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Sanghurst Chronicle - Part 1 - Chapter 1 - Political Callout



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Reboot time. To put it simply, I didn't like where I'd put Shea's Story originally and that is why it suddenly disappeared.  I feel that I've developed more as a writer since I wrote the last entry in Shea's series and I hope that I can cover the story again and hopefully I can do the character justice.. This is a remake. Hopefully, the story will have more clarity and continuity with the rest of TES world. That being said, I hope you enjoy the newer renditions of characters. And as usual, any feedback is greatly appreciated.


{Start of Story Content}


5tq8ugq5 o

Shea: It's been a while. And Skyrim hasn't really changed. It never seems to at least.

C4upxuuu o

Shea: A shame there really aren't any rivers closer to the Keep. Nowhere near Falkreath. I suppose it should be a long ride there. And then I'll have to deal with her. That should be more than interesting

6qujobur o

Shea: How long has it been? Two years?

A day or so later...

X9gvqrzp o

Shea: And this place never changes.

Rowjtano o

Shea: She hasn't even changed, still keeps the family sword in the same place too.

Ignqrf0p o

Shea: Hopefully, my visit will be a surprise of sorts. No, of course not. She asked me to come because of...vampire politics. How fun.

Infxsgub o

Shea: These lucky bastards. never have to deal with a blood feud or occasional clan war.

Btaybk3h o

Shea: There's no point in delaying the inevitable now.

I1mwcj4k o

Shea: And I'm sure she's going to be in a great mood.

Aqqnyfdc o

Shea: And what sister wouldn't welcome their own blood back with love. This one, probably.

Su3qiptq o

Shea: Not in the chapel then. Must be the throne room. Where else would she be?

A few moments later...

V16puvsg o

Shea: I would've returned-

Sol: Oh really Shea, your little adventures had you so preoccupied you forgot your family?

Shea: Sol, don't treat me like-

Mcdgupas o

Sol: Treat you like what? Like you've just left for four years?

Vkspyzxa o

Sol: While you were gallivanting around the world, I had to step up, to a place you should've been and had been prepared for!

Pgbwwyfy o

Shea: Well you seemed to have settled in alright.

Yfvk3c1i o

Shea: But you'd be surprised how enlightening my 'gallivanting' has been.

Ghoaajwh o

Shea: I learnt some wonderful calming techniques from a Akaviri fellow.

3tuphnvg o

Shea: Perhaps I could teach them to you.

Pgfdajfa o

Sol: If you learnt anything form those travels, you'd keep your mouth shut.

Qe3nvavz o

Shea: You're really this annoyed about four years? We're immortal. We don't age! 

Mmlh3rxd o

Sol: I'm not one of your crewmates. Watch your tongue! I shan't warn you again.

70bxx2xr o

Shea: Oh but I have so much more to say!

Jfly6svj o

Sol: And I will hear none of it, dear sister.

Mkdvmqif o

Shea: I have many tales, maybe some you'd even like.

Q6bbws9j o

Sol: You know where your room is. Go there, perhaps you need some rest.




W2bqexd5 o

Shea: Did I actually just get sent to my room by my sister? I guess so.

H7fbcwce o

Shea: But it'll be the first comfy bed for ages.

M2jhpkth o

Shea: Just have to hope she hasn't...

Xmgf2chz o

Shea: ...changed anything.

E3ftk3uz o

Shea: Of course she knows I can't stand blue.

Qpe6r1ls o

Shea: It'll have to do for now. What wouldn't I put up with for...what is she to me?


G3zitgz7 o

Shea: Lover? Maybe. Sister? Yes.

O1u0tfx5 o

Shea: I shouldn't be worrying about this shit, just have to go to a castle, say who should be new patriarch or matriarch. 

Dmm9ekae o

Shea: How long could that take? A couple of days at most.



Two days later...

Lnyzm4ic o

Shea: This place is...I can't stand it. Far too big.

7j8va6oy o

Shea: That and fangs in every corner.

Pxdcx3gz o

Shea: Well what's the worst that could happen here...a clan war probably and nobody is stupid enough to start one of those.

Iqpiwjit o

Shea: Just a few days, that's all.

Zi5xz8ej o

Steward: Madam Shea Sanghurst, I presume.

Tvcjdh51 o

Shea: Exactly right. I'm looking for my room.

Steward: It should be near the quarters with everyone else. Through the door on your left.

Szwjzn5h o

Shea: Do you know if my sister is already there?

V6cvmaax o

Steward: She left for the room but she said she had some errand to run first. But please make yourself comfortable here.

Shea: I'll try. And thank you.

Dzeb80me o

Shea: Still stuffy. And I'm sure Sol and me sharing a room is going to be hilariously awful.

Hfljql06 o

Vulture Knight: Miss Sanghurst, may I have a word?

Gnixr1vt o

Shea: You may, but it depends entirely on what you want to say.

Ml9hbmlf o

Vulture Knight: It's nothing bad I assure you. When was it, the last time you were here?

Toa6dfhm o

Vulture Knight: The last time you were here, you must've been-

Bnvdqs6u o

Shea: Young, exceptionally so. Yes. 
 Iv3nv6dc o

Vulture Knight: Sorry, it's strange to see someone actually come here once they've grown up. Not many make it that far. Anyway, get going. Gillan is surely waiting on the landing for you.

5ligzyme o

Shea: Well that was a little odd. Hopefully Sol won't be in the room. She's probably still in a mood enough to tear my throat out.


T0mrvxuv o

Gillan: Hmm...still waiting for-

Ze20xoyt o

Gillan: -Sanghurst and Vinctumunus

Blo8zyqd o

Shea: Are you looking for a Sanghurst? You've found one.

Ikjq71hc o

Gillan: Which one? Doesn't matter, you're sharing a room, in the...royal quarters

Shea: Is my sister there now?

Gillan: Uh-no. She left that-a-ways towards the enshrined tower.

Shea: (Well she might not kill me there). Thanks.

Ar6wpatq o

Shea: (Now why would Sol be here, she's never been the religious type. But then again...four years). Hey, Sol.

2jnwhg6y o

Sol: Please don't open any talks with 'hey' when we actually get to discussing things, will you.

6kbbkztr o

Shea: I'm not that stupid, sis. I won't.

Cmmbjapm o

Sol: Good, now join me will you?

Uapuq0dd o

Shea: Really? A few hours ago you were pouting at me in a carriage like I'd stomped on a bag of puppies.

T0z3uhtl o

Sol: I was also stuck with you doing the same. 

Ijyep3zb o

Sol: I thought if I came here I might...well mother liked to come here didn't she? Maybe I thought I'd understand her a little more.

Kd5ang2g o

Sol: I'm wearing her armour, I look like her, I even act like her and I just don't understand. Do you?

Thdulchd o

Shea: I don't.

Tzixe9ct o

Sol: Funny.

Shea: What is?

Sol: We're the best of both of them and we're just as confused as before.

Shea: We're the worst of both of them too. 

Sol: Maybe. Why do you think she came here?

Ltzwagle o

Shea: Ours is a lonely life and the people are...unsavoury. Maybe this made her feel less alone. It might've just been a place where she felt safe. Speaking of, I think we need to be somewhere by now.

Qruz1ovf o

Sol: Yes, it's not every night I get to see you wearing something nice. Father's armour suits you.

Dmuhfpot o

Shea: Thanks...and mother's suits you too.


Several minutes later...

Pdymsgaa o

Sol: Well, I thought some of them would be at least a little punctual.

Yc7z0jbe o

Shea: Sounds like you want to get this over and done with more than I do.

Wmaszsth o

Knight: Commander!

Nuxstwo6 o

High Battle-master Nate: So the first of the delegation are here. I'm Battle-master Nate. The rest of you lot- the clan leaders will be here soon. Take a seat, enjoy yourself while you wait...there's little much else to do.

An hour or so later...

20edmcqw o

Shea: Oh so that's what you want?

Fmesr6sm o

Shea: You can't just take the Pale! Her highness might've been the last of her clan but that doesn't mean we can just take it!

Teyo4mnk o

Eleavoir: Oh we can, we will. If we don't a vampire will rise up and then we'll have a bigger problem in the form of a rogue clan.

4xpuhb3e o

Sol: But don't say 'we' as if you're going to share.

Uocse7bo o

Vera: And you'd share? You've got two desires to fulfil.

0llx8s4i o

Shea: How has this turned on us? You seem to forget Eleavoir here wants the Pale, not us!

Eleavoir: Lady Vinctumunus to you. And I don't want the Pale! It's worthless, barely any bloodstock and as cold as Atmora. 

Shea: So why would we want it?

Eleavoir: You wouldn't care about bloodstock. You don't even partake in it like the rest of us. You think you're better, so it only makes sense that you'd want the territory to keep your ear in our business!

Ftaaufvs o

Vinheim: I think you all ought to calm down. Things will sort themselves out, just give it time, power will equalise.

8h0fq7iu o

Errwarld: Says the vampire wearing a cone on their head.

Xqhom9tw o

Vera: Enough! Some of us are actually trying to make a decision here!

Sfslwsqc o

Eleavoir: Seems more like an argument between a half-breed, a naive little girl and one so enthralled in themselves that they seem to forget about the impacts of their actions.

Ptqf8uvx o

Shea: Enthralled in myself? Listen to yourself, you supremacist fuck.

6xlqxrko o

Eleavoir: Is that what I am? Says the one who went-

9iukwpbt o

Vera: Enough, we aren't going to get anything sorted out if we sit here and argue like children!

Yrn8gbch o

Sol: Loathed to say it, but I agree.

Cqrzm66p o

Shea: Well, I'll gladly take a seat aside, since the Altmer doesn't want me here.

8rzenpde o

Eleavoir: Now, as I was saying. My clan should take the Pale, it's simple. We already have Winterhold and that'd be easier for everyone. No one would have to overextend themselves.

Vera: My clan only has the Rift and the southern reaches of Eastmarch. You seem to forget Vinctumunus holds most Eastmarch too. You'll have too much.

7cumnfdv o

Sol: And all we have is Falkreath and some of Whiterun, both of which are overflowing with werewolves at the moment! The Pale would give us opportunity to set ourselves up without infringing on territory.

Ofbzwtlf o

Vinheim: You're forgetting that Volkihar is on their knees. That incident with Dawnguard has left them, crippled. Maybe we could take some of Haafingar.

Pm4j9zfu o

Errwarld: Don't encourage them Vinheim, we'll be here days already, don't make it weeks.

T1ckusp4 o

Knight: And might I add that any conspiracy directly against another clan will be harshly punished.

Aniaynqc o

Eleavoir: Indeed. So let us keep things civil.

I5a7mvvc o

Vera: You're far from civil Eleavoir, don't act like it.

Oqbtthek o

Sol: And arguing isn't going to solve a thing. So lets be amicable, just this once, then we won't have to see each other for centuries again.

Pt84ls8s o

Shea: This proves to be my time to leave then.

7jfzxbch o

Eleavoir: Yes, let the leaders speak. 

Yxq5iuuo o

Vera: Just because she's gone it doesn't mean we're not going to challenge you.

Fs0vpoqp o

Errwarld: So, you had enough of politics for now?

Oanigm23 o

Shea: Oh absolutely. And anyway, I don't need to worry myself, just look at her go.

Tbmmduck o

Errwarld: And that means you can leave the discussion?

Shea: I can take a break at least.

Errwarld: You just wanted a break? You could've asked for that.

Shea: You've seen Eleavoir, if I did that she'd never respect me again.

Errwarld: Did she ever respect you?

Shea: Yes at one time.

Apanroiq o

Errwarld: That can't be all.

Gbutssh5 o

Shea: Oh it isn't. Sol will at least have something to be annoyed about that isn't me. And she'll have plenty of stress to work out...Somehow.

Several hours later...

Gugbw8ks o

Errwarld: You asleep?

Shea: Of course not, just resting my eyes. Why'd you think I'd go to sleep?

Yxnuvo9u o

Errwarld: Well this is all very tiring.

Xjnjloe4 o

Vinheim: I second that.


Vxy3juyu o

Shea: Well, surely the nights can't get any longer than that, can they?

Xghnfrin o

Sol: Oh we still have another hour or so to go.

Fb1e3uiv o

Shea: Of course we do...

Sgz6iyi2 o

Shea: I don't suppose there's any way to make it more fun than before.

Qbnmjs7j o

Shea: Oh, so that's what you've gotten up to.

0un63a0m o

Shea: By the Divines that was fast.

Sol: What, don't want to join me?

Shea: Bit sooner than I expected but...Fuck it. 

2cm2vyum o

Shea: It's been a while, you know that right?

B6jcpwbp o

Sol: And I'm sure you'll be as brilliant as before.

Mki1lfgw o

Shea: Brilliant as before? You have a lot of faith in me after four years.

I9vapdtg o

Sol: That reminds me. Four years to make up with what we haven't done.

Shea: Maybe I shouldn't have encouraged that.

Y5bvc9le o

Sol: Oh what's the worst I could do?

Shea: I can think of a few things...

Sol: Would you be against them?

Shea: Probably not...



Recommended Comments

Great! I love the redo. Looking forward to the next entry ;)

I'm also glad your vampires now have vampire fangs.


Maybe as a general idea show an establishing shot at the beginning of a scene change. Just a wide shot of the room the scene is going to take place in. It help the reader for orientation.


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Great start for a reboot. I like how you better developed the political intrigues and plotting going around your vampire world, that might be one more element in which Game of Thrones might've inspired you. Technically the screens are well posed, well lit, and with rich and warm colors which make the result a treat for the eyes. Same for most characters' designs, in particular with the 17-18th century costumes, who magnify them even more. I still kinda disagree with the PNG choice however, but had no trouble loading. Keep in mind however that you should duly back-up your entries (on another drive, physically different than your computer), as contrary to JPEG entries, I'm a lot less likely to save some of it in my library. The dialogues were nicely written and rather fluid, despite minor typos here and there. And globally you made things interesting enough for the slow pace not to be too much of a hinder. So globally, good work ! :D


Malicia : « I wanna say something to you Mr Bolster : Shea was the one with the red hair, and Sol, the blonde one. So you very mistook one for another, you see ? 


                Also :

               - Sleeping without clothes with her own sister isn't good. They should wear pajamas, or panties at least. :classic_excl:

               - The guy with the triangle head is very funny. 


                That's all, yes:classic_sleepy: » 

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