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Supernatural club for spooky Skyrim characters, (E.g. Vampires & Werewolves, Zombiefu, even Elves) Posts/Screenshots must contain or be related to "The Supernatural" and can be pinups or NSFW. Female counterparts/original characters preferred, but male characters are more than welcome. :)

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  2. My Werewolf lady serving dinner and getting kinky with her feet :3
  3. I use Snapdragon Prime enb. I'm unsure about your PC specs, so i'm not sure if it's safe for you or not. I just know Snap has a strong DOF, so as long as you don't go for the screenshot variant of the DOF, you should be fine.
  4. The Xara pics are my first ever EMB, I am using true vision. what's yours and is it safe for a play through?
  5. TFW everyone wants a Succubus.... for research purposes of course! ;D
  6. Oh Wow! That tiny little thing is really spooky, but oddly cute at the same time xD Awesome screenshots too! :)
  7. Trying out Maxine - Zombie Follower by Samulis - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87934
  8. Adagiona's Parents Zilvra and Sophia, wants to Visit their Daughter, but she isn't at Home. Made the long way from home for nothing. Sophia Angel is a Follower, but i can't find her anymore. She must been removed, sadly. Zilvra is my Char and both are a weird couple. I know my Images are not special without a perfect surrounding. I hope you like the characters anyway.
  9. Okay, now I know. I prefer to ask. In addition, there is indeed the Futa Thread. I will therefore not overdo it. Wow. She looks fantastic. Atmospheric Screenshots. ^.^/~>
  10. If penis is not too long then its fine ( i think ). Not a fun of futa. The only place where I like penises are traps feminine penies and /ss/. Some reposts from my flickr, because i havent made anything new

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