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  1. What about voicing Amorous Adventures?
  2. Do you have a link to this shop? I've always dreamed of seeing paid content for Skyrim
  3. All links are dead, does anyone have this?
  4. Does anyone have one? I found Anton's tools pack but its IK rig is pretty poor and not appropriate for sexy animations ?
  5. Long story short, I want black tattoos on my character's face, but the blending mode of facetints in Skyrim doesn't allow it. Body tattoos don't have that problem, because they have alpha channel. I have some ideas how to fix it, but it shouldn't be so hard. I'm sure there must be easier way, I've seen characters with black warpaints many times
  6. Yeah, I've seen these, thanks. I was hoping for a bigger pack But well, at least it's possible, so maybe one day I'll do this myself
  7. I can't find any packs from TESO, it's strange, there are many beautiful armors and weapons. Am I missing something?
  8. Isn't it a feature of sexlab framework? Or sexlab tools. The hotkey is "O". "O" don't display a list of animations, sorry. In sexlab tools it's "H" by default.
  9. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1878-underpants/
  10. More precisely, there are no specular lights. No matter how bright the specular map is, what the enb settings are. Magic happens when I change my sex in the racemenu, in this case the lights appear but only for my character. I don't use any custom enb, just binaries and NLA, is someone familiar with the problem?
  11. Thank you, but I did image search via all possible services and none of them give me something to go on. These results are about nothing, unfortunately. There is neither a link to the author of the picture, nor even more pictures with the character. Not to mention the link to download. I though maybe it was a follower a long time ago, maybe someone has her or knows the name of the creator.
  12. So what actualy you searching? Armor you can get here. I'm looking for the character, or author of the picture at least
  13. Only one picture of this version in the whole internet.
  14. Hello guys, the problem is, for example if I want to use a chair in 3rd person view and looking from the side, first the camera resets its position and moves right behind the spine, then an animation is playing and finally camera resets position again. It's very annoying, don't know where should I look for the source of the problem, any ideas? How to disable this feature?
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