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HiyokoGrow Sunhawken Edition 1.0.0

About This File

For those interested to a mod for kids along Plunder.


HiyokoGrow is a *minimalist* mod allowing kids to grow.  Edited to work with TAMAGO / HIYOKO MASTER SET by LongDukDong
It offers no other functionality.


You should use Blockhead with it to adjust age face gen (optional).


- has no impact on creatures, it only works on NPCs
- allows kids to grow until adulthood through 7 ages accordingly to their race/sex standards
- adjusts attributes, disposition and AI Data, blending some with parent's
- is fully configurable with its ini file (each age duration, body scales, adjustments choices, hiyo destruction, face gen for each age, ...)

- does not touch spells or inventory or factions
- is built to let anyone modify/expand it easily with TESCS (one script)


Please note the goal of HiyokoGrow was not to fall in awe before kids growing but to weave them into a following system mod.
This is the reason you can ask to destroy kids on death.


Not only that, but it also contains a fix for Tamago, preventing the latter to interfer in inventory shares (and obelisks of order, by the way).
=> that means you won't have the annoying message when opening a remote inventory with any mod
You have to pickpocket or use the barter/inventory menu to see Tamago data (or use Lovers Sex Sense).


To get rid of this fix, open HiyokoGrow with TES4Edit and remove the first two records in scripts.


You should use HiyokoGrow only if Tamago and Hiyoko are minor things for you.
Ie: you have a basic install limited to:
- HiyokoGenerator.esp
- LoversHiyokoShooter.esp
- LoversTamagoClub.esp
And that's all.


You should not use HiyokoGrow if you use these mods:
- Tamago Fertility Clinic
- HiyokoGeneratorGeneForge
- Hiyoko Generator Brood Mother
- HiyokoGenetics_tweakedChildInventory_and_FollowControl
Or any other mod showing your *big big* interest in Tamago/Hiyoko features.


Due to this matter of interest, I do not want to offer any kind of support to hiyokogrow,

for example by uploading it to a dedicated dowload page instead of talking about it in this thread,

neither have filled the author slot of this mod, which is free to plunder.


You are expected to use the good versions of Hiyoko and Tamago clubs (Tamago Club 1.15c & Hiyoko Club 1.10a).

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