Extra features



Support male






Supporting male elin character of Anime style

However, facegen sliders are not properly supported in the ECE

Racemenu is okay





More Ears and Tails and Ears and Tails Physics




Supports new animal ears and tails

And supports SMP and CBPC ears and tails physics






And many changes

I don't remember the entire change log







Race stats & Powors


Smithing +5

Sneak +10

Alchemy +5

Speech +10

Enchanting +5



Horizon Run

When out of combat, increases movement speed by 20%(Male) or 30%(Female)



Twice ingredients are gathered from plants


Friendly Current

Increase swimming speed by 50%


Soothing Presence

Creatures and people up to level 200 big range of nearby won't fight for 60 seconds











For SE/AE user Address Library for SKSE Plugins

For VR user : VR Address Library for SKSEVR


RaceCompatibility for Skyrim Special Edition


Enhanced Character Edit or RaceMenu



For SE user HDT-SMP 

For SE/AE/VR user : FSMP - Faster HDT-SMP 

For SE user, install only one of HDT-SMP or FSMP

For AE user, make sure your FSMP version is latest










 CBPC (if you chosen CBPC ears or CBPC tail, install this!)

For SE/AE user : SSE Engine Fixes (If you have a CTD)

For VR user : Engine Fixes VR (If you have a CTD)











 Support all versions of SE, AE, VR



for Vampire


vanilla vampire : compatible


Better Vampire : patch in RaceCompatibility is needed

(You have to overwrite the Better Vampire with RaceCompatibility)


Sacrosanct compatible 


Sacrilege : not confirmed



for Vampire lord


vanilla vampire lord : compatible 

you can have a big head but it's not because of race compatibility
and it's due to your preset's head size is big

(The head sizes of Alia and MouseBell that default presets are very large)


Humanoid Vampire Lords compatible


No More Ugly Vampire Lord (need convert to SE) compatible


Vampire Lord Renewed  compatible 

the Elin race option from the mod is required

(Thanks to tsp129808 for the patch!)



for Were wolf


vanilla and moded were wolf : compatible 

you can have a big head but it's not because of race compatibility
and it's due to your preset's head size is big

(The head sizes of Alia and MouseBell that default presets are very large)








Install with mod manager such as MO2, vortex

Follow the instructions of installer



ESP load order is after RaceCompatibility other stuff is no matter

And avoid overwritten by other mods as possible







How to make her beautiful easily?


1.Find RacialTrait Category(ECE) or Head Category(RaceMenu)




2. Find these sliders and use it!

with these sliders you can get a handy base pretty face


3. Find Complaxion slider and Choose the skin that you like


4. Adjust other sliders to get the face you like


then, it depends on your will ;)






How to disable Emotion icon, eyes / wisker?


1. Find ETC category(ECE) or Extra category(RaceMenu)


2. Set disable slider to 1 (You can adjust more but recommended 1)


To enable these, set disable slider to 0


if you want to disable NPCs too

then you can disable them in SKSE/Plugins/MusTeraElinRaceController.ini







How to Change the Animal ears&tails/Eyelashes?


1. Find these sliders on Hair category


2. Adjust that sliders!


if you are using the ECE instead of Racemenu

you can change the Animal ears&tail with spell








Known issues


Do you have an issue with animal ears and mouth?

Please downgrade Faster SMP to v1.44 or v1.45

or downgrade skyrim to SE(v1.5.97)







Future Plan


Add more eye colors

Remake ears animation to SKSE Plugin

Support ears and tail animation

Link ears and tail animation with emotion

Support NPCs ears and tail animation

Add more CBBE Body texture option

Solve the furry skin neck seam issue

Improve male elin

Better tint system for eyecolors, ears, tail, etc




For UNP Furry skin, i doesn't have time to hang on to UNP skin, sorry!



















Thanks to PsychoMachina for original elin race 2

Thanks to Hello Santa for SG Brows texture

Thanks to 히로신 for nice support/nice resources/nice screenshots/nice ideas

Thanks to 청1 for nice male elin resources/nice followers/nice furry resources

Thanks to ap05 for many feedbacks/nice ideas/nice screenshots/nice face shape for Nua slider

Thanks to 삽살띠 for nice male elin base/nice face shape for Sapsalrin slider/nice face texture resources

Thanks to 라이잘린슈타우트 for nice followers/nice face shape for Patricia slider

Thanks to 나고야 for nice elin resources/nice face shape for Yarin

Thanks to ㅇㅇ/36718954 for nice face shape for Gehenna slider

Thanks to 와와와와왕 for nice furry resources

Thanks to Stella_Unicorn for nice cat's wisker resource/nice screenshots

Thanks to 짭산 for nice screenshots/nice face texture resources

Thanks to MataB for nice feedbacks

Thanks to Cecilia for nice support

Thanks to Argos for chinese translate

And thanks to those who helped me who i don't remember in tullius channel community


Without them, i wouldn't have the will to complete TeraElinRace Remastered v1.0.0







Previous Change log



What's New in Version 1.0.1


- Fixed that TextureController is not work when save load

- Add the missing update that improved brows facial expression morph


hotfix - mega link fix



What's New in Version 1.0.2

Released July 26

- Fixed BigEyes Morph option

- Fixed CTD issue on ECE due to wisker

- Fixed the head part of custom races except for elin including the ygnord was not displayed properly

- Fixed address for game loop function in VR version


- Add chinese translate file (Thanks to Argos and Cecilia)

- Add an option to display vanilla head parts other than hair on elin race

You can look at and set the ExceptionHeadParts option on SKSE/Plugins/MusTeraElinRaceController.yaml

- Add an option to vanilla scale(x1.0) and adjust the ability depend on scale change


+++(26/07/22) hotfix

 - Fixed the black face issue of some Elin npc



What's New in Version 1.1.0

Released Sunday at 09:45 PM

Facial expression emotion effects are big improved

- Emotion effects (eyes/icons) don't come out of the head anymore and transparent and disappear and appear by facial expressions

- Detects facial expressions and automatically creates overlays on the head so some of emotion effects will be natural

- Change some emotion textures (Thanks to ap05)

- You can turn off elin npcs and player emotion effects in the SKSE\Plugins\MusTeraElinRaceController.yaml file


Improved compatiblility for vampire / vampire lord mod

- added compatible patch for vampire mod  Sacrosanct 

Better Vampires and Sacrilege cannot be patched by SKSE plugin
so please select the option in RaceCompatibility for Skyrim Special Edition for that mod

- added compatible patch for vampire lord mod : Humanoid Vampire Lords No More Ugly Vampire Lord 2 Revamped No More Ugly Vampire Lord

SKSE plugin automatically patches these mods when detected


More customizable

- added 22 type of new eye colors

- added new one complexion face texture (Thanks to ap05)

- added new sliders

Back Head Lower Size

(only)Mouth Back/Forward

(only)Mouth Height


Bug fixes

- Fixed that not working with RaceCompatibility for Skyrim Special Edition

and fixed that didn't work vampire switch due to this

- Fixed that try to read esl even though esl does not exist on VR

- for case the texture controller doesn't work
now work twice when exit the racesexmenu

added a refresh key (L Shift or R Shift + Back space)

- Fixed strange shadows of normal version eyes of male elin

- Fixed the expandability of the texture controller

- Improved eyes morph so clipings by eye mesh have been reduced

- Fixed neck seam issue in anime textures


hotfix - (14/08/22) Fixed ECE issue


What's New in Version 1.1.1

Released August 19


- Vanilla scale options have been integrated into skse plugin patches instead of esp

You can open the SKSE/Plugins/MusTeraElinRaceControllerExtraConfig.ini file and edit it

- When using humanoid vampire lord mod, elin race vampire lord patch only applies when player is vampire lord

Compatibility has been improved when spawn the vampire lord enemy or player race is not elin



- When using humanoid vampire lord mod, fixed the vampire lord female skeleton is not set properly

- When using humanoid vampire lord mod, fixed the vampire lord armor is not equip

- Fixed the face texture 9 missing on vampire elin

- Change to update head data when revert from Vampirelord and Werewolf to Elin race

- Fixed the ignore the EmotionEffectActiveThreshold value of config

- It seems to be not able to read the config file in VR so changed format and read method of config file

MusTeraElinRaceController.yaml -> MusTeraElinRaceController.ini

- For safely load forms from ESP in VR, changed method that read forms from ESP

- Fixed the incorrect reading of the ESL index

- added EmotionForceResetTime option to force update of emotion effects in SKSE/Plguins/MusTeraElinRaceController.ini


What's New in Version 1.1.2

Released August 25

 - Fixed the Vampire lord and Werewolf skin issue in vanilla

 - Fixed VR CTD issues

   Some functions that cause problems in VR have been temporarily turned off in VR environments

 - Fixed the elin skin reset hotkey works even not elin

 - Support string files for easier multilingual support




There were other updates that were originally targeted, but due to lack of time so releasing some of them first

that's why it's called part1


Add functions for support modders

 - when make a texture variations like eye colors, added a function to automatically create an eye head parts with just texture files

    you can refer to SKSE\Plugins\MusTeraElinRaceController\Headpart\elineyecolorset1.ini and wendyeyes.ini files

 - added function to make easier to add new face and body textures to the complexion slider

    you can refer to files in male and female folders in SKSE\Plugins\MusTeraElinRaceController\Complexion

    Also the method of changing the skin has been changed to a cleaner method than before (change entire head parts and skin armors -> only change textures)

 and use a virtual form generator for convenient modders support

 it can support about 520,000 virtual forms (Exactly 520,000 per one item in 9 items, so it's actually 520,000 x 9 = 4,700,000)

 so you don't have to worry about the capacity limit




 - Improve animal ears and tail color match version to be changed in the settings instead of reinstalling

   You can enable/disable ears and tail color adjustment in SKSE\Plugins\MusTeraElinRaceControllerExtraConfig.ini file

 - Added real time facial expression tri file change support

    This will able to change tri files with console and spell

    You can refer to files in SKSE\Plugins\MusTeraElinRaceController\CustomTris folder

 - 28 eye colors have been added as a function example for supporting modders

 - Some functions moved to skse plugin instead of papyrus script

 - separated the strength for the emotion effect overlay function

    so you can define it separately from the emotion effect icons, eyes

    it's EmotionEffectOverlayActiveThreshold in SKSE\Plugins\MusTeraElinRaceController.ini

 - separates the animal ears and tail from eyelash slider(elin feature slider) 

    Racemenu has a separate category for animal ears and tail

    ECE has a separate spell for animal ears and tail

    Now the existing elin feature slider changes only the eyelashes



 - a separate color adjustment function is added for the ears and tail on Racemenu

    ECE is not yet available because there is no way to color adjustment by sliders

 - Added function to load face preset automatically when initial load the elin race

    The mousebell preset will be load automatically

    You can set the load preset kind on MalePresetName, FemalePresetName, in SKSE\Plugins\MusTeraElinRaceController.ini

    This function is not supported by ECE so cannot be used by ECE



 - Fixed the emotion effects was not applied intermittently to Elin NPC

 - the emotion effects force update is performed each time ninode updates

    so fixed an issue where emotion effects were displayed intermittently by some users

 - Some config parameters have been fixed for abnormal behavior

 - Other minor fixes that i don't remember



 - Rebuilt with the latest version of CommonLib NG

    so now support skse latest version on AE



+ v1.2.1 hotfix

 - Prevent color adjustment for some head parts that don't have hair tint data (e.g. demon ears and tail)


+missing v1.2.0 Update Log

Some facial expressions have changed (R, Th, W)



- Add the option to preload race compatible patches before play the elin race (PreLoadRaceController option in MusTeraElinRaceController.ini)

  This option resolves the case where race compatibility is not loaded intermittently when loading an elin race for the first time

  But if you don't play elin race, you can have an unexpected change if you enable this option

- Fixed a bug where hair disappears when opening the race menu

- Fixed that skin data was not stored correctly when saving (fixed bug that sometimes complexion slider function is initialized)

- Fixed a bug that change face tint to white when using ECE



- fixed that PreLoadRaceController option is not working

- the head parts of Argonian and Khajiit are no longer used on elin race



- Fixed the vanilla bug that hair is gone when using the undefined headpart slots

   Defined headpart slots = Misc : 0, Face : 1, Eyes : 2, Hair : 3, FacialHair : 4, Scar : 5, Eyebroes : 6
   undefined headpart slots = slots larger than 6 (Animal Ears : 35, Animal Tail:  36)

- Fixed the issue that some save data not loading correctly

- Ears and tail sliders transferred to the racemenu function (not separated function) and move to hair tap

   so when save face preset, now can save the ears and tail (but not include the separate colors)

- ears and tail color sliders are move to hair tap

- Fixed the bug that initialize complexion slider function when using the ECE

- Disabled some functions that don't work with v1.6.629 or newer version when using the v1.6.629 or newer version (Function that restores skin tints when using the ECE)

   So fixed some ctd issue when using the v1.6.629 or newer version

- Fixed the issue that not read value of MusTeraElinRaceControllerExtraConfig.ini correctly

- Fixed the issue that some functions are working even player is not elin

- Added 2 eyelashes (Thanks to 나고야)



- Added extension for separated tint colors (only for racemenu)
- Eyelash can have a separate color instead of hair color (only for racemenu)

- when used with specific mods
   Fixed the issue that ear and tail color followed the hair color each time equip clothes

- Fixed that console commands were hooked in a strange address 

- Fixed the issue of neck seam when loading Elin race in the new game

- Changed PreLoadRaceController default value to false

- when enabled the PreLoadRaceController, to make it more compatible, the load timing has been changed since the game started instead of the main menu

- in ECE user, fixed the spell for ears and tail is not working


What's New in Version 1.2.5 part1

Released December 28, 2022


- split to SE/AE and VR and rebuild

  engine fix may no longer be required as memory allocation bugs are fixed

- fixed the ctd issue when disabling ear and tail color

- fixed a bug that failed to detect Elin NPCs

- added bodyslide files for CBBE/CBBE 3BA/BHUNP

- force player's face emotion effects to refresh when load a save file without going through the main menu


the next version will be updated to part2 as a mainstream update



What's New in Version 1.2.6 part2

Released January 22



 - remake female skin textures(adjust brightness and saturation and remove noise) (thanks to hirosin for help)

 - added skin texture options for CBBE

 - added 2 face textures in complexion slider (18, 19)

 - improved face normalmap for anime face


*Ears and Tail Animation

 - remake ears animation and added tail animation

  remake papyrus script into skse plugin so the animation is smoother than before and no longer affected by the fps
  ears and tail are animated depending to the facial expression
  more animation support than before



 - added Alia preset and default preset option for racemenu

 - added 1 nose type for anime face in ece/racemenu

 - added few eye colors

 - added 4 sliders for customize (Angular Jaw, Lower Eyelid Angle, Eyelid Curve, Lower Eyelid Curve)



 - improved safety for head part node calls

 - changed alpha properties for emotion icons

 - added missing bodyslide group file

 - remove dependencies of papyrusUtil



added psd and action file and screenshots for convert to new elin skin



What's New in Version 1.2.7 part2

Released February 1


- brows are improved to highpoly

- vagina texture file path for 3BA and BHUNP have been separated

*Texture\Actors\Tera Elin\vagina_anus.dds

*Texture\Actors\Tera Elin\vagina_anus_msn.dds

*Texture\Actors\Tera Elin\vagina_anus_s.dds

*Texture\Actors\Tera Elin\vagina_anus_sk.dds



- Fixed a bug that emotion icons disappeared

- Fixed a bug where some of the head parts disappeared when load preset (this bug is from the racemenu)



- Removed acceleration of ears and tail animation




What's New in Version 1.2.8 part2

Released February 24


- Added new textures for complexion slider

- Delete Actor scanning function and replace to better way (performance is improved)



- when used with a specific mod, fixed the initialization of the ears/tail color when equiped/unequiped

- fixed neck seam issue on furry (thanks to Sozokuu)

- fixed the issue of brows clipped due to sliders/facial expressions

- restored the emotion overlay quest



What's New in Version 1.2.9 part2

Released March 22

- The ears and tail animation now follows the default update speed of the Skyrim engine (once per 2frame)

- Fixed the issue that ears/tail animation was not applied to the NPC due to incorrect mannequin distinction

- when updating the facegen morph, change it to a way that does not leak ram

- added face node update function on papyrus

- added race check when changing skin

- add exception for ECE in ears/tail colors

- add console ("elin register")/papyrus to register actor

- the rules for generating FormEditorID have been changed (Fixes that the sculpt was not applied normally in the virtual headpart forms in racemenu)

- added console command for debugging ("elin printheadpart")

- added color tint update when game loaded

- For NPCs created in papyrus mod such as LazyFollower, it's not registered as Elin due to the slow speed of papyrus even it is Elin

so added function to try re-register after several seconds ("NPCRegisterDelay" option in config)

and added the perform of continuing to re-register the headparts ("NPCEmotionForceResetTime" option in config)



Edited by Acro748

What's New in Version 1.2.10 part2


- Elin NPC verify way have been changed

Now it's verified by the head vertex count


- in Elin Hair Positioner, temporary exclusion if SMP physics is included in hair

Issues with SMP hair are resolved


- Updated to be acceptable in skse plugin for Vampire Lord Renewed's elin patch (elin emotion effects, elin ears tail animations)

Thanks to tsp129808 for the patch!

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