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  1. Either way you can always send him a message for me and tell him not to forget about me and LL is the only way I can reach you guys. Stranger is not done and he will get his happy time just you wait.... hopefully not to long you know how Skyrim can be. And the guy with the Helmet is Goblin Slayer. And he won't stand for injustice from the Goblins. ⚔️
  2. See You don't have to have sex in public all the time. Just a sexy dance will get you in trouble.
  3. What a twist! It would have been crazier if that was the vampire that turned Nora but this will do. It almost seemed that way the way you had set up Lenora asking Nora those questions. Great Work.
  4. Awww! You know Prince doesn't have to be on LL to make content. He could just say hi and how his family is doing to his friends.... Well you do the family part regardless but he could at least say hello and see how Stranger is doing when ever he has time. There is no need to spend more than 5 minutes on LL and you can always give him the heads up on any news to save him time. And yes always make time for your family first I know I do because I always stop what I'm doing on LL and save it for when I have the time which is why you though I was gone. It was because I had some IRL to deal with yo
  5. Jay-Omms

    Good bye

    You know there's never really a goodbye just a see when we see you. It could be months, years or in the afterlife who knows. 👋
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