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Hey everyone this is the first part of chapter 2, chapter two will be broken into to parts as it is intentionally long. Apologies for the wait life stuff and writing this takes some time. Feel free to comment on what can be improved and what you all would like to see. Edits will be made overtime as I see them as sometimes writing it in Word messes up the format on LL.


Chapter 2: The Party



          The feeling of being stalked only grew more and more intense as I started to hear the panting, some sort of animal must’ve slipped through the fences and now it’s hungry. The funny thing is though, I don’t see Ptra getting startled, that’s strange he usually attacks anything that frightens him I guess I’m just imagining things. With my back turned, hands at the ready to grapple whatever is coming for me I felt a large mass knock me to the ground. I hit my head on the way down, causing me to roll over groaning, feeling something wet on my face. It was a tongue and not a human’s mind you, the tongue was followed with the smell of nasty ball breath and an incessant panting sound. I knew who this assailant was; it was my most trusted ally, Leke. Somebody let the damn dog out of the pens and now he is running around licking people with his nasty dog breath. The big black and brown dog stood about the size of a large desert wolf, probably because he is a wolf dog but one never knows these things for sure. The big lug has an almost completely wolf appearance save for one of his ears being floppy like that of a dogs and his dog like behavior, like when he starts scratching me with his paws getting me to rub him. He’s a good dog despite all his annoying quirks, I think as I pet him eliciting a content panting noise from him. However, I still get the feeling that he Leke was not my true assailant, this of course being confirmed by both Ptra and Leke becoming excited by some sort of presence near us. “Show yourself this instant!” I say as I turn towards the doorframe cautiously, only getting a couple of muffled childlike chuckles and giggles in return. I decided to sneak up towards the source of the noise just outside of the doorway; as soon as I get out there I’m going to tackle the fiend just like I did big brother. I got right at the doorway waiting only a mere 5 seconds until I jumped out and lunged myself at the source of the noise, nothing could prepare me for the utter sense of embarrassment I would face. The thing that unnerved and almost frightened me was not some roaming beast or brigand, no, it was a pile of two dumb kids laid underneath me. My sibling rage started to boil as I knew who these hooligans were and what they wanted; the twins had always been trouble makers (even at the ages of 12) so I guess clownish behavior runs in the family. Mili and Taph where inseparable, even from birth they clung to each other like furs or linen on a cold desert night. Mili was technically the oldest (at least by a few seconds); her sandy brown skin matched her beautiful brown with hints of green eyes naturally, whereas her messy long black hair glowed with its deep midnight hue. I did not know it at the time, but apparently she had the very “condition” that our oldest sister had; this information only being disclosed to my mother, father and Taph outside of the midwife who delivered her. She was a feisty little scamp and in retrospect I now can see why, the anomaly often causes the people to take on traits of their opposites, leading to some interesting behaviors. But none the less, I loved her and my other siblings dearly (save for the accursed one) even despite her faults, Gods rest her soul. All her clothes were dirty and her mannerisms were always tomboyish and unlady like, compared to Taph it was like night and day. Taph was a very…..quiet child, way less outgoing and boisterous then our sister, he always would follow behind her like the weak little lamb that he was. He was even lighter than she was, which came to a surprise to us all as both our parents are dark of hue in the traditional Yoku fashion. His eyes were even stranger as they shone like topaz, a strange yellowish brown color emanating from them, giving him the impression of some sort of demon or cursed one further leading to his shyness. Taph was always reluctant to go out anywhere because of his inborn meekness and the fact that people saw him as some sort of freak, the fact that he was outside playing pranks on my with Mili shows that he is growing as a person, discarding his old self for something better and stronger. He too apparently was born with the “condition, something even I cannot even comprehend to this day. Why would the Gods permit this sort of abnormality, this mutation? I do not know now nor did I know then. All these thoughts of mutations and the like running throughout my head did not cube them as they began to wrestle me even more, laughing hysterically, rousing Leke to jump in and start play growling at us. “Get off me you damn brats!” I said, being shaken out of my deep thought. “You Gods damned little shits keep playing pranks on me……and now this is your punishment!’’ I shouted quasi seriously causing Leke to bark in agreement. Picking both of them up under my arms, each secure under my defined musculature, I hauled them over to the horses water trough (large enough to fit an adult man inside mind you) and threw them in soaking them thoroughly. “Ha! This is what you little bastards get, fucking with me.” “Didn’t you know by now? The oldest always wins!” I say triumphantly not knowing the truly impending danger I was in. While we were laughing and goofing off, I did not hear and was obvious to the heavy, thundering footsteps behind me. “Oh so does that mean I should win little brother?” I know that voice……it is the voice of pure evil, the vile villain Kita. My big dongo was standing right behind me with her evil grin I’m sure in full effect. Slowing turning I saw her must to my disgust, Kita (Gods damn her) had the regalia and armor of a Breton paladin, specifically a Daggerfelian style armor. Her shining chest and body armor fit nicely with her slender but muscular form, the shining adamatium chest piece, pauldrons, gloves and greaves seeming as if they were just polished hours ago, unaffected by the desert sands. She stood in her typical high and mighty fashion, spine straight, shoulders even and back with her vile toothy white smile. Her hair was a strange red color, almost if she had dyed it further making her strange reddish brown eyes stand out even more. Her face was mostly pristine with minor scratches here and there furthering her meaning look. I cannot lie though, as much as I hate my sister (Ruptga knows I do) I must admit she is stunningly beautiful. She is even more on par with the highest level of courtesans and noble women of the Republic; one might argue the most attractive woman in all of Hegathe. And this is coming from a man who has seen the many gorgeous women of Hegathe up close; she gives all the Raga women in the province a run for their monies. A classic Raga beauty like her knows she is top notch and she flaunts it, for every Jaharadin, Suten, and Navid in town. Her features were of a soft, womanly, and entrancing sort yet strong and arrogant, a deadly combination that I knew all too well. I looked at her stunning beauty with horror, as I knew this gold outer coating hid a deep and dark pile of shit underneath, the worst kind of corrupt and vile soul. She knew this and continued to smile, “How are my beloved siblings doing on this fine day?” she said in her typical fake enthusiasm. “Benu! You’re home” my younger brother and sister cheered,, clamoring and chanting around her in a circle their affection for her and their joy upon her arrival. They do not know how she truly is as they were naught but a thought in the minds of father and mother, they don’t know her like Jarad, Mene and Hakim do, even Leke and Ptra don’t like her and they’re animals! While being hugged by my two naive younger siblings, Kita looked from up above them onto Leke and I, reveling in her trickery and deceit. All she got in response was growling from Leke and the utter hatred showing in my eyes, that of which she responded to by stating in a callous tone, “Cute pooch, hopefully he doesn’t get into an accident later….” “What do you mean big sister?” the twins say in almost a sort of unison “I thought he was a good dog?” “Oh you know me little siblings, I do love to joke” she said with her forked tongue, I hate this bitch with a passion lying to our family. “Why don’t you little angels run off to play somewhere else….maybe the dining hall perhaps?”  she spoke in that foreign tongue, “Juji and I have some adult things to talk about. Utter nonsense, but being dumb kids the twins bought the lie and ran at top speed towards the dining hall in the main building a mile or two away from the stables. “You miss me juji-ki (little slave)?” she said in her low but still venous melodic voice. “I know you miss our…..time together don’t you juji?” She really put some extra evil into that last one, trying to sound seductive as she flutter her evil eyes at me. My cock was starting to get hard, almost as if my body remembers what I went through with this deadra in human flesh. “Why would I ever miss you?” “I had hoped you were dead in that last war we fought with those heathen elves!” I said with fear, arousal, hatred and pride. “Fufufu…….juji you can’t get rid of me that easily, I will always be there for you” she said slowly and seductively, venom dripping from her mouth as she rubbed her hands across my chest. She was still about a foot taller than me and she played into our height difference by getting close, to the point where I could smell the honey wine on her breath, looking down into my eyes, her’s burning with her sick and twisted lustful fantasies. “Come with me juji…..” she said as she grabbed my arm intending to lead me towards the guest house, she was met with resistance as I did not want to go with her. I stood firm, still strong enough to hold my own against the seasoned warrior, “I don’t want to go with you.” I said calmly. All she did was flash a look at me, her typical narrowed eyes with that wicked smile of hers. She always does this, she always plays with my feelings and I absolutely hate it. She knows I am attracted to her, she knows I hate her, and she knows why I hate her but still can’t resist. Her devilish charm always entranced any male that came before her, I was no exception. The urge was too strong to resist, her look flashing me back to the times when we were kids…ugh. “Fine, I’ll go the words slipping begrudgingly out of my mouth. “Great, right this way” she said, taking my arm and leading me to the guest house. As we were beginning to leave the stable area Leke started to whine, probably not wanting me to go with this she devil, leading me to offer some sort of consolation. “It’s ok boy I’ll be alright……You stay here and hold down the fort” I said solemnly receiving a bark from Leke as he laid down on the grass riddled with worry. Kita and I walked through the least traveled part of the area, as not to arouse any suspicion of our destination nor intent, touring the fairly large expanse (for a private estate) near the beach. The guest house was far off; a ways away from the corral on the beachside, and the long walk gave us a nice look at our estate. The rolling fields gave way only sparsely to palm trees, fruiting trees of a tropical origin and the occasional flower patch growing out of the various ponds that dotted the landscape. The cool and gentle sea breeze kissed our windblown faces, only getting more enthralling as the various birds and beach life started moving around making their usual noises. We continued to walk down the beach enjoying the sights of the ocean for about a 10 minutes before reaching the guest house, the whole trip somewhat putting my mind at ease from the inevitable. The strange thing was though, Kita didn’t even talk to me, not one word throughout the whole trip, walking the shoreline then finally climbing up the small hill, as all she did was occasionally look out of the corner of her eye to make sure she still had my in her clutches. Gods know this woman is the definition of crazy, but her being silent somewhat dissuaded that and in some ways that is even more foreboding. We had finally reached the guest house, standing quite regally near the end of the animal palisade on top of a hill overlooking the ocean. When we finally got up to the bottom most step of the place I could finally see the true quiet beauty of the place. It was built less in the traditional Yoku fashion of the Yoku in Heaghte and more like the buildings I have seen on my trips to Sentinel. The walls were painted a misty blue color, almost mirroring the ocean perfectly with the extra white trims on the house’s frame and exterior. The house was octagonal in shape and had a perimeter around it that formed the outdoor patio; it was well kept and had many straw and wicker furniture items like chairs, tables both large and small, lounge chairs, and the like.  There were more than a few talking noises coming out of the open windows, I thought this place was private? Apparently not, as we both saw two scraggly dressed men come flying out of the easternmost window, fighting over money no doubt. Kita just laughed it off paying it little to no mind as she led me inside through the white doorway, I offered no protest. Inside it had a very Sentinese feel to it, the walls were a sky blue with waves painted on them giving them a rolling appearance. These patterns covered a main room that could fit about 30 or so people in it with the various lounge chairs and all. One of the ruffians saw me with her and proceeded to greet her all the while starting me down, “Oi Capitan Kit, who’s is this….boy…. yur travelin with?” His accent was very strange for a fellow Redguard, even as a brigand he stood out, “This little shit is my brother, he’ll be accompanying me to the festivities” she said in a stern and plain voice. “You idiots better not break anything else, and don’t think I didn’t notice that window…..that’s minus 100 septims from the lot of you.” I see she pays them in imperial money, typical nudri lover. The brigand knew she was serious and tightened up his stance, “Yes ma’am we’ll get this here mess cleaned up right away!” he said as he shuffled off in the direction of one of the side rooms where all the commotion was coming from. “C’mon Div this is the last stop” my sister said as she grabbed a bottle of Surlie Brothers wine, “Just up the stairs then I can show you something…” “Oh goody, a present!”, I said rolling my eyes at her rousing her ire just enough for her to give a light but still very much hard punch to the shoulder. I followed her lead rubbing my arm up the main staircase to one of the rooms at the end of the hall on the right side of the balcony entrance on the second floor. The room had the white, ocean theme with only one difference, there was this odd symbol carved into the wood frame above the door, it look as if someone had drawn crude rectangular, circular and triangular shapes into the wood with a sharp hunting knife. That wasn’t the only strange thing either, the carving seemed to glow a faint bluish purple deep indigo color, and certainly it must be a trick on my eyes because this shit is too weird. Anyway we heard moans coming from behind the door with the culprits being discovered soon after, the door gave way to a scene of two male pirates one a strange elf and another imperial taking a female dark elf by the throat and ass. Before I could say anything Kita yelled, “You fuckers fucking in my room again?!” “I told you idiots to stay the hell out of here!” I flinched hard at the sudden burst of outrage, and it appeared as if I was not alone because the other three miscreants fucking on her bed jumped right out off of the mattress as a grasshopper jumps leaves. “I..I..I’m sorry mistress it’s…it’s just when we came up here all the other rooms were taken, we had o go somewhere…..” the imperial said timidly urging the dark elf to get dressed. The elf just silently put on his undergarments and pants and stepped out of there avoiding Kita’s harsh gaze like a priest to a brothel. “I’ll just get outta here….” he said as the elf hurried out of the room leaving the imperial and the female elf alone with us. The imperial man was about to leave until suddenly he was halted midstride by my sister, with a strong hand on his chest, “Now this isn’t going to happen again is it? I’d hate to have to come and see your mother Cassius…”, Kita said calmly. The look on this man’s face made me fear my sister even more; he looked as if he saw a wraith rape his mother to death, a face of pure horror. That last bit put a fire under his ass and he ran out the door and down the stairs following the strange elf’s path. And then there were three, I thought looking at the attractive elven woman, sweat and other fluids flowing off her and out of her.



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Well written and eventful enough to be entertaining. I most particularly like the psychological dimension of Div and Kita's relationship. Now, if I may, keep in mind that presentation is important both for getting viewers and getting them to read the whole thing : when you post an entry, it should be almost final. A massive mono-block isn't, as it will hinder the navigation of the reader, and might overcome the will to read. Considering you don't have images to tease the viewers from the blogs dashboard, text presentation isn't something you should neglect, IMO. Maybe copying it from wordpad, notepad or Openoffice instead of word could avoid you having to add spacing back into forum's engine, though ? :classic_smile:


Anyway, the text itself was a pleasant read, awaiting for the next part. Smiley_jap_HFR.gif

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