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  1. Any chance of making the same tool for LE version UVs @EvilReFlex?
  2. I assume this doesn't work for the LE version of ERF High Poly using UUNP textures?
  3. Thank you! About your question; I don't really do anything special. 🤔I guess it's thanks to the ENB.
  4. Hey! It's been a long while since I last posted anything on LL. So here goes a few pics I made recently:
  5. Naked Ekans

    Robots on the Loose

    Thank you for all your hard work AVS.
  6. Small plug post. I converted nisetanaka's bikini armors for Eria's SkyDraenei race. Download it HERE if you're interested.
  7. Does anybody still have this one? http://wtfuun.tumblr.com/post/151464730450/wtfuun-fox-collection-46-uunp-hdt-install
  8. Naked Ekans

    Pose: A Problem

    Haha, even if unintentional, the magnetic spine looks really cool.
  9. It's equipable item. ? I wish I knew how to make a spell to conjure it...
  10. I released Annette Ashford Follower on Twitter a few days ago. Get her if you're interested. Download HERE
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