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Lords of Winter-1



The Sack of Riverhelm City- 9th Mordaus 1194 ADF (After the Death of the Five)



Soldiers: Surrender now or you'll be executed King Griff! It doesn't have to be like this!


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: (That's the inner courtyard breached then.)


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: (Serve the king, that's your oath to him and the realm. Fight until your dying breath and bring honour to your house).


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: By all that is holy, please let me survive this. That is all I've asked of the Five...please fulfil this prayer once.


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General Aruck: What in the name are you praying to? That won't help us when they get through that door.


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King Griff: Well put Aruck but I fear that I must return to my chambers.


General Aruck: Understood, your grace.


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King Griff: And do ensure that the cages of rats are set free in the city. If they want Riverhelm they can have famine and disease with it. I won't have my throne sit someone else for long.


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: Wait! What?


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King Griff: You understand that it's for the better, a ruthless leader like Lord Fenris would only wreak havoc on the realm? This is only a precaution to make sure he doesn't.


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: You're talking about The Creator's Plague, it isn't something to be meddled with!


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King Griff: It isn't your concern, you'll die protecting me and it won't affect you, what does it matter? You swore an oath to me! Keep it or I'll have you killed here and now!


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General Aruck: It will be done. The cub will simmer down soon.


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: No!


King Griff: You swore your oath and now it's out of your control, leave it!


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King Griff: What do you think you're doing?!


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: I swore to you as Kingsguard, but as a knight I'm sworn to the people!


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General Aruck: Mind what you do cub!


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: I remember my oath, do you?


King Griff: Enough of this childish play! 


General Aruck: Knights of the Kingsguard! Apprehend her!


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King Griff: No! Kill her!


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: "As a knight of the realm I swear to the Protector to protect those who can't protect themselves. I swear to the Judge that I bring justice to those who would do wrong. I swear to the Creator to help create a righteous rule. I swear to the Mother that I will provide care for all who fall beneath my banner and I swear to the Dread that I will deliver those who would harm the people to him."


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Knight: Enough of your rhetoric traitor!


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: Do none of you truly see this madness? No? Then I'm sorry for what I have to do...


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King Griff: Get down here Aruck and strike down this enemy of the realm!


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General Aruck: With pleasure, your grace.


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: I truly am sorry. But I won't let your king destroy the realm that's left after this damned war.


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General Aruck: I assure you, it will be a fruitless folly.


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: Not when the people in the city are relying on me...


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: (I'm sorry it came to this).


Knight: Ahhh!


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General Aruck: Fine a duel! Just how I like it!


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General Aruck: But if you are foolish enough to submit I'll make your death far quicker than what it'll be otherwise!


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General Aruck: But you're too proud! Your pride is what brought this on you. And I'll take much pleasure in killing you!


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: Have you fallen into the clutches of madness too 'friend?'


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: There has already been enough bloodshed today, we shouldn't shed anymore.


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General Aruck: What difference will it make if your corpse is added to the pile tonight?


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: So be it. I'll do my best that history recalls the best of you.


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King Griff: Fools be done with it!


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: (I'm sorry Sir Roderick, but I need the shield).


General Aruck: You think some puny pieces of wood will stop me?!


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: It's not meant to.


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General Aruck: Then it is as pointless as you being knighted!


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: Nothing is done for no reason.


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: Yarrghh!


General Aruck: Huh?


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General Aruck: Couldn't face me-fairly-could you?


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: No.


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: But I have to win here if there is to be a good future, a just future and a king who doesn't spite his own people when he loses a war.


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: I'm sorry. May the Dread take mercy on you.


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: Now to rip this insanity out, root and stem.


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Soldiers: Heave!


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King Griff: You could take mercy...please. You talk about a just world but killing me is as unjust as me killing the common folk.


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Lady Jordan Lionsbane: No, it isn't unjust. But the hardest choices require the strongest wills. I Lady Jordan Lionsbane, on behalf of the people, do hereby sentence you to die.


T3m89i1d o



The Return of the Lion- 12th Mordaus, 1194 ADF


Henry Lionsbane: (Damn I hadn't thought the beard had gotten this bad...)


Pssidpis o


Henry Lionsbane: (Luckily, I don't think that home is much further down the road).


Maqwytbe o


Henry Lionsbane: (I hope the war hasn't reached Riverhelm, I'd never forgive myself if my little sis got caught up in that).


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Henry Lionsbane: (No Henry, you can't focus on the bad. At least it's not much further until I'm home again).


Ozblcwsh o


Henry Lionsbane: (But it won't be the same without Jordan, I suppose she has busier things to do as a knight now).


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Several hours later...


Henry Lionsbane: Lion Valley Tavern. This hasn't changed a bit. Well maybe a few new floorboards, but it's still the same place somehow.


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Henry Lionsbane: And is that still Vilod? I wonder if she still makes that blackberry mead.


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Vilod: Welcome to Lion's Valley, the waterhole that keeps the entire pride watered and...- wait your back?!


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Henry Lionsbane: Well I said I'd be back at some point didn't I?


Vilod: You also said you wouldn't go far but I'm sure you went to the far east didn't you?


Henry Lionsbane: Got me there.


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Vilod: Well there's plenty to celebrate now that Griff is gone. 


Henry Lionsbane: Wait...


If3l0nrk o


Henry Lionsbane: He surrendered?


Lgjydka0 o


Vilod: Apparently not but there's lots of rumours surrounding your sister.


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Henry Lionsbane: What are they?


Vilod: Oh please, those details will cost you.


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Henry Lionsbane: She's my sister, you can't just charge me for that!


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The Trial of a King Killer-15th Mordaus 1194 ADF


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: (Humming)


Piwtlvsb o


Fenris Soldier: Shut up will you?


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Fenris Soldier: That humming is irritating and I should be lashing you right now!


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: Then why aren't you?


Vanpxxab o


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: C'mon this concerns me doesn't it?


Cx4bwzys o


Fenris Soldier: You're to make yourself presentable to court. Your trial will be a in an hour or so.


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: But I haven't even-


Fenris Soldier: It isn't my job to care, make do with what you have.


Brudybls o


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: Has there been any word from my family?


J2qgzkdu o


Fenris Soldier: None. Nothing by courier or crow.


By8gsisx o


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: I see.


Fenris Soldier: Good, because now you can get busy getting ready, watching over you is more boring than it sounds.


Cew6v1wp o


30 Minutes later...


Fenris Soldier: Oathbreaker.


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: (It was right what I did, don't worry).


Awlor1mb o


Sir Henrikson: The kitty has arrived then...


Kdbztbki o


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: I wouldn't make comments, the banner you're behind looks like an overgrown rat.


Mxxvhho6 o


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: What even is it supposed to be? A...bear and that means-


1fny4dey o


Sir Henrikson: Yes, Fenris's new justicar will deal with you.


Adviser Peter: And yes, it is a bear.


Fsjjj1yt o


Sir Henrikson: Milord.


Uppmvwqj o


Lord Gerald: Now lets get this over with.


Adviser Peter: She's accused of breaking a sacred oath to her king as a member of his Kingsguard. 


Rtsewvnl o


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: Should I kneel milord?


Zl4mpyzz o


Lord Gerald: Your pitiful attempts at comedy are not appreciated at this time and they certainly don't help your case.


R4ykwkua o


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: At this time? So you'd be fine with them elsewhere?


Oanxi5um o


Lord Gerald: Anymore humour and I'll have you executed here!


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: Sorry milord, these sorts of ordeals make one careless.


Iy2xzhpa o


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: But remember that what I did was for the good of the people and if you just let me tell my sto-


Ntdxqo8y o


Sir Henrikson: I believe we've heard enough of your antics.


Adviser Peter: Perhaps, but a full story might-


Lord Gerald: Enough both of you!


Dytv2wbe o


Lord Gerald: I can't make a decision if both my advisers are bitching like angry hens!


Adviser Peter: Sorry milord, I meant no offence.


Gtvfoa7t o


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: So are you just going to ignore my side of it?


Cklplfg8 o


Lord Gerald: What would you suggest Sir Henrikson?


G241hijx o


Sir Henrikson: Immediate execution, she broke a sacred oath and has no place in this world!


Lord Gerald: No, too extreme.


Hbdjtpuh o


Lady Jordan Lionsbane: Then what?


M7exrzsc o


Lord Gerald: I, High Justicar of King Fenris, strip you of your lands and titles and as punishment you will serve the realm at the Northern Border with the North Watch where you will stay until the day you die. From now on you are no longer a knight of the realm or a daughter of a lord. You may retain your name but it will be worthless.


Jordan Lionsbane: No I'll take execu-


Lord Gerald: Enough! Guards, give her something decent to wear for the North and give her a weapon once you've escorted her to the city gates. If I haven't received word of your arrival at Northwatch Keep you will be declared an enemy of the realm.


End of Chapter 1






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Really looks different from your older works ^_^ In a good way, i mean ^_^ 

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17 minutes ago, Crw said:

Really looks different from your older works ^_^ In a good way, i mean ^_^ 

Thanks, it's good that it showed immediately and I'm glad the hiatus has had a benefit. Again thanks!

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Oh oh this is sooooo inspired by GOT, the whole storyline is pretty damn good.


But if he is King, would it not be your grace, and a Lord is well My Lord right? I;m sure Tywin told Ayra that in S2


Anyway, greaty work, more please

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1 hour ago, Agent Tex said:

Oh oh this is sooooo inspired by GOT, the whole storyline is pretty damn good.

Yeah pretty much, but I've got a few tricks up my sleeve


1 hour ago, Agent Tex said:

Oh oh this is sooooo inspired by GOT, the whole storyline is pretty damn good.


Anyway, greaty work, more please


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Nice job! But where did all the vampires go? ;)

Anyway I like your new style and it's pretty clear which TV-show you drew inspiration from. I like that style.


Keep it up :thumbsup:

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8 hours ago, Jayomms said:




47 minutes ago, Alter Native said:

Nice job! But where did all the vampires go? ;)

Anyway I like your new style and it's pretty clear which TV-show you drew inspiration from. I like that style.


Keep it up :thumbsup:

Thanks! I think the vampires are having a long nap and I don't wanna try to wake them yet...

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Man, I hate you people who can make interesting stories without titties!!!


Just Playin', welcome back BoLt ?

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8 hours ago, WANOBI12 said:

Man, I hate you people who can make interesting stories without titties!!!


Just Playin', welcome back BoLt ?

Thanks! And hopefully back frequently now.

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Nice start! Very GOT-esque, but with extra flavor. I dig it! Also, the shots look really good! :O 

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I think the last scene would've clear any remaining doubt, but for my part I saw the inspiration from the kingslayer and the mad king right from the first spoiler. Wonder where you took the word "Mordaus" though. Anyway, I wouldn't recommend going too far in the GoT parallel, which would come at the risk of becoming predictable. That being said, the story and ambiance are pleasant, the screens and costumes as crispy as the ones you've made us used to with Shea's last chapters, and so far the dialogues and narration seem good. Awaiting to see a number 2, this time ! :D


Malicia : « Hi-i♪, She... Erh.... Who's that ? And why does she has Shea's shirt ? If she stole it, no wonder she's having problems with the guards, uh. :classic_sleep: »

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I like lady Jordan. She is tough and dangerous plus beautiful. Love her hairstyle.

Very good story. :)

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