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TeraElinRace Remastered







This mod is based on TeraElinRace2 by PsychoMachina


But remastered with add and enhanced many customizable features

and enhanced emotion & other features



These screenshots are just example and screenshot of a user who used this mod very well

so their preset and textures are not provided in this mod
if you want to get her, you have to use Google search




Or you can meet a more beautiful her with your hands and the customizable feature of this race!






So... How is it different?


There are a lot of change log so written in spoiler
For more info and change log, open the spoiler below


1. Improved Meshes



Head Mesh





Cleaning Head Mesh and Re-painted neck bone weight


This means that even the same polycount will be less roughness
And reduces the roughness on neck when adjusting the head bone size







3D Mouth mesh







2.5D in before, now it's completely 3D

So you can definitely see molars ;)






New 3D Eyelashes









Previously used only simple eyelashes, but now added 3d eyelash so you can make beautiful eyes





2. Improved customizable



Added Many Facegen Sliders





From about 60 existing sliders to about 160 now, so it has increased by about 100

So it's not hard to style you want unlike any other Anime race mods

and you can make pretty her even if you can't sculpting well


Also you can adjust the details such as teeth





Supports the function to change face and body skin




You can use the complexion slider to change the face and body skin

And supports Anime skin and Furry skin with this slider


This feature supports both ECE and Racemenu
But unlike racemenu that see in real time

ECE is not real time and only reflected when exiting FaceGen menu





Improved RaceController




In before, displayed the vanilla race's hairs by RaceController
But other incompatible eyes, whiskers, etc were displayed


Now with the implementation of RaceController through the SKSE plugin
So the compatible vanilla race's headparts such as hair are displayed
And other incompatible vanilla race's headparts are not displayed





3. Anime Features



Support Emotion Parts




Supports emotion icons and emotion eyes




Support Anime nose




You can enable the highlight on the nose

This gives a 3D effect even anime face




Support Ears Animation






Supports direct controll and random ear animation


If you want to set the hot key and the ear animation


You can open the config file on this path and edit the config

For Hotkey codes, please refer to the following link Input Script - Creation Kit


This will be remake and support emotion and tail animation and NPCs by SKSE plugin in future plan





Cute cat's wisker




When you use animal ears and tail

if used ears and tail of fox/ari/cat, automatically attach cute cat's wisker





4. Extra features



Support male






Supporting male elin character of Anime style

However, facegen sliders are not properly supported in the ECE

Racemenu is okay





More Ears and Tails and Ears and Tails Physics




Supports new animal ears and tails

And supports SMP and CBPC ears and tails physics






And many changes

I don't remember the entire change log







Race stats & Powors


Smithing +5

Sneak +10

Alchemy +5

Speech +10

Enchanting +5



Horizon Run

When out of combat, increases movement speed by 20%(Male) or 30%(Female)



Twice ingredients are gathered from plants


Friendly Current

Increase swimming speed by 50%


Soothing Presence

Creatures and people up to level 200 big range of nearby won't fight for 60 seconds










For SE/AE user Address Library for SKSE Plugins

For VR user : VR Address Library for SKSEVR


RaceCompatibility for Skyrim Special Edition


Enhanced Character Edit or RaceMenu



For SE user HDT-SMP 

For SE/AE/VR user : FSMP - Faster HDT-SMP 

(SE user, install only one of HDT-SMP or FSMP)


For SE/AE user : SSE Engine Fixes

For VR user : Engine Fixes VR







Half Requirements


 CBPC (if you chosen CBPC ears or CBPC tail, install this!)









Install with mod manager such as MO2, vortex

Follow the instructions of installer



ESP load order is after RaceCompatibility other stuff is no matter

And avoid overwritten by other mods as possible







How to make her beautiful easily?


1.Find RacialTrait Category(ECE) or Head Category(RaceMenu)




2. Find these sliders and use it!

with these sliders you can get a handy base pretty face


3. Find Complaxion slider and Choose the skin that you like


4. Adjust other sliders to get the face you like


then, it depends on your will ;)






How to disable Emotion icon, eyes / wisker?


1. Find ETC category(ECE) or Extra category(RaceMenu)


2. Set disable slider to 1 (You can adjust more but recommended 1)


To enable these, set disable slider to 0







How to Change the Animal ears&tails/Eyelashes?


1. Find ElinFeature slider on Hair category


2. Adjust that slider!


With that one slider, you can change the animal ears and tail and eyelashes






Future Plan


Add more eye colors

Remake ears animation to SKSE Plugin

Support ears and tail animation

Link ears and tail animation with emotion

Support NPCs ears and tail animation

Add more CBBE Body texture option

Solve the furry skin neck seam issue

Improve male elin



For UNP Furry skin, i doesn't have time to hang on to UNP skin, sorry!



















Thanks to PsychoMachina for original elin race 2

Thanks to Hello Santa for SG Brows texture

Thanks to 히로신 for nice support/nice resources/nice screenshots/nice ideas

Thanks to 청1 for nice male elin resources/nice followers/nice furry resources

Thanks to ap05 for many feedbacks/nice ideas/nice screenshots/nice face shape for Nua slider

Thanks to 삽살띠 for nice male elin base/nice face shape for Sapsalrin slider/nice face texture resources

Thanks to 라이잘린슈타우트 for nice followers/nice face shape for Patricia slider

Thanks to 나고야 for nice face shape for Yarin

Thanks to ㅇㅇ/36718954 for nice face shape for Gehenna slider

Thanks to 와와와와왕 for nice furry resources

Thanks to Stella_Unicorn for nice cat's wisker resource/nice screenshots

Thanks to 짭산 for nice screenshots/nice face texture resources

Thanks to MataB for nice feedbacks

Thanks to Cecilia for nice support

Thanks to Argos for chinese translate

And thanks to those who helped me who i don't remember in tullius channel community


Without them, i wouldn't have the will to complete TeraElinRace Remastered v1.0.0




Edited by Acro748

What's New in Version 1.1.2


 - Fixed the Vampire lord and Werewolf skin issue in vanilla

 - Fixed VR CTD issues

   Some functions that cause problems in VR have been temporarily turned off in VR environments

 - Fixed the elin skin reset hotkey works even not elin

 - Support string files for easier multilingual support



previous change log



What's New in Version 1.0.1


- Fixed that TextureController is not work when save load

- Add the missing update that improved brows facial expression morph


hotfix - mega link fix



What's New in Version 1.0.2

Released July 26

- Fixed BigEyes Morph option

- Fixed CTD issue on ECE due to wisker

- Fixed the head part of custom races except for elin including the ygnord was not displayed properly

- Fixed address for game loop function in VR version


- Add chinese translate file (Thanks to Argos and Cecilia)

- Add an option to display vanilla head parts other than hair on elin race

You can look at and set the ExceptionHeadParts option on SKSE/Plugins/MusTeraElinRaceController.yaml

- Add an option to vanilla scale(x1.0) and adjust the ability depend on scale change


+++(26/07/22) hotfix

 - Fixed the black face issue of some Elin npc



What's New in Version 1.1.0

Released Sunday at 09:45 PM

Facial expression emotion effects are big improved

- Emotion effects (eyes/icons) don't come out of the head anymore and transparent and disappear and appear by facial expressions

- Detects facial expressions and automatically creates overlays on the head so some of emotion effects will be natural

- Change some emotion textures (Thanks to ap05)

- You can turn off elin npcs and player emotion effects in the SKSE\Plugins\MusTeraElinRaceController.yaml file


Improved compatiblility for vampire / vampire lord mod

- added compatible patch for vampire mod  Sacrosanct 

Better Vampires and Sacrilege cannot be patched by SKSE plugin
so please select the option in RaceCompatibility for Skyrim Special Edition for that mod

- added compatible patch for vampire lord mod : Humanoid Vampire Lords No More Ugly Vampire Lord 2 Revamped No More Ugly Vampire Lord

SKSE plugin automatically patches these mods when detected


More customizable

- added 22 type of new eye colors

- added new one complexion face texture (Thanks to ap05)

- added new sliders

Back Head Lower Size

(only)Mouth Back/Forward

(only)Mouth Height


Bug fixes

- Fixed that not working with RaceCompatibility for Skyrim Special Edition

and fixed that didn't work vampire switch due to this

- Fixed that try to read esl even though esl does not exist on VR

- for case the texture controller doesn't work
now work twice when exit the racesexmenu

added a refresh key (L Shift or R Shift + Back space)

- Fixed strange shadows of normal version eyes of male elin

- Fixed the expandability of the texture controller

- Improved eyes morph so clipings by eye mesh have been reduced

- Fixed neck seam issue in anime textures


hotfix - (14/08/22) Fixed ECE issue


What's New in Version 1.1.1

Released August 19


- Vanilla scale options have been integrated into skse plugin patches instead of esp

You can open the SKSE/Plugins/MusTeraElinRaceControllerExtraConfig.ini file and edit it

- When using humanoid vampire lord mod, elin race vampire lord patch only applies when player is vampire lord

Compatibility has been improved when spawn the vampire lord enemy or player race is not elin



- When using humanoid vampire lord mod, fixed the vampire lord female skeleton is not set properly

- When using humanoid vampire lord mod, fixed the vampire lord armor is not equip

- Fixed the face texture 9 missing on vampire elin

- Change to update head data when revert from Vampirelord and Werewolf to Elin race

- Fixed the ignore the EmotionEffectActiveThreshold value of config

- It seems to be not able to read the config file in VR so changed format and read method of config file

MusTeraElinRaceController.yaml -> MusTeraElinRaceController.ini

- For safely load forms from ESP in VR, changed method that read forms from ESP

- Fixed the incorrect reading of the ESL index

- added EmotionForceResetTime option to force update of emotion effects in SKSE/Plguins/MusTeraElinRaceController.ini


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