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  1. Well... it sounds like this mod is safe to reinstall again? I remember having crashes or other such unsavory behavior after SKSE got updated back 8 months ago.
  2. I used that link, and had no issues. The AV software I use has saved me multiple times, and it was perfectly satisfied this was no threat.
  3. This looks like it solved by problem of getting the "-1/6" error message pop up. Thank you. Now to test it thoroughly!
  4. It sounds like you didn't install them when you installed the mod. It defaults to NO milk pumps, so if you clicked past it, they're not there. You'd have to reinstall the mod and pick them.
  5. I know this is vague, but I'm wondering if anyone has had issues with males (or creatures) not coming in the PC but having no problems with NPCs? I use SLSO as well, but I think I've got it configured ok - or at least, it worked this way before. LOL I was able to use that updated DLL file to get the "-1/6" error to go away, but so far it's no dice with the PC. Thoughts??
  6. This has finally made the mod work for me as well - thank you SO much! I was wondering - do the creature (and other) addons work for this, or for LE only?
  7. Goodness, no offense intended Narue - merely consider me spoiled from using this mod for so long. That sounded harsher than what it was actually intended.
  8. I'm in the same place. I gave up and switched to Fertility Mode, even though it isn't nearly as good. (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13068)
  9. I think there's an option on that page about fixing CTD issues. Is it selected? If so, it won't let you select "Scale Actors". Turn that option OFF, and you should see "Scale Actors" show up again. I'm doing that from memory.
  10. I had the same issue - I ended up taking this mod out of my load order because of it. I think it has something to do with the fact that are there more than 2 bones with 3bbb? I'm guessing, I'm not a programmer/modder.
  11. If I'm understanding this right, your desire level doesn't decrease after sex? I'm not into the futa stuff but I don't think that's necessarily your issue. I had a similar problem, but on top of that the notices in the left screen would stop appearing too. I ended up having to reinstall SL Aroused, IIRC. That solved the issue. I also used "SLSO" I don't know if you do or not. But that would be the first thing I try, and that is to reinstall Sexlab's Aroused mod.
  12. I get your angst: I tried going back to LE, but oddly enough LE crashes when I pick "new" - and none of my old saves worked, even after a clean install. Otherwise I'd have gone back myself, but my SE is working now, so I'll leave it as-is. It IS enough to make you want to tear your hair out isn't it?
  13. I got rid of all other BF-related DLLs (there was only one installed IIRC). I only had that latest one, I deleted the old 'beeingfemale64.dll'. And yes, I only use one mod manager I use NMM (the community version) due to my strong dislike of MO(2).
  14. Interesting: this didn't work for me. Well, that is to say, I get no noticed that the character came. Under "information", no seed has been deposited. I thought it might have been due to SLSO, so I marked that to "always orgasm", but no luck there either. The old beeingfemale64.dll would give me this odd message after loading, "-1/6" and only 'ok' to acknowledege it. I don't get THAT anymore, but that's the only change. Any ideas?
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