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  1. This quote seems a lil "ethnic" for me to get, however, I trust in your comedy sense, so I will say, "Ha Ha, sir! ZING!"
  2. WANOBI12

    Side(?) story. What?craft.

    Hmmm, this would never have happened with "Deadly Boss Mod" They prolly should have checked Armor Rating and not gone in without a Healer and Tank. Also, didn't they watch the You tube video 1st? That kinda shit will get you group-kicked super fast! All kidding, (and passive aggressiveness for the toxic WoW community) aside, This was spectacular! I always thought that the only thing missing from Wow, was porn encounters! Damn those Draenei chicks are so hot, and you really nailed it with yours! And the Fel STD is just brilliant!! Bravo!!! Encore!! P.S. I'm not sure how you could possibly improve your 'comic format', but I can't wait to see what you're doing!!
  3. Ouch, that GIF gave me a seizure!! I do love this gal tho! Very goody, cleric, 'would like to touch but am not allowed' vibe! I'm no EP, but I like the slim as well. More "elfish" by my old school standards 😃 Well done!
  4. Man!! The upclose shot on those eyes is EPIC! Really great idea, and well implemented!
  5. Soooo, I love these! All but the last one. Not cause of the censorship mind you, I just wished you had used something Skyrimmy to cover her. It's like, Dark, Hot, Erotic,.... Care Bears!!
  6. This was your best fight scene thus far, and I think it's cause you did it under a bright aurora filled sky! (nice touch by the way!) Everything was visible and well choreographed, but there was still no doubt that it was indeed night time. That is tough to do and I applaud you for it! 'Rex and Bill' slays me! Are they a bounty hunter duo? Are they a cheap cockroach infested diner? You don't know!!
  7. Awesome! My bitch loves money =(
  8. Thank you for this! Made my day 😃
  9. I really like these, I don't know what it is about your ENB, but it has a real "acrylic painting" quality to it. The contrast in some of these is truly spectacular going from super bright to super dark, with very little transition. My favorite is definitely the one with the carriage, coffins and scurrying rat. Also i like the statue with the boobies 😃
  10. Well that's definitely a loss for us =( Gotta say Daedraphiliac's pics are some of the best here, but I understand about the time and effort to make em
  11. Man, everything about her looks so awesome, The clothes, the hair, the sword, just badass!
  12. Great read! Love the web effect, And the big wet blue boobies 😃
  13. Stunning pics! Looking forward to the story 😃
  14. Oooohh love the bubble bath! Great effect!
  15. Lookin forward to it! Love love love the pic of Lisander 😃
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