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  1. What ENB are you using here? It's beautiful! Looks like watercolor paintings!
  2. Wow, tickling a lil bit more than the ivories eh? Super hot, and I think a more interesting reconciliation for their story. I hope we're gonna get to see Thomas go after the ferals, As awesome as your, pose/positioning/backgrounds are, I'd love to see some epic fighting! Well done =)
  3. WANOBI12


    Thanks Tir, glad you enjoyed =) Thanks they're not custom tho, just photoshop stencils =) I promise I'll take care of Red =)
  4. Ooohh I do love the outfit, specially the sleeves! Did you change your ENB again, seems super bright on her skin, or are you just shining a light on her?
  5. Hmmm, good idea, wonder what effect it would have on effects like mist, and smoke
  6. Well that was fun, I do love the lighthearted humor of your stories, and your, "different" take on the personalities of Skyrim. Love seeing Bob again, and ohh laaa laaa, hello Sanguine's concubines =) Nice use of poses in several of these shots as well !!
  7. WANOBI12

    Chapter 22

    Wow!! Now yer speakin' my language!! On yer knees please, Rose!! =) P.S. love the escape GIF, looks amazing with the red!
  8. WANOBI12

    By the Pool

    Her tits are so amazing,I almost didn't notice her weird expression!
  9. Sorry to hear, thoughts and prayers coming your way.
  10. WANOBI12


    I'm a simple creature =)
  11. WANOBI12


    Thanks Colly! I know right?? Tryin' not to be such a one trick pony, but I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out !! =)
  12. And suddenly I'm up with the sun!
  13. Ohhhh love the T n'A Silas and Liri memory!!! So sexy!
  14. Happy anniversary!! Awesome pic!! It's good to be the Pharaoh!!
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