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A lore friendly (with a few logical editions to flesh out certain things) story about a Redguard young man and his journey through the trials and tribulations of Tamriel in the 4th Era, the rigors of young adulthood, the loss of his family, and themes of redemption, honor, romance, and power. Join us as we see the growth of Divaad ibn Zyaad al As'sur from drunken, irresponsible, philandering lout to an exalted and wise king worthy of praise. 


Come one come all, listen to the tale of a warrior of great renown. A story in the life and adventures of Divaad ibn Zyaad son of the legendary house As'sur, master stonemasons ans secret stone wizards of old Yokuda. Watch as young Divaad finds his true purpose and meaning, uncovering and mastering the hidden power within himself..... "My blood holds the sand and the stone, the bones of the earth. My ancestors built great testaments to our glory in the sands of this world and with Ruptga willing I too will follow in these honored steps. I shall build something out of my blood and stone that the world has never seen before, I will make a way as the Ra Gada did centuries ago..... Fekitgowa nogo dan uhi!"


Warning! This story has themes of the following:


Heavy Political Intrigue 



Extreme Violence


Lore Friendly Racism ( i.e High Elves "Elven Supremacy")


Male on Futa (Male is the penetrator/dom)

Male on Femboy (Male is the penetrator/dom)

Male on Female

Gender Bending

Drug Use


Thievery, Gambling, other "Vices" of the like

Lore Friendly Themes (No C0da, following the games. books, etc with minor logical editions)

A lot more shit....




Entries in this blog

Chapter 2A Revised: The Party

Red Sand Chapter 2 Revision.docx   Hey folks, sorry about the year or so wait, had a lot of personal issues come up...But here is the revised portion of Chapter 2A, 2B will be coming along shortly. Enjoy and feel free to comment, share, etc. Above is the word document, just in case this one below has format issues.   Chapter 2A: The Party               The feeling of being stalked only grew more and more intense as I started to hear the panting, maybe some sort of a



An example

This is what Divaad looks like by the time he gets to skyrim. I will add the writing that I have been doing sometime this week after certain things are taken care of. 



Chapter 2: The Party (First Portion)

Hey everyone this is the first part of chapter 2, chapter two will be broken into to parts as it is intentionally long. Apologies for the wait life stuff and writing this takes some time. Feel free to comment on what can be improved and what you all would like to see. Edits will be made overtime as I see them as sometimes writing it in Word messes up the format on LL.   Chapter 2: The Party               The feeling of being stalked only grew more and more intense as I s



Chapter 1B: All These Good Things( Revised)

9 AM Tirdas, 26th of First Seed 198 4E   Considering all that has occurred I had to ponder for a bit my next moves, should I continue to gaze at my well formed physique? Should I attempt to get dressed and try and figure out how to get Vern out of the estate undetected? Maybe I should just throw myself out the window and be done with it, crumpling every single bone in my body, a truly instantaneous death. No, no that would be too easy, I should be punished for my crimes, after all the



Chapter 1: 1A Thou Must Awaken

I wrote this early in the morning when I was high and this is the second time I had to rewrite it due to it not being saved. Hopefully you'll like it as much as I did. I'm going to add more periodically and try and recover and post what was deleted/lost.   It is the 4th Era 321, in the Imperial Palace of the Yokudan Empire in Sentinel, Hammerfell there sits the wizened king Divaad ibn Zayaad As'sur the holy, former emperor of the Yokudan empire and the founder of said empire, in the pa



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