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  1. Great story telling. Having Nora return to Eric was really good choice, sort of an Odyssey thing. There were the blood swords (can't remember the name) which Eric possessed, Nora went to Morrowind to learn how to control her vampiric tendancies and the blade. There she met Ahtar, grew stronger and eventually joined the higher echelons of power in vampire society. Then it all came tumbling down. Great way to wrap the Hammerfell arc. Your blog and others here really inspires me
  2. First time commenting on one of your posts, but I felt it necessary: I have really enjoyed them! I like the playful style of your story. This time, THE VIDEO was amazing! I spit my whiskey out when the song started playing. I haven't heard that one in years. It fit perfectly, you did a great job editing to match the song. Thanks for linking the song, I couldn't remember the artist/name, and was going to start this comment begging for a link.
  3. it's really pretty! I'd love a uunp conversion of this.
  4. C5Kev, this armor looks great. Thx as always for your high quality content. 😄
  5. thumbs up, great backstory entry. And I agree, it's cool storytelling when you see a flashback that fills the reader in on an earlier reference.
  6. The shot of Nora in profile, when she is talking to Fina after placing Amelie's letter on the table. The composition, lighting, expression and pose. That's some masterful work Alter Native. The rest is also amazing. UwU This is my second read-thru of B and P. Trying to pay more attention to details.
  7. I'm a huge fan of the first scene, probably your best work for me. I Imagine Nora's triumphant but bitter-sweet feelings about Eric. She's so affectionate with Amelie, perhaps seeking comfort for her loss. Furthermore, Amelie has never been more earnest, nor has Nora been more tender towards her, than we see here.
  8. Satsuki is adorable! Also the lighting in the tavern shots was really great! Warm, but still crisp, subtle shadows. Very nice.
  9. re-reading tales of iron and.. wow.really good scene.
  10. such a good episode! Cute, funny, and Sexy. And your Cassidey is very true to @SpyVsPie
  11. I loved the flirting, and Phe looked especially cute in this chapter. 10 spanks out of 10.
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