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  1. Get this open then add to your mods folder. I been having Mccc problems like the last exception keeps dropping down really fast then i added that mod. Now sweeeeet but i haven't test it out fully yet I just did the Mccc setting. So cross fingers it will help. http://modthesims.info/d/614263
  2. Hello letting you know that look kool but it doesn't wanna to open for me. As in I Zip it and still it wouldn't open..
  3. Thanks for your info ATM i'm having no issues with it. I end up starting a new Sims 4 like backup then deleting my mods and update my mods folder bit by bit. Still adding MCC and WW and WA's and now it only comes down once or twice. I just got to be careful on what i download and put in my mod folder. But few weeks ago i had 3 traits that was making my sims sick-peeing-red cloud around them and every few minutes dying a lot but they weren't changing into vampires or zombies. I had these Traits Zombies, Pee Pee, Vamp Curse, Toxic and Vamped all mix together and it stop by me taken them out.
  4. Thank you for all the traits you given us to use. Lets hope there will be another way to create them. So thank you......
  5. is that custom content item found in the tray folder?
  6. I'm updating all my wickedwhims mods and the animations. So before i download it i make sure it's everything after 30th of Nov till now but when i open to get the package out and place it in my mod folder it's not the right date of the update. For eg: 1 of the animations updated 20/12/17 after getting the package out and put it into my mod folder the date got on it 16/10/17. Also that's the same thing in the wickedwhims mods. So what do i do delete them or keep them.
  7. thanks it only happens when i'm or other sims using wickem woohoo
  8. My notifications wall keeps coming up with a error every time. Everything i get here it's always updated. I've download sims 4 studio but still nothing. I like to know how can i turn off the notifications wall?
  9. What do you mean "If not, you need all the video files, the video playlist package file and the flavour text file for it to work".
  10. When will this be updated? Please...
  11. For some reason i can't get the airplanerandy Porn tv to work.
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