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  1. Just so everyone knows I have an rp server on discord for a Dark Fantasy, DnD5e based highly erotic homebrew. We are seeking the best of the best when it comes to writers ideally and currently need GMs and Loremasters as well as general mods. PM me on discord at Yagnatawda#5468 if you wish to be interviewed to see if you get in. We are looking for flexible and kinky people who enjoy erps and writing. We are also looking for players but those who can multitask and take on the mantle of GM and loremaster are most desired. As I said before if you pass the interviews anyone is welcome. Below is the R 20 ad



  2. So quick question, does the anus work for playthroughs and can you flag the belly of a male with the anus to be inflated or impregnated?
  3. Greetings everyone, I'm new here and would like to introduce myself. I look foward to some productive collabs with whomever wishes to do so with me and great content from the group. Ductur
  4. Looking for any artists who can draw a high quality webcomic or whatnot for a joint venture. I can write the stories and provide the world and lore and you can draw or animate it (if you wish), letting us both rake in the jack, as i know my stories would sell if marketed correctly and especially if there were some solid, quality illustrations behind them. Let me know if interested via discord at Mad Waves#5486 and feel free to also hmu if you wish to commission a story, sext, chat, rp or something like that.

    1. ducturlove


      I also added sexting and whatnot as some ppl are into that and I try accommodating people.

  5. Thanks and I hope all is well with you my friend! I was presented with a choice, take down the original chapter 2A and lose all the comments and whatnot or put up the revised version, I choose the latter. I can sometimes get lost in writing and end up writing 200 pages and what not easily so thanks for the concern and feedback on that, I'll try to keep em short. Also as for the issues in the story you addressed, all I will say is that these seemingly inconsistent things will be revealed and expounded upon in later chapters, I'm taking a page out of Jar Jar Abrams "Mystery Box" Book lol.
  6. Red Sand Chapter 2 Revision.docx Hey folks, sorry about the year or so wait, had a lot of personal issues come up...But here is the revised portion of Chapter 2A, 2B will be coming along shortly. Enjoy and feel free to comment, share, etc. Above is the word document, just in case this one below has format issues. Chapter 2A: The Party The feeling of being stalked only grew more and more intense as I started to hear the panting, maybe some sort of animal must’ve slipped through the fences looking for food. The funny thing is though; I don’t see Pt
  7. There is an issue with trying to view the file, just letting you know.
  8. Thanks you for your concern, if we speak on this enough maybe they will take the time to make the characters. Again much appreciated.
  9. If you guys could make them into followers that would be great and it would help revive the thread. Just some advice.....
  10. Is there a way to fix said lag? Or is there some other remedy for this issue?
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