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SexoutHookups 5 Oct 2022

About This File

I am uploading this file because no one is currently actively maintaining it. I am not taking over development.

So what does it do?

  • It adds people looking for hook-ups.
  • You get the option of taking them to a more private place for the fun.
  • If you say no to them, they might offer you gifts.
  • Or they can decide to just rape you.
  • This plugin is for FEMALE PC only! This because let's face it, they are the ones getting hit on all the time.
  • This is basically a plugin that adds some more realistic approaches in the wasteland. It should not happen as often as many other plugins (10% chance) but they will serve you pick up lines, they can get angry, and there is a slight chance of you getting raped depending on how tactful your approach is.


1. This is needed to use the plugin at all

- Sexout

2. These are "requirements", use them to get additional features.

- Smalltalk Let's you talk to characters that don't have dialogue from before. Only needed when they are following you to a more private location and you want to start conversation with them.

- MCM adds a menu system where you can:

- change the multiplier for approaches

- enable/disable some factions from approaching you.



  • Jezzy for concept, 90% of the dialogue, and the original design docs.
  • UDLR and prideslayer for the Sexout framework.
  • Bromm83 for the original plugin.
  • zippy57 for adding MCM support.
  • Jaam and baermoon for subsequent updates.
  • ChancellorKremlin for putting the newest version in the OP so I could find it.
  • Loverslab.com for the community where it could be made.

When you have someone following you, just talk to them when you are in a private spot to begin the action. Remember with smalltalk there might just be the need to close conversation and open it again to get the right dialogue up.


Have fun!

What's New in Version 5 Oct 2022


see here

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