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  1. Such a sweet backstory flashback! Really excited to see how it turns out for your version of Sinding
  2. Wow... especially with the custom assets, the whole story and premise feels absolutely fresh and unique unlike any other! The game is beautiful, camerawork is excellent, and all around pleasant to look and read. Really admire the tenacity in taking up such a huge endeavour as well. I'm very much lacking in historical understanding so I might be missing out on the details of the fact-and-fiction but I feel it's not overly difficult to follow along. Thank you and best wishes, can't wait for episode 3!
  3. Just arrived here after the Epilogue of the final chapter, thanks for pointing me in this direction. It's impressive that you've already had the whole story (or at least how it ends) more-or-less thought out 3 years prior to the actual conclusion... in a sense spoiling it as well through this prologue
  4. Very satisfying! I wasn't expected Talen (as High King), but perhaps I haven't been following the older chapters closely enough. On that note, I'm curious about how it turned out for Elisif, Ulfric -- and what of the rest of Tamriel? Is the Empire still established? So many questions, but I'll settle for what we know here. Thank you, Collygon!
  5. In (figurative) tears from this Act. Thanks, Collygon! Very eventful, bittersweet, conclusive and satisfying end to the, arc with just the right amount of twists and turns to remain believable and content-ful for the reader. Can't wait to see more! But what does this mean for The Frost of Ages story? Do you have a lot more in store or are we approaching it's finality?
  6. Lol! The editing really is fun and gels in perfectly with the screen shots. Biggest compliments for the job well done. Hircine's got a big ol' head
  7. Wow, the comic-like effects editing is especially clean looking and impressive. Great work!
  8. Yes, looks great now. Thank you!
  9. Looks like half the pics aren't loading, and have a error code 410 "gone" on Flickr when attempting to load them manually 😮
  10. Rattlesnark

    Emma -Episode 1-

    Glad to see your return, I remember your old stuff quite fondly BTW, I happen to have the images from Dibella's Valkyries Chp 1- 21 as well as Velenda's chronicle Act I - III saved, but not the text though. Would you want them? We can discuss uploading the files, if so.
  11. Feel a bit bad for Nora, but we've chatted about my sentiment towards her moral standing, so I think you'd know how I ultimately feel! I'm only a lil' bit upset because Nora & Ahtar seemed quite sweet together. Have been wondering what happens (happened) to Ahtar considering the circumstances on the present-day story, I guess this is a "brighter" outcome than the possible alternatives. Really love this Hammerfell storyline, it's my favourite so far
  12. A most wonderful read! There's a lot to go through each chapter (volume of text & images), but it's always pleasing to do so. Thank you for sharing this wonderful work of yours with us. Spotted a few minor typos, if you're bothered about those (sorry I haven't noted down which spoiler box they were contained in): "But this dremora has the gal..." [gall] "At the edge of the Windehlm bridge, ..."
  13. Such a pleasant surprise to see this in the notifications inbox. Absolutely can't wait to give this a read later! So nice to see you and your work again, Kin Tsuchi.
  14. Great posing work! The fluids edit is really clean too, well done
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