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An example



This is what Divaad looks like by the time he gets to skyrim. I will add the writing that I have been doing sometime this week after certain things are taken care of. 



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Do not hesitate to integrate some pics in your posts btw. Makes it more digest, helps the reader getting more precisely the setting... and helps attracting viewers. Screenarchery can get quite time consuming though, specially if you're a perfectionnist ; but at the other end you don't have to illustrate every aspect either, depends on your objective. It's a matter of design choice in the end. :classic_smile:

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That might be impossible until BS Illiac Bay comes out as the beginning of the story is set in Hammerfell and High ROck

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Actually, the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal does take place in Hammerfell ; so it's not impossible. However that's still quite a lot of work to add visuals to an idea, so that was merely a suggestion : text quality goes first, it'll be fine without images. :classic_smile:

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